How To Apply Boom Makeup – Hello ladies. it’s me arissa again 🫶🏻 another makeup tips episode with me but today I’m sharing with you how to do a simple brown eye makeup look. let’s start

1. Apply a light brown to your entire crease as your eye shadow base and blend it well

How To Apply Boom Makeup

How To Apply Boom Makeup

2. then complement it with a brick brown but only at the corner of your eye and bring it smoothly to the top of your crease

Product Review: Boom! Makeup By Cindy Joseph

3. tap some gold glitter from the inner corner of your eye to the center of your lid to give a shimmery look

5. make a thin eyeliner with your dark brown code eyeshadow with a small angled brush on your upper lash line

RIGHT EASY! these steps are very easy to follow and I hope it helps. don’t forget to try these steps my beautiful! all the best ladies until we meet again bye bye. follow me for more makeup tips hehe ✨

Get ready with me under 30 seconds 🌟hey guys! today I’d like to #SpillTheTea about my everyday makeup routine and how I #GlowUp it’s super fast, natural and beautiful; perfect for a day out on the town! all these products are super lightweight and perfect for the hot SG weather too 🌞 this is my go-to makeup look like it Mae Lynn 10

Boom De Ah Dah] Buy 2+1 Free Niacinamide Ampoule / Squalane Moisture Ampoule / Macadamia Glowing Oil Ampoule

The BEST eyeliner heel – no smudge, all day! as an #oilyskin girl one of the biggest problems I face is oily eyelids – at the end of the night my eyeliner is always smudged, my eyeshadow caked up, and I look like a panda 🐼 I almost tried every waterproof bulletproof long lasting eyeliner out there (even heroine and tattoo liner) and nothing Natalie 16 likes

🇸🇬 Personal Color Analysis in SG 🇸🇬Hey Zesties 🍋 Thank you so much for your love on my previous post about this seasonal color analysis service in SG! I recently went for my reservation and wanted to share my experience with anyone who is interested in this 🤍 Just FYI I chose the “gold” package, if you are interested in finding Lynn Isabelle 405 likes

Makeup tips 💄 These are some makeup steps that help spice up my makeup look! Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it helps to add a little extra attractiveness to the look. These tips are great for anyone trying to achieve a natural and glowing makeup look ❇️ ✧ Add shimmer to the inner corner of the eyes For the inn fee 56 likes

How To Apply Boom Makeup

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Kimuse Multi Stick Trio Face Makeup, Cream Blush Stick For Cheeks & Lips, Contour Stick & Highlighter Makeup Sticks For All Skin Quartz Rose

BEAUTIFUL palettes to add to your COLLECTION 🌈🖼🎨as a makeup lover one of my favorite products to collect would be palettes!! 🤍 some palettes have great packaging and some have great functionality!! personally, since I love creating looks beyond your everyday, I’m always on the lookout for palettes that have unique shades and are of good quality a vera (•ө•)♡ 25 likes

Brown Girl Makeup (No Foundation) -For Dummies 😔😩💅🏽Hello girls 😏 For those asking, (literally no one in the history of mankind has ever asked me this): Here is my absolutely unqualified-unsolicited breakdown from a no foundation makeup look i did a few weeks back for the girls looking for ✨mildly slay✨. First a background on my FACE. Lia 💕 5 likes

GYARU/DOUYIN/KPOP makeup style on BROWN SKIN?! 👀I tried the viral gyaru makeup trend to see if it could work for brown-skinned babies! It’s definitely out of my comfort zone 😂 I feel like my features are too harsh to pull off such a cute look, but at least I gave it a shot! It was fun trying out different makeup techniques and seeing how the make msaisyahnoor 7 liked them

The Subtle Cut Crease 💋 Makeup Tutorial ✨💫Previously I talked about my recent splurge on over-face and their dull fractal glitter eyeshadows! this post will show one way how I use this glitter eyeshadow irl with the steps illustrated and how it wore all night <3 ✨ steps 1️⃣ with a gel eyeliner outline a wing and a crease line yana 16 likes

Boomstick Trio Vs. Ogee Face Sticks: Which Face Sticks Work Best For Mature Skin?

