Impact Of Social Media On Students – The impact of social media on education has both positive and negative aspects. There are many positive effects of social media in education that have greatly changed the way teachers and students learn. In fact, social media is affecting student learning at a very high rate.

This article covers the positive and negative effects of social media on educational institutions, teachers, and students in general.

Impact Of Social Media On Students

Impact Of Social Media On Students

It is a simple free electronic tool, used to publish, access, and collaborate in any acceptable way with people and information with the world, and a way to build new relationships.

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It is a business tool for businesses, a platform for children to play and share information about media groups, and a digital room for students.

Billions of people view and share trillions of posts on Facebook consisting of text, photos, videos, and graphics.

According to research, YouTubers upload about 720,000,000 new content per day which is equivalent to 30,000,000 videos per hour and one billion views per day is about 41.6 million hours per hour.

Research has shown that 84% of teenagers between the ages of 14-17 use social media and almost half of children between the ages of 10-13 use social media, young people spend seven hours a day.

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In fact, hundreds of thousands of young people today cannot imagine their lives without visiting social media every day, getting information from news sites and websites, and communicating through the thoughts of live newspapers.

Even, illiterate people use to view content on social media. They check the status of the content and respond using emojis.

Thanks to the speed of cell phones and the freely available internet, especially for information companies that use information, social media has made its way into the education sector. Therefore, it has become a business tool for institutions, teachers, and students.

Impact Of Social Media On Students

There is something beautiful and good in everything in the world. Now it is up to us to decide which direction to take.

The Positive Effects Of Social Media On Students

If anything is used for good and legitimate activities that benefit the human world, it is clear that gifts and blessings will be very useful.

The same is true of using social media. Although I write a lot on social media.

This article covers all the effects and negative effects of social media on education related to education, especially the education system, teachers, and students.

The impact of social media on education in the context of universities, schools, and other educational institutions is significant.

The Effect Of Social Media On Students’ Academic Performance (a Case Study Of Yangon University Of Economics)

As they use social media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp, for the common good. Almost all universities are communicating with their partners, which will be beneficial for everyone. This is where the benefits of social media come in.

Today, every university has its own pages on all major social media sites, where students can find out a variety of information not only in education, but also in sports, culture, creativity, social life, and science.

Also, every university has a social media platform to build a solid strategy to promote the company on the best website. They post their performance by sharing videos and photos on social media.

Impact Of Social Media On Students

According to many studies conducted on university teachers, the teacher used to share assignments and questions on private groups, such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

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According to an educational survey, 80% of teachers prefer to share assignments, courses, lesson plans, workspaces, and other learning-related information on social media.

It is the right time; Our teachers and educational institutions need to understand that social media can also be a teaching tool.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites and apps can be used for educational purposes; however, teachers need to be skilled users.

Therefore, there is a great need to build the capacity to understand, how these sites can be used for teaching and learning, and what social media can help in educational purposes?

The Impact Of Social Media On Education And Learning

Like teachers, social media also has a huge impact on student learning. Researchers have found that there is a high degree of impact of social media on student learning.

After physical education, social media is one of the most used platforms for discussion, communication, and collaboration among students. They use social media for activities, course-work, course schedules, and course locations.

Also, find answers about their courses and schools. In addition to their educational groups, they collaborate with other groups available with papers to solve school-related problems.

Impact Of Social Media On Students

It also provides a campus environment, where students share discussions and ideas based on their group. With the proper use of social media, students can gain new knowledge, develop quality education, adapt to new technologies, and improve their creativity.

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According to research, YouTube is a widely used and reliable tool for discussion. Facebook is a great site for classroom environment and document sharing. WhatsApp is the best platform for instant communication.

Despite its benefits, social media has had a significant impact on student performance. Researchers have shown that students who spend more time on social media have lower grades in their final grades.

They show more interest in social media and less in educational activities. Meanwhile, when they use social media, students become cultural because of informal communication on social media.

In addition to educational activities, due to immaturity, students engage in private activities and immoral activities. These activities drag them into the lower classes of society.

Pdf) The Impact Of Using Social Media On University Students Socialization: Statistical Reasoning

In conclusion, social media has become an integral part of our lives. It has revolutionized and revolutionized the traditional way of communication and information exchange.

It has become necessary for every aspect of life and social institutions in the world to promote themselves on social media. Moreover, it has positive and negative effects on society and has become an important part of our lives, both positive and negative.

Like other fields, they are highly respected in the field of education. Educational institutions use it to attract the public by sharing their achievements.

Impact Of Social Media On Students

Communicating campus leaders prefer to communicate with faculty and staff over social media. Likewise, teachers communicate and collaborate with their students and colleagues.

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The use of social media is not limited to communication with teachers and peers, but also to get new ideas from other groups.

As a negative effect, social media has increased the level of competition in the company, causing them to spend more money on advertising.

This may be due to increased fees and costs associated with students. Teachers are exposed to a variety of messages and advertisements from institutions, especially the pressure of performance.

Last but not the least, students are suffering from excessive drug use. They spend more time browsing, surfing, and chatting on social media, where they generally score worse.

Impacts Of Social Media On Student’s Academic Achievement: A Case Of Higher Educational Institutions Of Southern Punjab Of Pakistan

The physical and mental health of the students was seriously disturbed. Also, cyberbullying and hacking and defamatory activities are a major threat to students.

Students misuse the business tool. A recent study found that students are not doing well, due to the large amount of time they spend on social media chatting and making new friends and having fun. It can be caused by a severe lack of intelligence and creative ideas for the future.

They need to understand how to interpret information, distinguish between sources of information, and explain the pros and cons of using social media in a given situation.

Impact Of Social Media On Students

To do this, they must first understand their goals for using the network and then go from there.

The Impact Of Social Media On Young People

In order to educate students about the proper use of social networks, educational institutions can set up guidelines for students before implementing corrective measures.

Students and parents should be made aware of the advantages of social interaction under the guidance of teachers.

The institution must make changes in teaching and learning methods that allow students to develop the skills to work with new technologies as they come to play.

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Impact Of Social Media On Students

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