Journal On Food Science And Technology – The Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) was first published in July 2018. This journal is published twice a year. The first volume was published in July and the second volume in December, and already contains ISSN 2622-4127 (online) and ISSN 2622-1985 (print). The Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) is published by the Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. University. Sutomo.

The Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) has published journals beginning in Vol. 1 No. 1 2018 and published in the online journal (OJS) and in print up to Volume 4. No. 2 2022.

Journal On Food Science And Technology

Journal On Food Science And Technology

The Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) has improved detailed information by placing information or form articles in each article title starting with Volume 1, Issue 1 July 2018, and has improved the presentation of articles by adding form articles containing information about the articles and the DUI ( DOI).

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The Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) is an electronic journal in food science, food technology, and nutrition, which also includes food chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, food engineering, food safety, food quality, food sensory, functional foods, and health food. And other areas related to food. It is published twice a year in July and December, with 7 articles per issue. ISSN 2622-1985 (Print) ISSN 2622-4127 (Online)

We invite academics, researchers, practitioners, students and government representatives from all over Indonesia to publish their scientific papers/articles in the December issue of Foodscitech Journal, Volume 6 No. 2, 2023.

The Journal of Food Science and Technology (Foodscitech) is a peer-reviewed journal that began publication in 2018 and is published every semester in July and December. This is a series of scientific publications in the field of food technology. This journal provides a variety of stimulating and informative theoretically and appliedly oriented papers in the following areas:

Food functional development of natural color additives from mulberry (Morus nigra L) fruit extract with dynamic and experimental evaluation of natural food colorings from mulberry fruit

About The Journal

Variation of brewing time of crystal guava (Psidium guajava L.) leaf tea on antioxidant activity and sensory profile using the all-applied rate method is an international, open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed peer-reviewed journal that publishes research papers in the areas of food science and technological innovations in Packaging, design and production of foods and food products. AJFST seeks to provide a global platform for the dynamic exchange of ideas and results from research in various disciplines, enhancing product quality, processed food products, and improving productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, AJFST encourages academic and industrial researchers to consider the use of technological innovations and focus on their primary goals. AJFST reviews papers in the shortest possible time for submission and publishes accepted articles online immediately upon receipt of final versions.

Objective and Scope AJFST aims to contribute to the global community through interactions and exchange of ideas, research results and discussions in a wide range of food science, engineering and technological aspects of food, food products and processed foods. AJFST also focuses on the application and design of advanced technologies in food processing and processing, innovative and emerging innovations and trends, and further research in the food and food products industry. This journal invites the writing of articles and review papers related to the scientific, technological and engineering aspects of food and food products.

Publication frequencies are two issues per year, while articles are accepted over the years and published electronically immediately after receiving the final copy from the author.

Journal On Food Science And Technology

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