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Iconic Looks From The 80s

Iconic Looks From The 80s

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S Women Fashion Photography

Throughout her 40-year career, Madonna has had many eccentric looks. Ross Marino/Icon and Image/Getty Images, George Pimentel/WireImage, Gie Knaeps/Getty Images

In 2011, Madonna attended the Met Gala in a silk embroidered Stella McCartney gown, elegant but ultimately disappointing.

If there’s one thing Madonna is focused on, it’s making a splash. But when she wore this elegant Stella McCartney gown to the 2011 Met Gala, it seemed largely forgotten. Even though she looked mature and elegant, she didn’t scream “Madonna” like most people would expect.

She did, however, add her signature red lipstick, a nod to Madonna’s classic in-your-face style that we all know and love.

Iconic ’80s Fashion Moments

The Queen of Pop’s outfit for the 2005 European Music Awards was sporty, but not as bold as other iconic outfits.

For any other star, mesh tights and knee-high leather boots could be considered bold. For an icon like Madonna, this is practically tame.

At the time, the pop star was performing her tenth studio album, “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” and the band became her favorite band during promotions, Harpers Bazaar reported.

Iconic Looks From The 80s

A purple bomber jacket, caramel hairstyle and oversized sunglasses created a youthful, fun look, but there have been many better Madonna looks over the years.

Photos From Looking Back On Sarah Jessica Parker’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments

According to The Telegraph, in 2001, Madonna attended the premiere of the film “Snatch” directed by her then-husband Guy Ritchie.

For the occasion, she opted for a cream pantsuit and a dazzling jacket with the words “Mrs Ritchie” encrusted in crystals.

The former couple got married last month, which made her outfit a fun choice for the newlyweds. However, we found it a bit flashy and overall the overall look seemed plain compared to Madonna’s other famous looks.

In this outfit, Madonna showed her love for androgynous fashion during the Live Aid charity concert in 1985.

From The 1980s To 2023: Madonna’s Iconic Fashion Journey And Her Influence On Pop Culture

Madonna attends the Live Aid benefit concert at John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia in July 1985. Vinnie Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Madonna’s Live Aid outfit consisted of floral trousers, a light green oversized vest and a jacket – classic ’80s fashion.

While the look itself doesn’t seem particularly groundbreaking, it had a lasting impact on Madonna’s role as a fashion icon: it showcased the boundaries she would soon break in terms of traditional men’s and women’s dress, and also foreshadowed some of her upcoming famous fashion moments.

Iconic Looks From The 80s

During her performance at Eurovision in 2019, Madonna opted for a seductive look with an eye patch, which drew parallels with the then popular TV show “Game of Thrones”.

The 15 Most Iconic Fashion Moments In ’80s Teen Movies

While performing at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Madonna wore a leather bodysuit with silver embellishments, tulle sleeves, mesh tights and thigh-high leather boots.

After the performance, actor Pilou Asbaek, who played Euron Greyjoy on Game of Thrones, took to Twitter to compare his outfit to the one he wore during the series. But a few weeks later, Madonna explained to TODAY’s Harry Smith that the letter on the eye patch refers to the persona she created for her 14th studio album: “Madame X.”

At the launch of her book “Sex” in 1992, Madonna wore a revealing version of the traditional German dirndl dress.

In 1992, Madonna arrived at the launch party for her book “Sex” wearing a version of the traditional German dirndl dress often worn by Oktoberfest party-goers around the world. Her version had a deep neckline and she completed the look with her hair tied in two buns. She even bleached her eyebrows.

Valley Girl’ Remake Costumes Are ’80s Fashion Gold

Publications including People magazine reported that she opted for a sexy version of the Little Bo Peep costume, which explains the stuffed sheep in her hand.

It would be no different than Madonna if she took something commonly considered innocent and gave it a provocative twist. She always pushes boundaries, even as an author. According to Newsweek, despite the scandalous nature of “Sex”, the book sold 150,000 copies on the first day.

One of the rare times when Madonna wore a red cap without her trademark blonde hair was an appearance at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival.

Iconic Looks From The 80s

While in the south of France, she wore a tutu and blazer combo, paired with knee-high white socks and chunky black boots. It’s the ultimate school uniform-meets-punk-rock moment, and Madonna has been known to pull it off as best she can.

