Learn How To Apply Makeup Classes – Whether you want to start your career as a professional makeup artist or improve your personal application skills, our advanced makeup courses have you covered.

If you’re looking for a top-notch makeup course that you can complete from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world, look no further. Our online makeup courses are optimized for home learning with HD video tutorials, downloadable learner’s manuals, and online instructor support. Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to improve your personal makeup skills or a professional makeup artist looking to launch your career, we can help.

Learn How To Apply Makeup Classes

Learn How To Apply Makeup Classes

Kickstart Your Makeup Career is a 100% online, self-paced, HD video-based course that will take you from beauty enthusiast to professional makeup artist. You’ll learn about hygiene, set management, productions for film and television, editorial photography, professional etiquette, branding, marketing and networking as well as the technical skills you need to master. Created by renowned MUA and TAE certified instructor Charlotte Ravet.

Must Have Skills You Will Learn In Professional Makeup Courses

Learn how to apply your own makeup like a pro with our in-depth tutorials in our Personal Makeup program. Get instant access to over 90 instructional video tutorials when you sign up. This course is for anyone who wants to improve their makeup skills and understand what makes you look good and why.

If you’re a bride who wants to do your own wedding makeup without the hassle, the ultimate bridal makeup tutorial will show you how to achieve professional results on your big day. Unlike YouTube tutorials, we provide a series of accessible and detailed, specific video tutorials that are convenient and convenient. Become your own Pro Makeup Artist.

I absolutely loved this makeup tutorial. It is logically structured, informative, interesting and full of surprising content. I asked Sharon to teach us about the latest technology and science from experts in different fields, including skin care and eyebrow experts. I just love Sharon’s explanatory style and step-by-step video guides. They are very detailed, easy to follow and very fun to watch. Honestly, I can’t recommend this course enough.

I’ve done two courses, Perfect Your Personal Makeup and Ultimate Bridal. Highly recommend even if like me you are an experienced beautician. There’s always room to learn! Sharon is amazing at everything, with a wide variety of models and prices. Can’t wait for the next one!

Attend These Makeup Classes In Pune

Growing up in rural Ireland, our founder Sharon Farrell didn’t go to college or school where she could formally learn how to become a professional makeup artist. But that hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of Australia’s most popular beauty influencers and a make-up artist with a calendar full of private clients.

It was a struggle to get started, especially in those early years. Living in the countryside was no way to learn to be a makeup artist. Google wasn’t even a thing yet! So about 10 years ago, Sharon vowed that she would one day create the course she needed when she was starting out as a makeup artist. And so, online makeup school was born.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Online Makeup School has become a leading digital learning platform with high-quality courses that teach people how to start a makeup career. With guest instructors such as French celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Ravet, Sydney-based Rachel Brooke, skin care expert Dr. Michelle Wang and Royal F Brow Artist Sarah Lea, you can rest assured that our shared experience will give you the best possible learning experience.

Learn How To Apply Makeup Classes


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