5MIN grow with 3 products!✨💌A quick morning routine to allow myself to get more sleep😭🥹this routine only uses 3 products to achieve a nice clean look! Products used: 1. Eyebrow pencil – fill in your eyebrows with any other method you like (the usual) ‼️ #Tips : don’t go in hard and draw hard lines! Instead, full in your ethel🌻 13 love

This is how I did my graduation shoot 🎓Why Graduation Shoot 👩‍🎓 Graduation is one of the important events in my life – 4 years of blood, sweat and tears to get that graduation paper. I can now say that I am one degree warmer 🥵 This moment must be captured beautifully! On the ceremony day itself there were so many guests and crowds maki pppployyyy23 35 likes

Beginner Eye Makeup | 🎗High-grade natural makeup🎨Clear and translucent fake makeup Valentine’s day pure desire low makeup natural makeup🌹🌹 Get big eyes🔥 Be the soft and sweet white moonlight in his mind!✨ Eye makeup focus: blurred eyeliner, big eyes laying silkworm! ✨ Eyebrows: one word: wild eyebrows, you can use your eyelashes to gently sway ProMakeup 18 likes

How To Apply Boom Makeup

How I earned his income while still studying 💰❗there are many ways to earn money while still studying consume ⏰ what if I told you there is an EASIER and SIMPLE way to earn money that is a solid 11 /10 is 🤔 Quest 86 likes

I’m Sorry For My Skin Water Boom Jelly Mask Review

Make your eyelids look bigger 👀💁🏻‍♀️For those with single eyelids or mono lids as we like to call them, it can be difficult to get your eye makeup done. Single eyelid makes the eyes look small, so when doing makeup, try to enhance as much as you can! ✨ 🙋🏻‍♀️Some of you even wish you were born with double eyelids. Then it chased2U 11 likes

Makeup: Smoky Night At The Theater Look 💄This is Part 2 of my eye makeup look with the Silkygirl Wink It! Eyeshadow Palette ($15) As I mentioned in the previous post, this palette is compact and very convenient for travel and you can still create a wide variety of looks due to the palette having neutral tones. I was on my way to Cindy🌹 9 likes

Everyday Angelic Douyin Makeup Tutorial Hi friends! I’ve been loving this look lately. It was inspired by the recently trending angelic douyin makeup look. To make it wearable for every day, I improvised some of the steps. Instead of the usual manhua lashes, I used a more natural look that still looks similar. Products used: Rosemarie Yang 9 likes

How to achieve perfect winged liner every time If you’re a beginner or someone who struggles with applying eyeliner, this video is for you! Achieving the perfect winged liner can be difficult, so today I’m sharing my tips on how I do my eyeliner 🫧 3 steps to achieve the perfect wing 🌈 Step 1: draw the shape with a gel pencil liner, I like t Lynn Isabelle 24 likes

Boomstick Rose Nude: How Customers Apply It

The best palette for workplace makeup! As we start to return to work in the office and do more in-person meetings, some of us who have unfortunately given up on makeup in the last few covid-stricken years have kind of forgotten how to do office-appropriate makeup 😂 Or maybe you I’m studying in ‘ a new company and not sure what Frances 68 likes. That’s why we designed our Boomstick Trio. With our Trio, you get a lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, bronzer and a full body moisturizer—in three simple, easy-to-use cosmetic sticks.

Together you can use these little “Boomsticks” to create a natural look that brings out your unique beauty, while still looking like YOU.

Even better: You can create this natural look with Boomsticks in 10 minutes or less. Read on to find out how.

How To Apply Boom Makeup

The whole idea behind BOOM! is less is more. Women don’t need to use dozens of different makeup products – especially in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Use Your Bronzer As The Perfect Brown/neutral Eyeshadow

You should be able to simplify your makeup routine by using just a few items that bring out your best. That’s why our late founder, Cindy Joseph, originally created Boomstick Trio®. These three compact, creamy cosmetic sticks are designed to simplify and replace many of those products in your makeup bag.

BOOM! is the sound of a revolution in cosmetics. While other skin care and makeup companies carry “anti-aging” products, BOOM! is the only company that “PRO-AGE.” And we’re not the only ones who think age is beautiful.

#1 most popular product! Replace your entire makeup bag with these little sticks. (And enjoy six different


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