The Most Stylish New York Women Throughout The Years

Madonna and her son David Banda attended the 2014 Grammy Awards in matching Ralph Lauren suits.

Madonna and her son, David Banda, chose impeccably tailored suits for their 2014 Grammy Awards appearance. Both were designed by Ralph Lauren as part of their spring/summer 2014 collection, she told Ryan Seacrest for E! Red carpet news.

The pop singer completed her outfit with a bowler hat, while her son completed his outfit with a fedora.

Adorably, Madonna also credited Banda for the idea of ​​wearing matching outfits. “I followed his example. He dressed me up tonight,” she said. “He wanted me to dress like him, so I listened to him.”

Most Iconic 80s Fashion Trends & Outfit Inspiration

Not all iconic looks are memorable for the right reasons, and Madonna’s kimono-inspired outfit from the 1999 Grammy Awards is a prime example of this.

Was this look memorable? Yes. That said, by today’s standards, Madonna’s decision to wear a blood-red kimono designed by Jean Paul Gaultier – a traditional garment rooted in Japanese culture – would probably not be successful in conversations about cultural appropriation.

Looking back, she didn’t do herself any favors by imitating a geisha’s makeup, which consists of white foundation known in Japan as “oshiroi,” according to History.com.

Iconic Looks From The 80s

This isn’t the only time Madonna has borrowed customary clothes and styles from other countries and cultures. A few examples include her sports

Azzedine Alaïa’s Best Looks In Vogue

On her forehead while performing “Shanti-Ashtanga” at the 1998 VMAs, and later in 2014 while wearing a niqab on Instagram. This sparked a public backlash and criticism of cultural appropriation that had been unheard of in her earlier career.

Madonna said her 2016 Met Gala outfit was a “political statement” and it certainly sparked debate.

At the 2016 Met Gala, Madonna wore a transparent Givechy gown that exposed her breasts and buttocks.

There was a powerful message behind her revealing style choice. In an Instagram post two days after the event, she wrote an explanation about her outfit, which wasn’t as outrageous as it might seem:

Kylie Minogue: Most Iconic Outfits Of The Last 25 Years

“We have fought and continue to fight for civil rights and gay rights around the world. When it comes to women’s rights, we are still in the dark ages. My Met Ball dress was as much a political statement as it was a fashion statement. the fact that people actually believe that a woman is not allowed to express her sexuality or pursue adventures after a certain age is proof that we still live in an ageist and sexist society. I’ve never been a limited thinker, and I’m not about to start.”

Madonna brought the drama to the 1998 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards in this vampy yellow corset gown.

Madonna styled the vampire queen with her raven hair, statement jewelry and cherry lipstick for the 1998 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards.

Iconic Looks From The 80s

For the occasion, she wore a bright yellow corset gown by designer Olivier Theyskens, which featured long sleeves, strong shoulders and a sharp A-line skirt that showed off the pop star’s waist.

S Fashion: See The Iconic Outfits & Clothing Styles

Some say she channeled Belle from Beauty and the Beast. If so, Madonna obviously wore a much edgier and more dramatic version.

Madonna leaves the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Mortons on March 5, 2006 in West Hollywood. Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Madonna’s pink Versace dress perfectly emphasized her figure and at the same time looked airy and comfortable. She styled it with shiny high heels and an elegant hairstyle.

According to a 2006 Interview magazine interview with Lindsay Lohan, who also wore a Versace gown for the occasion, the two women had a “little fashion moment” at the party.

Dress Like 80s Punk Fashion With 10 Iconic Style Ideas

“She was wearing Versace and she turned to Guy [Ritchie, Madonna’s husband] and said, ‘Who has a better Versace outfit?'” Lohan told the magazine of the interaction. “And he didn’t say anything. Mine was an elegant, long dress. Hers was elegant too. She was beautiful, pink. “I’ve never seen Madonna in pale pink, and she looked beautiful.”

Madonna’s costume designer credits her with the idea to wear a Marie Antoinette-style gown during her “Vogue” appearance at the 1990 MTV Awards.

During Vogue’s performance at the 1990 MTV Awards.

Iconic Looks From The 80s

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