Magic Tricks To Do With Your Hands – My specialty is close-up magic based on hand magic tricks. This means very few props, if any, other than your hands. I think these types of magic tricks are the coolest. Here you will learn the best DIY magic tricks in detail:

All these tricks are silly, very learnable and very practical to perform. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions and clear pictures to make it easy for you to learn each trick.

Magic Tricks To Do With Your Hands

Magic Tricks To Do With Your Hands

IMPACT: You ask for a volunteer, preferably someone from a medical profession, to take your pulse. They take your pulse and tap the spoon on the glass in time with it. You slow down the pulse, then stop it completely, then start it again.

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The secret is that you put some kind of ball in your armpit. When you pinch the ball in your armpit, it restricts blood flow, which stops your pulse. Technically, your pulse stops, at least depending on where your audience is measuring from. Btw, not sure how good or bad it is for you to do this.

The best method I have found is a scarf or bandana. Knot it into a ball. Place a large safety pin on it and fasten it to the underarm area of ​​your jacket. Now it’s always ready to go. Alternatively, you can use a golf ball or a small ball instead.

Ask for a volunteer who is comfortable taking your pulse. When your helper arrives, adjust the armband or slide the ball from your inner pocket down your sleeve into your armpit. Do it very casually, the trick hasn’t started yet.

Get a volunteer a spoon and a glass. Ask them to place two fingers on the thumb side of your hand. Specify the location. When they have a pulse, ask them to tap it on the glass so everyone can hear it.

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At this point, start squeezing the ball hard. Your pulse stops. It’s like crazy. After you get the reaction, release the pressure on the ball and start your pulse again.

IMPORTANT POINTS: Even if your audience says they know how to take the pulse, show it anyway. Just in case! You don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable.

EFFECT: You produce a Sharpie at your fingertips, disappear, then reappear behind your elbow.

Magic Tricks To Do With Your Hands

RIGHT HAND: Hold the marker against the right wrist with your right thumb, 1st and 2nd fingers naturally bent. Stand with your arms free at your sides and face the audience with the back of your hand so the marker is hidden. Put your right fingers together so that there is no window.

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LEFT HAND: Hold your left hand with your fingers naturally bent, palm up. Focusing on your hand, rub your thumb, 1st and 2nd fingers together.

Raise your right arm up and your left arm in a waving motion. Hold the marker between your left thumb and 1st finger. Immediately open your right arm wider and continue to move upwards in a waving motion. Take your right hand out of play and swing it back to your side after one swing over the marker. Wiggle and twist the marker slightly and point it with your left hand.

Hold the Sharpie between the thumb, 1st and 2nd fingers of both hands in a vertical display position. Press the marker between your thumb and fingers and bend the ends forward to create a slight tension. In a quick motion, lower your arms and rotate your palms down. Pull the left side of the marker away from your left thumb and return the Sharpie to the right hand position with the second finger of your right hand.

Relax your right arm at your side. Turn your body slightly to the left so that the back of your hand is facing the audience.

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Raise your left arm and look at your left elbow. With the back of your right hand facing the audience, move your right hand under your elbow. Turn the Sharpie away from your hand and slowly point it behind your elbow.

IMPORTANT POINTS: A Sharpie is a well-known item that makes a great trick. Plus, I always carry a Sharpie with me that I use for a few magic tricks.

PRO TIPS: This is a great quick and visual routine. Before handing the Sharpie to the audience, I like to pull out the Sharpie and do this sequence. Sprinkling your magic with these effects makes it interesting.

Magic Tricks To Do With Your Hands

It’s good to mix in a good card trick when performing magic tricks. Watch this Free Video and learn my 4 favorite Ace Tricks. It’s easy to do and guaranteed to impress. I do it all the time at my paid events.

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GET INTO IT: Extend your left thumb while hitchhiking. With your right index finger, 1st and 2nd finger, rotate it so that the tip of your left thumb is pointing. IN ONE ACTION – Open your left fingers and return your hands to the starting position. Don’t hesitate, just go for this position. Your big moves include your small moves.

LEFT HAND – palm facing you, fingers straight, together and pointing to the right. Bend your thumb 90º and press it into your hand in line with your 1st finger.

RIGHT HAND – Thumb bent 90º and palm extended, 1st and 2nd fingers bent, tips around your thumb joint, 3rd and 4th fingers extended in the air.

Put your thumbs together, close the seam with your right 1st and 2nd fingers. Stretch your right finger to see more.

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Wiggle your thumb. Slide it about an inch with your 1st finger. Move it back. Proceed as if you reinstalled it. Use a little acting skills here.

Extend your left thumb above your right thumb in a chopping motion. Bring your right thumb 1st and 2nd to the right along and out of your left thumb.

IMPORTANT POINTS: Most people know how to do this trick. How many people do this well? Not much. When this trick is done well, it looks great and works great as a quick visual.

Magic Tricks To Do With Your Hands

PRO TIPS: The two most important parts of this trick are getting in and getting out. Spend a little time using the above methods to make everything run smoothly.

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SECRET ACTIVITY: Firmly squeeze a match between your right thumb and 1st finger. When you open your hand, the match sticks to your 1st finger. This allows you to link and unlink matches. Test the match before you do it to make sure it sticks.

HOW TO: Hold matches between thumb and 1st fingers. Touch their centers together and celebrate how strong they both are. Put your hand up, test to make sure you’re ready, then tie the matches and go straight down. They seem to melt from each other. Show that they are connected at their centers. Magically separate them in the same way.

IMPACT: You’re telling your audience that if they can only link paperclips with a bill, they can keep the bill. Of course they can’t.

IMPORTANT POINTS: This is a very cool trick. To be honest, I’m not sure how or why it works. It’s just that. The best presentation I’ve come up with is to think of it as an existing bet. The bet is that when you challenge your audience to do the impossible, you show them how to do it.

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EFFECT: Your spectator joins all fingers except the extended 1st finger. Tell them to imagine you are tying a string around their finger. When you pull the string, their fingers come together in a terrifying way.

Your audience’s muscles will tire quickly and it’s natural for their fingers to clench. The trick is all presentation.

PRESENTATION: Tell your audience to relax. Pretend you have an invisible lasso. A mime that quickly wraps it around the viewer’s hand and pulls their fingers together. You will get a positive reaction.

Magic Tricks To Do With Your Hands

IMPORTANT POINTS: This is a great trick if done at the right time. You can definitely do this with iPhone divination, which you can find here – Magic Tricks for Adults – What Really Works.

How To Detach Your Thumb (magic Trick)

Any bottle can be used. I like the look with the completely uneven cap as shown in the picture. Because the straw is not fully balanced, it moves more, as shown in the YouTube video.

Peel off an inch or two of the wrapper from one end of the straw. Grasp the wrapper and slide it all the way down and off the straw. This charges the straw with static electricity.

Align the straw on top of the lid. Bring your fingers close to the charged end of the straw. Static electricity moves the straw towards your fingers. It’s really cool to play with. Hold on to make this trick look as good as real telekinesis

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