Location Pawn Stars Las Vegas – Pawn Stars is an American reality television show featuring a pawn shop in Las Vegas. It’s an entertaining show even though the episodes are made for TV. If you’ve seen a show, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is worth a visit while you’re in Las Vegas.

We found the shop in a neat part of town – it looked just like the TV Show. There was an attendant parking lot. Surprisingly there was no charge for parking – these things usually fetch money very quickly.

Location Pawn Stars Las Vegas

Location Pawn Stars Las Vegas

There was no line to get into the store, no charge to get in – it just felt like a normal store, albeit with some interesting curiosities.

Gold And Silver Pawn Shop In Las Vegas, Nevada. Editorial Stock Photo

None of the main characters from the show (Rick, Corey & Chumlee) were behind the counter, but we didn’t expect that. Apparently you can pay for a VIP tour, with a meet and greet, which also includes visits to other History channel reality shows. The trip costs $99 which doesn’t seem too expensive.

The shop was very interesting and it was great to see it actually working as a real shop, not just a TV set.

I think we were like most visitors – we didn’t buy or didn’t buy anything. If you have an interesting item to pawn and want to try to get it on display, please email pawnstars@gspawn.com with pictures and information about your items.

Our trip was part of our May/June 2019 USA tour – click here for all USA tour reviews.

Famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop Downtown Las Vegas Home To The Tv Series Pawn Stars Nevada Usa Stock Photo

Rick and Chumlee can be seen most weeks right next door to the store at Pawn Plaza (facebook.com/pawnplaza). Friday and Saturday nights you can meet Rick when he bartends at his bar, Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ and Tavern; follow them here for the latest appearance schedule (https://www.facebook.com/RicksRsbbq). Chumlee can be found most days Wednesday – Sunday from 12-4pm at his candy shop in Pawn Plaza starting at noon (https://www.facebook.com/ChumsCandy). and almost everything else that grows.

Shop owner Rick Harrison, of the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars,” said he once had a man try to sell a bag of human skulls.

Although he hasn’t seen that every day, he said a lot of people have been coming in to buy. “People are spending a lot of money. I mean, everything is crazy with this inflation and all this money out there from the whole government just spending money like water. “

Location Pawn Stars Las Vegas

Chef Advisor Group strategist Phil Blancato and Baird PWM market strategist Michael Antonelli discuss fears of a US recession, the Fed’s handling of inflation and how investors can navigate the market.

Pawn Shop From The History Channel Show Pawn Stars, Las Vegas, Nevada Stock Photo

“For four years, I hosted the reality show and people were just telling me that no one wanted to watch a show about four fat guys in a pawn shop,” he joked.

His reality show premiered in 2009, during the recession. “It took time to climb out of it, but it was slow and progressive.”

At the time, the pandemic and the government’s response to it were not affecting the economy, so Harrison said the 2008 recession was a more natural situation.

The Pawn Stars Las Vegas store, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, is recovering the foot traffic lost during the pandemic. (FOX Business/Ashley Soriano/Fox News)

Pawn Stars’ Shop Closing Doors; Transaction Window To Remain Open

His nail shop and many others are now managing the ebb and flow of business during the pandemic.

“Pre-pandemic, I was averaging about 3,000 customers a day. Then the pandemic happened, and in April 2020, at $325,000 in pay and $48,000 in sales,” Harrison said, “I mean, it was a ghost town here.”

“A lot of the stuff is at the lower end that people are looking to make a quick buck off of, and things like that,” Harrison said. “With the high-end stuff, it’s just, people see it as an investment.”

Location Pawn Stars Las Vegas

David Moreno recently went to Gold & Silver Pawn for the first time. He had sold a collection of comic books to another store in 2016 for $1,100.

What It’s Like To Visit The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop From

Wilmington Trust chief economist Luke Tilley and Sarge986 president Stephen Guilfoyle debate whether the US economy has peaked inflation on ‘The Claman Countdown.’

“Now, I remember the comics that I had, and some of them that I see now, they are a lot more for one than the $1,100 that I made on that one to sell,” Moreno said.

Harrison said baseball cards have been going for hundreds of thousands of dollars, when a few years ago, they would sell for about $20,000.

Mike Roland of Northern California frequents a pencil shop. He is in the market for vintage guitars, despite the higher prices.

Where Is Pawn Stars Located (and Can You Visit?)

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop still doesn’t have as many international visitors as it did before the pandemic.

“I’m not going to get caught short money again… so I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again,” Roland said. “Business is Darwinism. You keep growing or you die.”

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