Negative Impact Of Globalisation On Culture – Modern experts believe that globalization is necessary to achieve economic, social and cultural development at the international level. However, these experts, including economists and technologists, fail to consider the larger social, environmental, economic, political and cultural implications of this phenomenon. Notably, environmental pollution, social and moral degradation, political manipulation and exploitation of poor populations by rich nations are among the most obvious effects of globalization in the modern world.

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Negative Impact Of Globalisation On Culture

Negative Impact Of Globalisation On Culture

Globalization has led American and European companies to invest heavily in emerging markets such as China, India and South Korea. Nevertheless, since these companies are making huge profits, several negative consequences are worth mentioning. They are looking for cheap and reliable labor and a large market. Populations in India, China, South Korea and other nations are affected by low-income rates. Although their population is educated, they tend to provide cheap labour. Work-life balance is a major issue in these industries. Employers expect their employees to work like machines, show perfection in production and ensure that the cost of production is relatively low.

Pdf] Globalization And Environmental Sustainability: An Analysis Of The Impact Of Globalization Using The Natural Step Framework

These companies pay their employees less for the same positions that are well paid in the western world. The allegations against Apple Corporation and other American companies in China provide good examples of this phenomenon. These companies offer low wages for positions that can fetch tens of thousands of dollars a year in the US and Europe.

Due to increasing communication technology, people from the developing world tend to travel to the developed world for the purpose of finding employment. However, these people often become victims of human trafficking.

Industrial globalization increases the level of carbon dioxide emissions. Coal and petroleum products are burned quickly to meet global market demand. For example, between 1987 and 1997, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increased by more than 1.0% per year and between 1997 and 2007 by 1.6%.

Globalization is the main reason behind the increase in oil prices. The rise of globalized industries in Asia, Europe and America led to two major increases in oil prices. Between 1973 and 1983, US oil supplies declined significantly, causing large price increases that affected millions of people around the world. Between 2005 and 2010, oil prices were unable to rise due to increased demand due to globalization. Therefore, poor nations with less access to oil face poverty due to reduced supply of goods and services.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization

Globalization makes it difficult for developing nations to compete with global economic powers. Countries with low cost structures such as low wages and benefits for employees cannot compete with the developed world. As a result, the transfer of jobs from developing countries to developed countries has increased.

With unequal economic and social prowess among nations, does globalization work in the interests of poorer nations? What is the role of LEDC in the world market if not to provide cheap labor and raw materials to the West?

Globalization does not necessarily mean a platform for equal competition. Low-income nations can capitalize on the production of raw materials by developed nations. Like developed nations, they stand to benefit from this globalized trade.

Negative Impact Of Globalisation On Culture

Domestic firms do not necessarily drive local firms out of business because of their huge economies of scale. Instead, globalization will allow local firms to work with globalized corporations through joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. The local community will still benefit from new employment opportunities.

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Are you aware that globalization is a real threat to the world’s cultural diversity? For example, in regions such as Africa and Asia, as the penetration of capitalism increases, it is submerging local economies, languages ​​and traditions.

Globalization works for the benefit of all communities, irrespective of their location. Contrary to your question, the western world is also experiencing an influx of foreign cultures as globalization allows people from developing countries to move into their societies. For example, African and Asian influences are evident in the US, France, Spain and the UK. Thus, globalization allows the exchange of ideas and lifestyles rather than killing diversity.

Globalization is exploiting the poor by the rich. For example, China is exploiting African nations for its greed for raw materials. In fact, globalized Chinese markets and industries are exploiting Africa’s wildlife. Similarly, European nations are involved in ethnic and military conflicts in key mineral production sectors, such as BP in Nigeria and the role of French companies in the Congo.

The problem facing developing world like Africa is not due to globalization, but lack of effective laws and international cooperation. In fact, this is due to the lack of globalized legal systems. We are advocating for a globalized judicial system, which will address these issues. Additionally, Chinese, European and American influence in Africa has been positive as the target nations have enjoyed booming economies, reduced social problems and increased employment opportunities, infrastructure and availability of medicine, social amenities and education facilities. These facts are worth mentioning and are products of globalized cooperation.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization For The Workplace

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If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish your work to be published .Negative drivers of globalization include culture which is a major basis of globalization. An example of how culture negatively affects globalization can be seen in the French film industry. The French are very protective of this part of their culture and heavily subsidize its development. Also government barriers market barriers and cultural barriers still exist.

 A negative aspect of country development is war e.g. Tourism in Israel has dropped by 40% due to the latest violence. Corporate strategy can also be a negative driver of globalization as a corporation may try to locate in a particular area.

Negative Impact Of Globalisation On Culture

 Another negative driver of globalization is “local focus” or “localization” as described in Richard Douthwaite’s book “Short Circuit”. Douthwaite (1996) believes that globalization can and should be reversed.

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 He also believes that localization is the way to do this. He defined localization as “not everything is produced locally, but it means maintaining a balance between local, regional, national and international markets and thus bringing less control to multinational companies”.

 Another step to reverse globalization is for governments to come together to curb the power of multinationals by negotiating new trade and agreements to eliminate the subsidies that power globalization and allow local production.

 Douthwaite also states that the global economy itself is nothing less than a system of structural exploitation that creates hidden slaves on the other side of the world and that the North should allow the South to produce and not just for us (Answer) . So it appears that Douthwaite is very much opposed to globalization, especially the part exploited by multinational corporations.

 Further arguments Mr. Lawton presents against globalization include that it actually destroys jobs in rich advanced countries. This is due to the lower cost of wages in developing countries. Multinational companies will go below the cap to lower wage levels e.g. Fruit of the Loom. Also this ability to migrate means that the wage level of unskilled workers in developed countries is relatively low. It depends on the fact that one now needs skills and knowledge to survive in developed economies. Causes of worldwide flow of ideas, services and capital Globalization has been defined as a process of rapid integration of countries and large scale foreign trade and foreign investment. It is a process of international integration arising from the exchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture.

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1) Technology: The speed of communication has been reduced by many folds. In the recent world the phenomenon of social media has made the distance negligible.

The integration of technology in India has transformed jobs that require specialized skills and lack of decision-making skills into broadly-defined jobs with high responsibilities requiring new skills such as numerical, analytical, communication and interactive skills. It is creating more employment opportunities for people.

2) LPG Reforms: The 1991 reforms in India led to greater economic liberalization which increased India’s interaction with the rest of the world.

Negative Impact Of Globalisation On Culture

3) Faster Transportation: Improved transportation, making world travel easier. For example, air travel has grown rapidly, allowing greater movement of people and goods around the world.

Negative Effects Of Globalization Free Essay Example

4) Emergence of WTO: The creation of WTO in 1994 reduced tariff and non-tariff barriers worldwide. This also led to an increase in free trade agreements between various countries.

5) Improved mobility of capital: A common one over the last few decades

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