Las Vegas Hilton At Resorts World 4.5 Star Property – This is my review of the Conrad & Hilton hotels at Resorts World Las Vegas on the strip from my stay in December 2021.

Finally, Vegas has a decent selection of upscale Hiltons in good locations to choose from. A new development called Resorts World opened last summer and includes three Hilton properties – Conrad, Hilton and LXR (Crockfords). I stayed at the Conrad and Crockfords but in this review I will also cover the Hilton as all facilities are shared and I saw some of the Hilton rooms for comparison.

Las Vegas Hilton At Resorts World 4.5 Star Property

Las Vegas Hilton At Resorts World 4.5 Star Property

Resorts World’s location is not ideal if you plan to go out a lot. It is near Circus Circus at the north end of the strip. Opposite is the legendary Peppermill, an old-school diner and cocktail lounge. It’s about a 15-20 minute walk to Encore, Wynn and Fashion Show Mall.

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Now this would generally not be a problem as there is plenty locally. However, the Uber situation is a pain in the rear. It’s fine once you’re dropped off, as they drop you off at reception right near the guest lifts. But when you order an Uber, it’s quite a journey. You have to walk through the entire casino, exit and walk a little further to a deserted parking lot. I was there in the winter and it was not fun standing in the cold in a dark parking lot on your own at night. Most other hotels have patio heaters near the entrance or in the garage. It’s worth noting that Crockfords does allow transfers from reception but it’s not an option in Uber so you’ll have to text your driver. This is for those staying at Crockfords only.

Conrad has digital keys so if you can get away with this I would recommend it. There was a constant queue at reception 24 hours a day, even though I stayed at the quietest time of the year. I have Hilton Diamond status and even in the priority queue I waited at least 15 minutes to speak to someone.

When I finally checked in, the agent from the Hilton Diamond and Hilton Impressario (see below) explained the perks included free breakfast (up to $25pp for the Hilton and $30pp for the Impressario) and a $100 hotel credit. The Hilton credit can be spent at any time of the day but given that it was limited to two restaurants that closed in the afternoon, the choice was breakfast or lunch.

He neglected to mention that you had to spend $100 at a time which meant I ended up wasting some of it. Plus, if you’re on your own, $100 is quite a lot to spend at once. This is not a claim I have seen before. I was told I had an upgrade but in fact I hadn’t been it was the standard room. I was there on a weekend so I guess it was busy. Friends arriving for a shorter stay on Sunday were upgraded to a one-bedroom suite.

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I found the Bell Desk staff quite rude. As I was only changing at another hotel in the complex, I got Crockfords to move my luggage but when I went to the front desk to say I now had my room number, I felt bad. I was told I had to go to my room and then call them to collect my luggage even though it took no more than two minutes to get there! This is obviously a ploy to get tips so you are in the room to give them money! Of course I did and then no one answered the phone….However the porters themselves that I met were all friendly and helpful.

I will be reviewing a few different rooms since I went back and asked for an upgrade for my last night after hearing about how great the suites were from my friends. Plus I’ll check out the Hilton rooms. The good news is that the elevators for the hotel rooms are right by the reception which is not the case in my hotels that make you walk for miles.

All the rooms are resort world are very similar with slightly different decor and shape. The Conrad rooms are very modern but rather masculine for my taste with reds and grays. The room was definitely generous but like many Vegas hotels did not have a coffee maker. This is because they want you to spend money. Instead there was a minibar and water was provided due to my position. One thing I liked that is unusual for Vegas was that the fridge had smaller half items as well as a mini bar so you could store your own items.

Las Vegas Hilton At Resorts World 4.5 Star Property

I liked that there was a full size table for eating although that was the only space to work and a bit of a stretch to the electrical outlets.

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The bed was as comfortable as Crockfords and there was both USB, USB-C and a standard socket by the bed. The radio clock as had a wireless charging point on top which was nice.

There is plenty of storage space with a large cupboard, a huge chest of drawers and an area to fit your bag rather than using the annoying racks that don’t accommodate double sided cases (the hotel industry needs to catch up to the fact that most larger cases are double sided.

The bathroom felt luxurious with marble finishes although I missed having a bath to soak my Vegas tired body in. Until a few years ago most hotels had baths in the rooms but now they seem to be switching to showers only which is annoying. I liked the two sink area which was also well lit with a magnifying mirror. Surprisingly, the Conrad has a rain shower head, while the more expensive Crockfords do not. There was also a sitting area in the shower if you get so tired of Vegas that you need to sit down!! It’s also great for shaving your legs!

The toiletries in all three hotels are the same which is great for Hilton in terms of quality. They were in large containers that could not be removed. I actually don’t have a problem with this although it’s a bit annoying not being able to have the body lotion by the bed, as I usually put it on my hands before I go to bed! I did like having a large bottle of hand wash by the sink though as I prefer it to soap.

Las Vegas Hilton Strip View Deluxe Room

Cosmetics are from Byredo, a Swedish luxury perfume company with cosmetics from around £40. They are used in Emirates first class too. The Mojave Ghost fragrance is used throughout the hotel to reflect the nearby Mojave Desert. It is a rare “ghost” flower in the Mojave desert that can thrive with almost no water for which the fragrance is named. It’s a slightly musky scent that I wasn’t particularly fond of, but the products were great.

As I mentioned, I was finally able to get my upgrade (I was eligible for one at both the Hilton Diamond and Impressario rates.) One tip is that if you stay longer than one night or during a busy time, you probably won’t get an upgrade. However, if it’s quieter there’s nothing stopping you from asking again if you don’t mind changing rooms.

Now, this room was something special and if I were to stay again I would only stay at the Conrad if I could get one of these at a reasonable price. It was home outside the standard room. For starters, she had a Nespresso coffee machine. It also had electronic curtains.

Las Vegas Hilton At Resorts World 4.5 Star Property

The bedroom was very similar to the previous room and both the lounge and bedroom had huge TVs.

Las Vegas Hilton At Resorts World, Las Vegas

However, there were a few more surprises in store. There was a walk in closet with a dressing table which I loved and was perfect for a Vegas night out! The light mirror was also good.

And finally, in my bathroom I had a wonderful bath! There were also two sinks in this bathroom and a separate shower and toilet. It was lovely that you got a little rubber duck soap for the bath and palms.

I have to say I was impressed with the Hilton rooms which are slightly smaller than the Conrad rooms. Although I’m not convinced about that blanket but it can probably hide a number of stains.

The bathroom was also particularly luxurious for a Hilton, in fact I preferred the interior to the Conrad bathroom. The only real difference was the lack of a shaving mirror.

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The Hilton also has some great suites that might be a little cheaper than the Conrad. Here is the Hilton Two Bedroom Entertainment Suite.

Overall there is a wide selection with some good options but the breakfast really lets it down. Room service is also annoying. Breakfast is only available at Sun’s Out Bun’s

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