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Tis the season for a natural-looking glow, but don’t put away your cosmetics just yet—the trick to a glowing “no makeup” look is makeup. We asked W3LL People founder and makeup artist Shirley Pinkson to share her approach to a subtle look using only plant-based (and often organic) products. Who needs FaceTune?

How To Do A No Makeup Look

How To Do A No Makeup Look

A moisturizing eye cream, serum or balm allows for seamless blending of concealer. Pinkson’s Balm from One Love Organics is packed with Vitamin E, providing extra hydration for sensitive skin.

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But keep it light. If a tinted moisturizer is too shiny or heavy, it will melt in the summer heat. Pinkson used W3LL People Tinted Multi-Tasking Moisturizer, which is coming out this fall, but meanwhile, Ilia also offers a great natural (and sunscreen) look.

Blend the concealer under the eye and onto the lid to neutralize the under eye. Check out the W3LL Folk Concealer coming later this year, but in the meantime, the brand’s foundation provides a light and seamless environment.

Use a foundation brush or fingertips to blend the bronzer into the contour of the cheeks and the outer corner of the eye. The formula provides more control in application and provides a light coverage that leaves your face looking healthy and radiant.

For added color, dab a warm, peachy cream on the apples of the cheeks. Bonus: Used Multi-Stick Pinkson is also great for lips.

Products To Perfect Your No Makeup Look — Wallflower

Apply cream concealer to cheekbones, bridge of nose, browbones and lower lids. Look for something more substantial that isn’t too shiny or frosty. The goal is to create a subtle pearlescent glow that enhances the texture of your skin and catches the light. This stick provides easy application – just blend with a brush or your fingers.

Apply mascara only on the upper lid to avoid unwanted smudges under the eyes. W3LL Men’s cult favorite provides lasting length and definition.

The final shade is a neutral, pink or coral shimmer. Choose something with minimal shimmer for a natural look, like W3LL People Bio Extreme.

How To Do A No Makeup Look

If you have oily skin, Pinkson suggests strategically dusting your face, especially your T-zone, with a light powder. But the powder is light – the idea is to have a bit of shimmer!

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Fall in love with these 3D nail designs, the best black anna skin care to try in 2023, the best black anna beauty to try in 2023, the best black anna beauty 2023 are all about themselves. But sometimes it’s less. Although not. A makeup look may not seem to involve any makeup at all, but it really does require makeup and some effort. But no matter what skin type or skin type – this look is perfect for everyone! The best part is, you don’t need a makeup artist or beauty tool to achieve this look! With a few tools and some projects, you can enhance your natural face to look fresh naturally. We’ve broken it down into 4 easy steps: skin care, brows, eye definition, and yes, makeup, to make it easy to get that ‘I woke up like this’ look.

The 101 Set

First, you need a solid foundation. Having a good skin care regimen will do wonders for the results of this look. A strong regimen will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Our sophisticated perfection Dermaplaners are perfect for skin preparation. They are absorbed to stimulate collagen production and improve your skin’s ability to absorb skin care products. It also removes facial hair and dead skin, improving skin texture for a more comfortable makeup application. Gently rub the blade over your skin and apply your serum or moisturizer. After that, say goodbye to your skin and eyelids. The Complexion Perfection Ice Roller massages and cools the skin to reduce puffiness and increase circulation for a radiant look. Chill in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then gently roll into your eyes to soothe and calm and soothe and brighten your entire face.

A little eyebrow grooming is all you need to stay true to the natural look. Embrace your natural brows – curly or thin works with this look. The most important thing is disciplined vs disciplined. Start using the Brow and Lash Shaper to shape your brows and trim those extra long hairs. The comb is a great feature that keeps each eyebrow hair together for easy viewing of where you need to trim. If you have thin eyebrows, trimming may not be necessary. You can also skip the collection. Only remove a small amount of hair in the middle of your eyebrows or below the shape. For those with dark brows, you’ll definitely need to trim and trim, but be careful – your mantra should be minimal. Pull back between each milk to see the effect. Your goal is to create separation between the browbones and lightly shape and define the back. The Luxe Slant Tweezer has sharp tips that precisely grip the hair for easy eyebrow shaping. Finally, follow with gel or wax to keep the brows in place, or give your brows a little more definition with a tinted brow gel. Finish your brows naturally with a brow brush, brow and lash curler.

Even without a makeup look, you want your eyes to look fresh and awake! Mascara is magic to achieve this look, and you can create an even more eye-catching effect with our beauty tools. Start curling your lashes. The Pro Performance Eyelash Curler has a soft back and ergonomic handle to achieve different eye shapes. Gently slide the applicator along the lash line and hold for 5 seconds. Then move the center of the lashes and tighten again. Then put on your favorite mascara and run Velvet Touch Lash Remover to remove clumps.

How To Do A No Makeup Look

A rare person with flawless skin. Most of us need a little help concealing pores, under-eye circles, or dark circles. But with a great concealer, moisturizing foundation, and quality makeup tools, almost anyone can look fresh and glowing. For a dewy finish, use a moisturizing foundation with a beauty sponge from the Beauty Sponge Set. Rounded edges make it difficult to use. Wet the sponge until it expands, squeeze out the excess water, then add some foundation to the sponge. Use dabbing and rolling motions to blend into your skin. Then use a small sponge concealer where you want a little extra coverage, such as under your eyes, nose or browbones. Always use concealer for maximum effect. For that rosy, glowing effect, apply a very soft layer to the same skin tone. Concealer is a great multi-purpose brush that we love to use when we use blush for this look. The domed color allows for a perfect spread of colors.

Can You Get The “no Makeup” Look Through Skincare Alone?

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