How To Write Kissing Scenes – To write a kiss scene, you need to set the mood for it, and it’s best not to do it at the beginning of the story unless the two are already in a relationship. It also depends on the genre of the story and the age of the characters, and two teenagers having their first kiss is different than two adults cheating on their spouses.

Think back to when you were a teenager and the first time you kissed a romantic interest. Are you nervous, excited, or both? I know for myself, it’s both, and when I moved in for a kiss, I didn’t know if she’d accept it or pull it off – if she did, I’d respect her. Fortunately, she stood on her tiptoes – I was over six feet tall, she was barely five – and brought me as close as she could and kissed me happily.

How To Write Kissing Scenes

How To Write Kissing Scenes

But you’re not reading this story to find out about my romantic history, or I’m not writing to tell you, I’m just giving an example.

Marvel Movies Have A Weird Relationship With Kissing And Romance

So describe the excitement and excitement of the two youths, one or both of their hands shaking, butterflies fluttering about their bodies, their lips pursed.

For cheating spouses, do they feel guilty about what they’ve done, or are they glad they’re getting away, or are they afraid of getting caught? They might meet on a secret date or the first kiss might happen spontaneously in the office environment after closing the tender.

If this is the first kiss between two people, be sure to reinforce the first few scenes before the kiss, with one or both wanting it but not knowing it’s a kiss. One of them might lean down an inch or two or less, but wait for the right moment to pull back, or pull back if someone walks across the room.

There are many ways to increase anticipation, just remember to have fun with it. Also remember to use the five senses, touch, taste, sight, smell and sound.

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How To Write Kissing Scenes

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Thoughts on Israel and Gaza It’s been 17 days since Hamas launched its horrific attack on Israel, killing more than 1,400 Israelis, including defenseless… Ah, kissing. Some see it as romance, others see it as PDA, but regardless of your stance on the subject, a romance novel isn’t really romance until some kissing happens.

Don’t ask me, I’m sure Hollywood movies have something to do with it, but no matter how much love and affection you write between your acting couple, a kiss is the only thing that seals the deal. Without one, you’ll have tons of angry readers sending you hate mail and tweeting at you because

How To Write A Kissing Scene In A Romance Novel

The bottom line (if you haven’t already figured out how important the kissing scene is) is that your kiss should be good. So, today we will look at how to write it.

Before you start any kisses (or make any romantic gestures or jokes), you first need to build tension and create a spark or connection between the two love interests. (AKA,

That way, you’ll avoid insta-love moments or the reader feeling like there’s not enough time for the romance to develop. Love works in mysterious ways, so make sure your characters have plenty of dates and opportunities to connect and connect before the urge to slip up.

How To Write Kissing Scenes

Ideally, your two characters will want to get to know each other as people at this early stage – their good and bad qualities, as well as their current obstacles and desires. This shows how compatible they are and the types of romantic gestures they can make to each other.

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For example, the gesture of flying to Paris for a character who always wants to go to Paris is incredibly impressive and makes the other person like him more. But a gesture like giving a key to the Eiffel Tower would be admirable, because it shows that even though the love interest can’t travel, they’re still thinking about that person.

When we mix features, the act of handing over a key may not be enough for someone with an ego and a pampered upbringing, and it can lead to conflict in the relationship. So before you decide to play matchmaking, know what you’re signing up for—your characters have minds of their own, after all.

Once we get a little ways into the novel, we can start introducing the attraction between the two characters. There are many ways to illustrate this — for example, a character may fall in love with another character’s appearance before falling deeply in love with their own personality. If one person admires the other’s hobbies, interests, personality traits, or morals, this will strengthen the romantic bond between the two. When we combine the physical attraction with a deeper attraction, it becomes clear that the two are more than just friends.

Another way to make it obvious is to create conflict or obstacles that effectively show the jealousy or conflict between the destined couple. An ex-boyfriend, a rival love, a betrayal of trust, or a confrontation with an important issue can reveal a character’s hidden feelings to the reader before they confess.

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Or steam. Or sexy. Depending on the theme of your novel, the main goal here is to finally break the tension by introducing a kiss. Put your characters in irresistible or romantic situations.

A wise man once told me that it’s not about the first kiss, it’s about the kisses that follow, and as fun as the first kiss is, he was right.

Maybe a couple’s first kiss doesn’t go according to plan. Maybe this isn’t the place for fireworks and passion, so your next step is to come up with a kiss that emphasizes the chemistry between your two characters. No matter what kind of couple they are—shy and romantic, sweet and caring, or angry and passionate, all couples should have the kind of kiss that grabs the reader’s attention:

How To Write Kissing Scenes

This can be done as soon as the couple can’t get enough of each other. Alternatively, it can be done several scenes or chapters later. But your character’s relationship will never end, so don’t think that one kiss is going to cut it.

Test To Write A Kissing Scene Carefully By Satoaki98 On Deviantart

As for actually making this kiss, it’s entirely up to you how intense you want to make it. Think about what words you could use to describe it or what actions the characters could take. A sweet and loving character will tenderly peck at their love, while a bolder and more passionate character can draw them closer as they demand the lips of love. Think about the effect it has on the two characters—does it make them hot and bothered? Does it make them feel needed and valued? Maybe it leaves them breathless? All these details add to the depth of the kiss and how well the reader understands their relationship.

It’s a good idea to have an excuse or a conflict to get them into the bedroom, to get them out of a delicate moment, otherwise their attraction to each other will improve the situation. So always think about this — don’t make them fight every five seconds for no reason, and don’t assume they’ll stop on their own if they’re really into it.

Kissing is a great way to show love, but if you are, it can get old very quickly


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