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It can be exciting or scary to hear that your young teen wants to start working. As their caregiver, you will get to know them best and know what they can handle. Teens who work get the chance to learn and practice real-world personal finance before it becomes a make-or-break situation. Working outside the home can increase a teenager’s skills and diversify their experience.

Jobs That Allow 14 Year Olds To Work

Jobs That Allow 14 Year Olds To Work

A downside to consider is that some research has shown that grades can begin to slip as the hours of work increase. In some cases, teenagers turned to alcohol and drugs because of the perceived sense of independence and maturity that comes from working. Although some believe these risks can be mitigated by home and work environments.

Top Jobs For Under 18s

Grocery chains, retail stores, restaurants, recreation areas, and more are all great places to look for jobs for young teens between the ages of 14 and 16. In the working world, many of these arenas can seem like a ritual. Here are the 23 best places to start your job hunt.

Publix is ​​an employee-owned grocer with 1,297 stores in the southeastern United States. Teenagers aged 14 or 15 can be cashiers, florists and baggers.

Fareway is a grocer in the Midwest serving 6 states with 120 locations in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. The minimum age for their grocery section is 14, but you must be 18 for the meat or bakery section.

Zurchers is a party store. They have 15 locations in Utah and Idaho. 14-year-olds are hired as cashiers.

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Tennessee-based Plato’s Closet is hiring 14- and 15-year-olds as Indeed Junior Stylists. Plato’s Closet is a franchise so others can do the same.

Chick-fil-A has 2,803 stores across the United States. They’re a franchise, so different restaurants have different rules, but locations in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and California have ads hiring 14-year-olds to work as cashiers and front of house.

Runza is a fast food restaurant in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Colorado. They have 85 locations and are hiring 14 year olds for crew member positions.

Jobs That Allow 14 Year Olds To Work

Cici’s Pizza is a buffet-style pizza restaurant looking for cashiers, dishwashers and stockists. There are 299 CiCi’s locations in the US.

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The YMCA is an international recreation organization. There are 2,400 locations nationwide. Many hire 14-year-olds to babysit, sport watches and staff their D.R.E.A.M.

Six Flags is a nationwide theme park with 27 locations across the United States. Locations in California, Missouri, Texas and elsewhere are currently hiring for 14-year-old food service and reception teams.

There is only one Hersheypark, but they regularly hire 14 and 15 year olds. They even have a specific area on their website for that age group.

Chuck E. Cheese has 559 locations and 122 Peter Piper pizzas. Many of these places hire under 14s for certain positions.

What Types Of Jobs Are 14 And 15 Year Old’s Not Allowed To Work At?

Your teenager can become an entrepreneur and start their own small business in your neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to earn part-time money and learn responsibility.

This grocery chain hires teenagers as young as 14 for positions such as bagging groceries. There are multiple locations spread across 18 US states.

As a national chain, there are great opportunities for a teenager to be employed as a grocery bagger or stockist. Kroger is located in approximately 35 states across the country.

Jobs That Allow 14 Year Olds To Work

Although it’s hard for a teenager working at an ice cream shop to resist temptation, Baskin-Robbins does employ 14-year-olds as team members. It could be a great first job at one of its more than 2,400 locations.

Hours Minors Are Legally Allowed To Work

Starbucks has flexible hours that work before or after school, as well as on weekends. It hires teenagers not less than 14 years of age for various relevant positions.

Nothing says your first job like slinging burgers properly. Wendy’s is always hiring at its more than 6,000 locations nationwide.

One of the great benefits of working in fast food for extra cash is that you can enjoy some cheap meals while you make money. Taco Bell is hiring for certain jobs as team members as young as 14 years old.

Good for more than two spoons and a spin, working at Dairy Queen can be a great experience for teenagers. Dairy Queen is hiring 14-year-olds for part-time positions at nearly all of its locations.

High Paying Jobs For Teens

You can start saving on your college tuition with the price of admission, since most AMC theaters hire teenagers. Usually, 14-year-olds can make concessions or even act as chaperones.

One of the classic standards of teenage employment is babysitting. Teens as young as 14 can watch the children of friends, family members or even people in the neighborhood for a decent hourly rate.

Some assisted living facilities, such as Parkshore Senior Living Community in Seattle, WA or Carrington Court Assisted Living in South Jordan, UT, hire 14-year-olds. These are mostly for food service and greeting positions, but the clientele is different from regular restaurants.

Jobs That Allow 14 Year Olds To Work

Employers who have employees under the age of 16 have to deal with stricter rules than those who only employ older people. These rules are very specific, however, so you can help your teen find some solutions to the problems these extra rules may cause before they even have an interview.

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Some states have different rules than the federal Labor Standards Act, in which case the stricter rule must be followed. Some states will also require work permits or age certification. Here are some basic measures.

Even if young teenagers do not attend public school, their permitted work hours are defined by the hours of the public school system in the area where they live. Here are the FLSA’s work hour limits for young teens, but states may have different rules. The Department of Labor has a chart for this as well.

Only you and your teen will know when it’s time to look for a job. If that time is now, this list is just a place to start. These places employ 14-year-olds where they are allowed. Check out small and local businesses in your area and don’t forget to brush up on your personal finance basics.

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Pdf) Employment And Work Safety Among 12 To 14 Year Olds: Listening To Parents

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Jobs That Allow 14 Year Olds To Work

By clicking the “Subscribe Now” button, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can click the “unsubscribe” link in the email at any time. If your teen is anything like my older teen, they start thinking about what they can do to make money. You can search. Where can my teen get a job in New Jersey? What jobs are there for teens in New Jersey?

Awesome Jobs For Teenagers

Teens want to be able to go out with friends, and they want to be able to buy their own video games, hydro flasks, and other things. But to do this, your teenager needs money. Their need for money continues to grow, while your budget may not.

It’s never too early for your teen to start looking for jobs and practicing interviewing skills.

If this has been on your or their mind, we’re here to help. I remember having my first job when I was 13 or 14. As a teenager, I ran a newspaper route, had my hair shampooed at a salon, and worked retail at a number of different stores. Many jobs that were available to teenagers back then no longer exist today or have different age requirements.

I understand that when our teenagers turn 18, they can find work almost anywhere. The challenge is when they are 14, 15 or 16 years old. Where can they find work? How can they get a job if they don’t drive?

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We have tried to address both questions in this blog post. We start by recommending jobs and businesses that employ teenagers. We will divide it by age.

Then we talk more specifically about jobs for teens in New Jersey. Not just summer jobs for teens, but also jobs available year-round. Many of these jobs have online job sites where teenagers can learn more about the job and also apply online. We’ll tell you who

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