How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion – The scenic drive from Zion to Bryce Canyon is a treasure trove of roadside wonders and otherworldly scenery that most visitors drive right past.

Southern Utah’s national parks are always the highlights of any regional road trip, but the journey from one to the next is an adventure in itself.

How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion

How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion

What may seem short is actually full of hidden gems and popular destinations, many of which are as remarkable as the parks themselves.

How To Visit Bryce Canyon—best Hikes, Directions, Photos

This guide reveals all the best things to do along the way and provides relevant information about the journey from Zion NP to Bryce Canyon NP.

If you’re planning your trip to these parks in the opposite direction, you’ll want our Bryce Canyon to Zion guide where we’ve changed the itinerary.

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See the sections below for detailed information + maps of each stop and FAQs. This section provides a quick overview of everything for readers.

Ultimate Bryce Canyon National Park Guide And Itinerary

Because there are so many amazing things to see and do on the drive from Zion to Bryce Canyon, we’ve included a map to help you plan your route.

Information and photos of each stop included can be found in more detail in the next section.

Those travelers who have time left on their Southern Utah itinerary will want to set aside at least a few extra days to see everything there is to see on the road from Zion to Bryce Canyon.

How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion

Below is a list of the best things to see and do while driving between national parks. All of these destinations can be seen either by road or with minimal hiking, although not all of them may be accessible to people with physical limitations.

Utah: Great Outdoor Adventures In Bryce Canyon And Zion National Parks

The Mt Carmel Highway covers the eastern part of Zion National Park, starting at the end of a long tunnel that separates the park.

This stretch of road is incredibly scenic and has many notable stops that often slip under the radar of visitors.

Sunlight finds a crack in the thick cloud cover at Zion Canyon Overlook as you leave Zion for Bryce Canyon.

As you exit the Mt Carmel Tunnel east of Zion Valley, you will see a small parking lot that is full almost every moment of the day. This parking area is for the Overlook Trail, which offers a spectacular view of Zion Canyon rivaled only by the famous Angel’s Landing Trail.

Road Trip Itinerary: Zion To Bryce Canyon National Park

It is worth noting that this car park is for compact vehicles only. All oversized vehicles must find a parking space on the side of the road.

Assuming you can find parking in the main lot or one of the nearby pull-offs, this is definitely a must when exiting Zion National Park. It’s only half a mile each way (1 mile round trip), but be warned that it’s a deceptively long and challenging trail for its short length.

It is best viewed at sunrise or sunset, although parking is significantly easier before sunrise. Finding a parking spot for sunset takes something amazing!

How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion

Utah is home to more slot canyons than anywhere else in the world, and Zion especially has a lot of them! For more information on these and other nearby canyons, be sure to check out our Utah Slot Canyons comprehensive guide.

Zion To Bryce Canyon: How To Road Trip From La In 5 Epic Days

Many pools have no official sign or notice, which is both a shame and a blessing. The lack of exposure keeps the crowds sparse, meaning experts can count on having the pools and semi-secret nesting canyons to themselves!

You won’t find many pools on the Zion NP map or signs once you arrive, but it is on Google Maps. The only indicator that you are in the right place is the vault toilet and the large parking area.

There is no clear path from the parking lot. Don’t worry, just start walking the most obvious path you can find RIGHT (provided your back is on track). You will eventually hit the wash as it runs down the steep canyon wall.

There is a real nest canyon here, visible from the parking area as a large crack in the wall. Walking to the right of the washing machine, there is also another more scenic but less “dummy” canyon.

Zion Vs Bryce Canyon: Which National Park Is Better To See?

Keep your eyes peeled for Little Lonely Tree of Zion National Park as you drive toward Bryce Canyon NP.

This small tree has captured the hearts of many photographers, although its simple beauty may not be appreciated by the casual viewer.

Like most stops along the way out of Zion, Little Lonely Tree has no place on the map or an official parking area.

How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion

To find it, you just have to keep your eyes open on the right side as you leave the park for the tree that matches the photo. It is located between Many Pools and Keyhole Canyon, and the closest parking area is a small pull-off just before the big corner.

Days In Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

If time permits, be sure to tour the Pine Creek Wash on your way from Zion to Bryce Canyon to discover the many hidden slot canyons.

We found the information on the Pine Creek slot canyon(s) to be extremely confusing, but hopefully this guide will clear things up.

There is one official Pine Creek Gorge Slot Canyon, which is a technical slot canyon that starts near the Overlook Trail. This is one of the more spectacular canyons you’ll find between Zion and Bryce Canyon, but it requires permits, equipment and experience.

On foot, you can walk to several points that look down into the slot canyon, but you won’t be able to see the incredible scenes you’ll discover inside.

Fodor’s Infocus Zion & Bryce Canyon… By Fodor’s Travel Guides

However, Pine Creek runs throughout the eastern part of the park. Next to the wash, there are several lesser-known slot canyons of varying lengths to explore! Most of them don’t have official names or trailheads, so it’s only for those with time and a sense of adventure!

The easiest way to find them is to look for cracks and crevices in the far wall as you drive out of Zion.

Also, look for parking areas with gates and signs but no names. Most of them lead to Pine Creek Wash, which you can follow and inevitably stumble upon some of the canyons that lie there.

How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion

For those without the time or equipment for technical climbing, the view of Keyhole Slot Canyon from the top is still impressive.

How To Plan The Best Zion To Bryce Canyon Road Trip Itinerary — Harbors & Havens

Keyhole Canyon is a technical slot canyon that requires canyoneering equipment and training. However, you can get to the top of the canyon quickly and easily and take a peek.

The canyon is not on the official park map, but Google Maps directs you right to it with small pull-offs across the road to park.

Although you cannot enter the canyon directly without proper equipment, you can walk above it and peer down if you wish.

The iconic Checkerboard Mesa is our last stop in Zion NP en route to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Finally something on the Zion National Park map! Checkerboard Mesa is a large rock formation that you can’t miss on your way out of the park.

For what it’s worth, you’ll likely see many similar formations if you spend any significant time in the Southwest, so don’t plan too much time for this roadside attraction.

This small town has a few gas stations, restaurants, a golf course and some hidden gems.

How Far Is Bryce Canyon From Zion

Red Hollow Slot Canyon is one of those hidden gems that most people drive right past without realizing what a treasure they are missing!

Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park

“Slot Canyons” are a rare natural wonder that exists in very few places in the world outside of the American Southwest. Utah is home to more of these incredible features than any other state, and Red Hollow ranks among the top 10 slot canyons in Utah.

Google Maps will take you to the trail parking area. It can be difficult to follow, but don’t worry. All you have to do is start walking until you reach the obvious river flow, then turn LEFT.

Within half a mile at most, you’ll reach the entrance to this incredible nesting canyon.

You can also take a tour from Orderville to further explore the region’s spectacular slot canyons.

Driving From Bryce Canyon To Zion National Park

This Slot Canyon Exploration and UTV Tour takes you to explore the backcountry of East Zion on a thrilling UTV ride followed by a stunning slot canyon hike.

Alternatively, if you want to try canyoning, this Rappelling Slot Canyon & UTV tour takes you on a rappelling adventure via UTV. No experience is necessary and discounts are available on the tour


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