How To Apply Stage Makeup For Dancers – For recital makeup, don’t go anywhere, as you may find a few ways to improve or simplify what you’re already doing right!

A) The beautiful, bright dresses look great on stage! But,  it will hide your actor’s beautiful smile and facial expression if we don’t apply enough makeup.

How To Apply Stage Makeup For Dancers

How To Apply Stage Makeup For Dancers

B) The stage lights are too bright and make the actor’s face look washed out. Properly applied stage makeup illuminates and accentuates your performer’s features under the bright, colorful stage lights.

How To Apply Eyeshadow: A Step By Step Guide

C) The actors are raised on the stage and are far away from the audience. This makes facial expressions disappear and your actor looks less on stage. Proper use of stage makeup will not only give the face a three-dimensional appearance but will also make the eyes and face look bigger, brighter and more pronounced on stage.

D) Your little ones can be dropped off an hour or more before the performances…so, they need stage makeup that will STAY DOWN without looking green or sallow when they take the stage for the show.

Now that we understand the importance of creating a stage, even for young dancers, let’s go over how to get the look! Our “Little Dancer” look will be featured, using our “JAMGlam” palette!

Apply a thin miracle of waterproof foundation (See our Perfection Stix Foundation) with a foundation brush or makeup sponge to pick up skin tone and keep makeup looking fresh. It will create a clean, matte surface to apply your colors.

What Order Should You Apply Makeup

Open your JAMGlam palette. Apply a thin line of “Fear Me” into the eye shadow in the center of the lashline and remove with a brow brush (or a disposable mascara wand that you can get at Sally’s Beauty Supply). This step is important for blondes and those without brows. Use a color that is a shade darker than her natural brows.

Dip a powder sponge into loose powder and then apply loose powder under her eyes to create loose “puddles”. A light powder that covers any dark circles that fall on her cheeks (Try this for your makeup…it works great!). Once the eyeshadow is gone, brush off the old powder. You’ll be left with a beautiful, soft under-eye look.

Apply “Fear Me” eyeshadow, very dark on the lash line and fade when you reach the crease. Apply “Fool Me” gold eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes. Apply “Innocent Me” white shimmer shade on her collarbone to highlight. Option: Use an angular liner brush to apply “Double-Dar Me” black shadow/eyeliner along the top lash line ONLY.

How To Apply Stage Makeup For Dancers

Using a thin eye brush, sweep the line “Scare me” on the corner of the eye from the outer corner of the eye and inward toward the center. This will make the eyes look bigger on stage. Blend so that you don’t have a dry line. Stay away from dark colors under the eyes, to ensure you have a soft, youthful look for younger eyes.

Makeup Artists, Theatrical & Performance At My Next Move

This step is optional and depends on the coordination of your dance while having the object pointed half an inch from their eye. Have your player sit up straight and look down with their eyes (head still up). Lift their eye gently with one finger. Have them blink a few times to practice the mascara wand before use. Keep the wand facing the sweep line and sweep the color though the fabric starting at the bottom. Remind the player to blink to keep the eyes from watering. Apply mascara only to the upper eyelids. Make sure you use a waterproof, waterproof formula for black mascara. Avoid waterproof mascara because it is too harsh to remove from small, sensitive eyes.

Find the cheekbone with the fingers. Place the blush brush on the hairline below the brow bone and sweep the pink/peach blush color UNDER the cheeks and sweep UP over the apples of the cheeks. Be sure to use a small brush that is perfect for her small cheeks so that the blush line doesn’t go lower than the lip line. Otherwise, your little player will look like he’s sunburned! Blend. Blend. Blend. Yes, and please, no “apples of the cheeks” clown blush.

Imagine that the lips have four parts to them – upper lip line, upper left lip liner, lower lip line, lower left lip line. Take your pink/rose colored lip liner pencil and apply it on the upper right side of the lip from the outer corner to the center cupid’s bow. Next, create the upper left corner of the mouth from the outer corner to the center of the cupid’s bow. Then line the lower right lip from the outer corner to the center of the lower lip. Finally, line the lower left lip from the outer corner to the center of the lower lip. Now, fill the entire lip in with a pink/rose colored lip liner pencil. This is the easiest way to make the lips look the same!

