How Far Is Santa Rosa From Napa – Napa Valley and Sonoma Plant Paradox Weekend ProgramOur 3-Day Package Including Spas, Food and Wine, and Waterfalls And Gut Care

This Napa Valley and Sonoma Weekend Program summarizes how we managed to make a quick 3-day getaway to Northern California’s premier wine and food area.

How Far Is Santa Rosa From Napa

How Far Is Santa Rosa From Napa

That way, you can look at our itinerary and treat it as a sample itinerary for your own trip planning purposes because you can understand how long it took us to do the various activities we included on complete this short weekend trip.

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That being said, the main reason for this trip was that Julie could finally satisfy her curiosity about a spa treatment and a mineral bath or pool in Calistoga. So we also focused on some time there in addition to the usual self-guided Napa and Sonoma foodie tour, but due to Julie’s gut dysbiosis issue, we had to figure out a way to be as compliant to the Plant Paradox as possible even though it was difficult to do. whenever you eat out.

Of course, I used any opportunity I could to visit waterfalls to get real Nature as well as a contrast experience with the crowds that tended to make Napa Valley more commercialized. Such journeys in Nature tended to have calming and de-stressing effects, so I had to believe that they would support the Plant Paradox Lifestyle (which argued that diet is only part of of the overall steps you need to take to restore your health)…

In any case, here is our brief summary of what we managed to do on this trip…

Sonoma Creek Falls – this waterfall surprised us with its flow since we had a very dry January and February. Even though the day we showed up to Sonoma County was very hot (in the 80F range) it still felt pretty cool in this little pocket of Adobe Canyon within Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. It was also relaxing and provided a great contrast to the traffic (ie road rage) and crowds seen in both Napa Valley and Sonoma.

Gorgeous Fall Color Walks In Wine Country

The Food and Wine Scene – generally where an area is known for wine, there is also good food. And so we naturally splurged a little on every lunch and dinner we could in Napa Valley and Sonoma. Our favorite experience was lunch at the Girl and the Fig in Sonoma. Our trip also included dinners at the Michelin-rated Grace Table in Napa, The Bird and the Bottle in Santa Rosa, and The Farmstead in St. Helena in the Napa Valley…

Indian Springs Resort and Spa – this was why Julie needed to visit Calistoga far north of the Napa Valley. Not only did our visit include an hour-long couples massage, but we also spent some (albeit very limited) time in the geothermally heated pool as well as vegging out at Buddha Pond after our massage.

Pinnacles National Park – in order to break up the long drive home, we did the opposite way to the remote reserve about 90 minutes drive south of San Jose and 90 minutes drive north of Coalinga. In addition to seeing a few waterfalls (despite the unusually dry Winter), I also completed the signature hike in the park – the High Peaks Trail. This brought me face-to-face with the many name pens and brought me up to the top of the field to see the west and east…

How Far Is Santa Rosa From Napa

At first blush, our 3-day Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Country weekend trip was just a food and spa kind of trip. However, we did manage to include some legitimate Nature on this trip, which welcomed the weekend crowds and associated traffic (and road rage) we saw in the area.

Discover The Small Town Charm Of Santa Rosa

Minimize Crowd Exposure: We saw how busy it was in Napa Valley, but in contrast, it was a bit busier in Sonoma Valley and as far as Santa Rosa. While those places are also pretty busy, they didn’t reach the crazy levels in Napa Valley, where it was extremely difficult to make a left turn without traffic lights to help. We’ve seen some unsuspecting drivers wait five minutes or more trying to figure out how to turn left onto the main road from some of the side roads, only to have to give up after all that time to turn right do then make out. how to U-turn. That gives you an idea of ​​how bad it can get here.

Making Restaurant Reservations: Apparently, using Open Table or the restaurant’s own websites can have dining times at unreasonable hours (think Lunner around 3pm or 4pm). However, to make sure we had a spot, we went ahead and booked the times anyway, then we’d show up if there were reserved seats so we wouldn’t have to skip meals to attend those times. Since Winter time seems to be the low season for Napa and Sonoma, our kind of strategy worked even though it was still pretty busy and parking was a little crazy as well.

Cold Temperatures: One thing that surprised us about our visit to Napa Valley and Sonoma was how cold it got in the evenings. In fact, temperatures dropped as low as the mid 30’s F and the highs would break 80F! I think that’s a testament to how dry it can be this far inland from the California coast as well as the San Francisco Bay. So we definitely needed warmer clothes for such evenings, but then layered down when we were doing activities during the day.

Pinnacles National Park Parking Situation: Like almost all national parks these days, the parking situation can be frustrating. However, on the east side of Pinnacles National Park, they have a shuttle service that takes you between the visitor center and Bear Gulch Nature Center (which was the best spot to do an epic loop hike that includes the Pinna Trail High and the Condor Gulch Trail). So, all is not lost if you end up in the limited parking spaces at Bear Gulch Day Use Area because you can still park in the more spacious visitor center near the park entrance, and then take the shuttle to hike at the cost of a few more minutes to meet the shuttle.

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Being Plant-Based Paradox Compliant: With Julie’s gut dysbiosis condition that she has been living with for almost 4 years now, she has found that the Plant-Based Paradox Diet has come closest to allowing her gut and overall health to managed as a result. But, whenever you eat out, there is an oxymoron in terms of healthy foods versus tasty foods that make money. So the way to deal with this was for Julie to always ask for any sauces on the side, and to not order things if they couldn’t accommodate that. She also avoided gluten, which meant no bread for her (even gluten-free products can have bad chemical substitutes). However, she allowed herself to drink red wines since they contained polyphenols, which are apparently good for the gut. Apparently, they didn’t have white wines since they came from grapes that didn’t have the deep reds that would indicate the presence of polyphenols.

Day 1: Drive from Los Angeles to Santa Rosa Overnight: Sonoma Wine Country Hyatt Regency (Santa Rosa, California, USA)

In order to minimize the amount of time wasted in traffic, we left our house at about 6:30 am (I really would have preferred earlier), but at least it allowed us to make it up to Sonoma at about 1pm. That was just in time for lunch there at Girl and the Fig. Then, we did an afternoon hike to Sonoma Creek Falls before checking into our lodging in Santa Rosa for a late dinner at the Bird and the Bottle.

How Far Is Santa Rosa From Napa

Day 2: Calistoga, Napa Valley, and Sonoma Valley Overnight: Sonoma Wine Country Hyatt Regency (Santa Rosa, California, USA)

Reasons Why Santa Rosa Is Wine Country’s Best Kept Secret

After doing our waterfall hike yesterday, today was a free day to incorporate a few hours at the Indian Springs Resort and Spa in Calistoga before going on a foodie run with one wine tasting visit to Benziger Estate (although we missed the tram ride.due to slow service during lunch at the Farmstead Restaurant in St Helens). The day ended with a short macaron run in Yountville at Bouchon Bakery before dinner at Grace’s Table in Napa to end our food and wine portion of this weekend trip.

Like the long drive that involved beating LA and Bay Area traffic to make it all the way up to Sonoma and Santa Rosa a few days ago, we had a long drive ahead in the opposite direction. So to break it up, we made a detour to Pinnacles National Park, which we hadn’t visited until now. That said, in order to mitigate the

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