Kabuki Movie Theater San Francisco – AMC Kabuki 8 in San Francisco has been closed for nearly a week after the theater suddenly closed during screenings last Tuesday, April 12. The San Francisco Chronicle first reported that the theater cited a “problem with emergency lighting.” Reason for unexpected shutdown.

“Kabuki will be closed for emergency repairs until further notice,” read signs taped to the theater’s locked doors on Sunday, according to SFGATE. “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Kabuki Movie Theater San Francisco

Kabuki Movie Theater San Francisco

On Monday morning (April 18), AMC spokesperson Ryan Noonan confirmed to the online news source that an issue with AMC Kabuki 8’s emergency lighting “caused the popular theater to close indefinitely, saying it was necessary to operate the building. “As for reopening, the theater is still unsure. “We’re hoping the issue will be resolved soon, but we don’t have a timeline for reopening yet,” Noonan said.

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The Kabuki Theater first opened as a large dinner theater in 1960 as part of the original Japan Center’s mission to promote Japanese culture. According to the theater’s Wikipedia page, it is also the first authentic kabuki theater in America designed with a proscenium, stage entrance/exit ramp, revolving stage, and trap doors.| House | Theater List by Address and Neighborhood | Alternative Name List | Table by Architect | THEATER LIST BEFORE 1906 | Contact Information | On Facebook: Bay Area Historic Theaters

Opened: Unsuccessful dinner theater operation on February 2, 1969 under the name Kabuki. Thanks to Jack Tillmany for sharing the c.1969 photograph of Tom Gray from his collection.

This photo of a c.1965 model appears on the Wikiwand site with a history of the Japan Center project. The theater is at the far end, at Post and Fillmore.

It reopened on February 11, 1976 as the Japan Center Theater as “US – The Rest of Us”, according to Jack Tillmany it was trashed by local critics and largely ignored by local audiences. Thanks to Jack for finding this February 6 ad.

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“Civilized Moviegoing.” Seven screens were added to the original theater, which reopened on December 5, 1986 as AMC Kabuki 8. Thanks to Mike Rivest for finding this opening day ad.

Seating: The theater originally seated over 700 people and had a full stage for kabuki shows. In 1987 AMC put the complex’s total capacity at 2,091, down from 728 in the “Big House” and down to 112 with 7 added auditoriums.

2010 count 1, 384. Theater 1 – 509 (327 main floor, 182 balcony), Theater 2 – 99, Theater 3 – 178, Theater 4 – 162, Theater 5 – 171, Theater 6 – 151, Theater 7 – 57 , Theater 8 – 57. Thanks to Will Baker for these numbers.

Kabuki Movie Theater San Francisco

1987 promotional piece from AMC. They note that it was used as a venue for the San Francisco International Film Festival. 16, 35 and 70 mm for large houses. Thanks for sharing this from Jack Tillmany’s collection.

Kabuki Springs And Spa

AMC was required to sell the property as part of its acquisition of the Lowe’s chain in 2006. It became a Sundance operation in 2007 and reopened on December 14 as Sundance Kabuki 8. The website has a page about the renovations made for Sundance. ELS Architecture+Design.

Carmike took over that circuit when he threw in the towel at Sundance in 2015. Now it is running AMC again. They got it back when Carmike bought the circuit in 2016.

Status: AMC closed the complex in March 2020 due to covid restrictions. It reopened in 2021. In April 2022 there was a shutdown for a week or so after problems were discovered with the theater’s emergency lighting system. Amanda Bartlett had the SF Gate story.

A lobby view appearing alongside “Kabuki, Mon Amour,” an article by The New Fillmore’s David Thompson in the September 2017 issue commemorating the theater’s sad fate under AMC management. Read page two of the PDF of the October issue. Thanks to Gary Meyer for sending in the story.

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2015 photo of the “Big House” from Stan L. This is one of over 400 photos of the complex on Yelp.

2018 Bay Area Day Celebration. Thanks to Kevin Y for sharing his photo on Yelp.

October 1983 with Marian Faithful as Japan Center Theatre. This is a Tom Gray photograph from the Jack Tilmoney Collection.

Kabuki Movie Theater San Francisco

A 1987 shot of AMC Kabuki 8 by Tom Gray. Thanks for sharing this from Jack Tillmany’s collection.

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Jack Tillmany’s Arcadia Publishing book “Theatres of San Francisco” can be previewed on Google Books. It is available from Amazon or your local bookseller.

Photos from the 2010 visit are on the 100 Movies, 100 Theaters blog. Wikipedia has a page about the complex.

| Back to top | San Francisco Theaters: By Address and Neighborhood | Alphabetical List | Table by Architect | THEATER LIST BEFORE 1906 | home |We apologize for the inconvenience, but this theater is temporarily closed. Please keep checking back here for updates.

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Spotlight On San Francisco’s Kabuki Theatre

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Kabuki Movie Theater San Francisco

Creating user profiles to send advertising or tracking a user on one or several websites for similar marketing purposes requires technical storage or access. As part of the original Japan Setter’s mission to showcase Japanese culture, it was the first authentic. Kabuki theaters in America are designed in a traditional 17th-century style, with a proscenium, stage trans/exit ramp, revolving stage, and trap doors. The theater is designed with dining tables so that the audience can eat while watching Kabuki performances. Named Kabuki Theater Restaurant, the restaurant is limited to serving Chinese and American food so it won’t take business away from Japan Cter Japanese restaurants.

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Also in 2011 several films were screened at San Francisco International Film Festival and San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Formerly AMC Kabuki Cinema 8, it was acquired by Robert Redford’s Sundance Cinemas chain in 2006 as part of an antitrust agreement allowing AMC to acquire Loews.

Sundance closed the theater in December 2007 and reopened under its curt name as the chain’s second theater.

On November 15, 2016, AMC Theaters purchased Carmike for $1.2 billion, bringing the theater back under AMC’s control.

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On March 1, 2017, AMC announced that the Carmike-owned brands would be retired and all theaters would be placed under one of three new AMC brands. April 2017 Sundance Kabuki, AMC named Dine-In Kabuki 8.

On April 4, 2018, the theater rebranded as AMC Kabuki 8 and dropped the AMC Dine-In Mew.

This article about a building or structure in San Francisco is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Here we’ve rounded up our favorite San Francisco movie theaters, from big chains like AMC and Regal to small indie theaters like the Roxie. With so many great things to stream these days, sometimes we forget the aspect of seeing a new release in theaters. But we promise these local SF cinemas will take your movie-watching experience up a notch.

Kabuki Movie Theater San Francisco

This popular theater in Japantown was built in 1960 as America’s first authentic Kabuki theater. It was designed in the 1600s in traditional Kabuki style with a proscenium, rotating stage and trap doors. Although the theater has changed hands a few times and dropped the dine-in menu, you can still enjoy decent food and a full bar. Matinee prices are 30% off before 4pm.

San Francisco Theatres: The Kabuki Theatre / Japan Center Theatre / Amc / Sundance / Amc Kabuki 8

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This historic indie theater opened in 1912 in the Mission District. As one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating theaters, it’s an absolute classic for San Francisco moviegoers. The film has been transformed several times over the years into German-language cinema, pornographic theater, and Russian-language cinema, before community members shifted its repertoire to art and independent cinema. It’s great these days

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