Fill the lips with lipstick color. For young actresses, using a rose-toned lipstick (See our Wild Child Mineral Lipstick!) rather than red will create a soft, age-appropriate look. That being said, many studio owners/directors prefer red lipstick on stage. Be sure to check with your studio dance recital makeup guidelines for confirmation!

How To Apply Stage Makeup To Look Old: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

FAQ’S How to Make Video Makeup Info Makeup Instructions Video Tutorial Basics of Makeup Brushes Foundation of Stage Makeup When it comes to stage makeup, presentation is a very important part of enhancing the presence of the dancer and building the atmosphere of the dance. A staged make-up can enhance the performance by emphasizing the attractive and expressive features of the player, showing the condition of the piece and reducing any unwanted defects or blemishes. Having a flawless face is also a huge advantage when it comes to auditions and giving yourself an extra edge over other hopefuls. Stage make-up also serves the actor by allowing them to completely immerse themselves in the performance with the help of physical changes created for the stage.

To ensure that everyone has all the tools to create the perfect stage makeup here is our guide to the essential products that will get you ready to perform.

Serum hydrates and moisturizes the face – the lighter composition compared to moisturizer allows the hydration to penetrate the skin, in preparation for make-up to be used seamlessly.

How To Apply Stage Makeup For Dancers

A good primer creates a smooth base for the foundation and ensures that the make-up stays on for as long as possible, (no one wants to end up with a dangerously-dried face half way through the process!).

How To Do Ballet Stage Makeup

Foundation is essential for providing that full, all-over coverage that creates an even, clear foundation under the bright lights of the stage. …It is true that we are sure that going on stage without a good base coverage is described as a great sin. Up there with the lost pointe shoe ribbon and not warm… You have been warned!

Color concealer is great for covering any blemishes and scars, combating discoloration, brightening shadowy areas, concealing blemishes and scars and reducing unwanted red patches and dark circles. It’s the makeup equivalent of magic.

If any facial changes are equal to a colored concealer, a good neutral concealer will work together with your foundation to create a healthy glowing, flawless skin-tone that can withstand even harsh light levels and will leave you ready for the use of colors.

Eyeshadow is used to emphasize and draw attention to your eyes, and creates a great impression from the stage all the way back to the front rows of the audience. The eye shadow you wear will help emphasize the way you are acting or the role you are playing. E.g. Soft pinks, peaches, mauves and beige-brown hues are used to create a classical love eye worn by ballerinas.

Technic Face Cream Foundation Halloween Paint Goth Fancy Dress Stage Makeup

A contour palette is important for enhancing the shape of the face and giving subtle definition to the face, neck and collarbone. Contouring is an important part of applying makeup, as it ensures that concealer and foundation do not leave your face flat and one dimensional under the glare of the stage lights by redefining and enhancing your facial features.

Finishing powder is a soft and smooth powder used to blend or ‘darken’ any fine lines and wrinkles. It lifts the skin without altering the natural contours, and Sicilian minerals leave you glowing and radiant. … No one has ever confirmed it, but we have

As far as makeup goes, eyeliner is about as basic as it gets. White eyeliner, however, is the beauty industry’s secret; acting as a mini-highlighter, white liner can create the appearance of larger eyes and serve to contrast black eyeliner for a dramatic effect. Gel liner in particular also offers great control and precision over the line application, making sure your eye makeup is on point!

How To Apply Stage Makeup For Dancers

Ah, good old black eyeliner; the little black dress of the creative world! No makeup is perfect for the stage without the use of a smooth line of black eyeliner (or brown, if you’re feeling playful) to complete the look. And when it comes to staying power, gel and liquid eyeliners always beat powder-based liners, the advantage is great when you do it for several hours.

A Basic Guide To Applying Stage Makeup

Nowadays we all know


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