Package Trip To Las Vegas And Grand Canyon – The South Rim bus tour we offer is not only the most economical way to see the Grand Canyon, this same tour can cost twice as much if you book it on the Las Vegas Strip! You will have 3 hours to explore the Grand Canyon with photo stops on Route 66. Lunch is provided en route to the Grand Canyon so you can get to the Grand Canyon without additional stops. By reducing additional stops for helicopter tours, sightseeing tours or movies, the chances of delays are reduced. Remove lunch on the booking page and the price drops by $5 per person and we’ve never charged fuel surcharges!

The West Rim Bus Tour is the perfect day tour for those who want to see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam on a smaller scale than the National Park, or visit unique Grand Canyon West attractions like the Skywalk. You will have 3 hours to explore the Grand Canyon West and this tour does not sell helicopters, ziplines or side excursions, which may reduce the chance of delays. The $56 Grand Canyon West entrance fee is included in the tour price, and you get unlimited bottled water. Several additional dining options are available, including a hot breakfast and restaurants at Grand Canyon West.

Package Trip To Las Vegas And Grand Canyon

Package Trip To Las Vegas And Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is only available in Grand Canyon West and only 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. This glass walkway takes you 70 feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk is over 3,000 feet above the Colorado River. There is no other experience quite like the Grand Canyon.

The Ultimate Las Vegas Trip Without The Strip

The Skywalk has a separate entrance fee in addition to the price of the Grand Canyon West admission ticket (the Grand Canyon entrance fee is included in our Grand Canyon tours). You can purchase your Skywalk tickets in person at Skywalk with the option of receiving additional discounts only offered at Skywalk. Please check Skywalk rates by contacting Grand Canyon West directly

You cannot bring your camera or any devices on the Skywalk, you must put them in the free locker provided to you.

Skywalk tickets are non-refundable, so if you purchase tickets in advance and the Skywalk closes due to weather, you may not receive a refund. Lines for Skywalk tickets are no longer than lines for Skywalk. Buying tickets at Skywalk gives you the advantage that you can cancel them when you see them in person

There may be additional discounts on Grand Canyon Skywalk tickets only at the Skywalk. Be sure to ask about discounts when you’re at the Skywalk ticket office. I’m always amazed when I hear how many Las Vegas locals haven’t been to the Grand Canyon. Even if you’re planning a trip for a few days, the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour is an easy add-on that’s well worth the trip (especially if you’re a first-timer!).

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour & Hoover Dam Photo Stop With Optional Skywalk, Las Vegas, Nv

The Grand Canyon is an unmissable destination and each year the National Park is visited by more than 5 million visitors from all over the world.

Its Arizona location isn’t that close to any major cities, but one of its most popular launch points is the place we now call home, Las Vegas. When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of casinos and the Strip, but one of the main reasons we love this place is the easy access to nature.

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Package Trip To Las Vegas And Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is huge, and when you arrive in Las Vegas, you’ll find plenty of options for Grand Canyon National Park tours. You’ll also see trips to the Grand Canyon West, which isn’t actually part of a national park. To help you sort through all the options, we’ve put together this guide to help you decide what’s best for you.

Best Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Las Vegas (2023)

Due to the huge size of the canyon, it can take from 2 to 5 hours. There are 3 main areas you will hear about: Grand Canyon West, South Rim, and North Rim.

The ideal mode of transport depends on how much time you have and what you want to see. Over the years we have done all the options except the air tour. To help you decide, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of each.

Because the Grand Canyon covers a large area, deciding which part of the Grand Canyon you want to visit is important to help you plan your trip.

If you’re like us and intend to visit every national park, Grand Canyon West doesn’t count. We also like to collect national park stamps that are located in tourist centers.

Best Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas In 2023 W/ Prices

Most people say the highlight of the Grand Canyon West is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge you can walk on 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. It’s also the closest to Las Vegas, making it an easy day trip.

For us, our favorite spot was Guano Point. The views from the walkway weren’t that spectacular compared to the surrounding area, and we weren’t allowed to take our own photos on it.

The West Rim also costs more than the National Park. General admission tickets are $45, excluding the Skywalk.

Package Trip To Las Vegas And Grand Canyon

That being said, everything purchased goes to support the Hualapai Tribe, and they are one of the few tribes that do not receive any monetary assistance from the government.

Can You Do A Day Trip From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon?

The South Rim is the most popular part of the national park, receiving most of the more than 5 million visitors each year. It’s a 4.5 hour drive from Las Vegas (that’s at least 9 hours round trip), which definitely requires commitment.

The South Rim brings you the best easy-access lookouts in the park and is open year-round. It is also the most advanced, giving you access to all the amenities you need.

On the other hand, it is the most crowded part, especially during the peak season from June to August, and the most touristic part of the national park.

Note. You can also read about the East Rim. This part of the park is located within the Southern Region. There are fewer services and you get the same views as Grand Canyon Village.

Visit Grand Canyon In One Day From Las Vegas

Shuttle: If you are visiting the South Rim, there is a shuttle service between the rim and Grand Canyon Village. This is useful during the busy season as parking is limited. Here’s a quick summary:

The North Rim is only open from May 15th to October 15th. It’s closer in mileage from Las Vegas, but it still takes an extra 30 minutes to get there because of the roads you’ll be driving. It is also 200+ miles (4 hours) from the South Rim.

This area is great if you want to escape the crowds as it is the least visited of the three areas.

Package Trip To Las Vegas And Grand Canyon

Unfortunately, the vantage points are more limited and not as good as the Southern edge. In addition, there are very few amenities.

Get Ticket Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Day Tour From Las Vegas Promo Prices

As we mentioned earlier, we prefer self-driving because you can control your route and make changes along the way.

The drive to West Rome (5001 Diamond Bar Rd, Peach Springs, AZ 86434, map) is the shortest trip, taking about 2 hours one way. Once you arrive there is a free car park where they will have shuttle buses to take you to different points. You will need to purchase a ticket to access anything else.

The drive to the South Rim (S Entrance Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, map) takes about 4.5 hours one way. You drive on main highways or roads the whole way, which makes it easy. When you arrive, you go through a payment station where you can use your National Parks Annual Pass ($80) or purchase a car pass ($30). After paying, you can park in the village and take a shuttle or park directly at certain viewing points. Be aware that parking at the observation decks can be difficult to find during peak season.

The North Rim (AZ-67, North Rim, AZ 86023, map) is the longest drive, about 5 hours. It’s a bit closer in distance, but near the end of your drive you’ll be driving smaller, windier roads in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Similar to the South Rim, you will drive past a pay station and then be able to park in any of the designated spaces.

Pink Jeep Tours Review: Day Trip From Vegas To The Grand Canyon And Hoover Dam

Local tip: If you’re planning to drive, it’s always a good idea to download the area onto Google Maps or have a physical road map with you in case you end up in unserviced areas.

If you decide to go with a tour, here are a few things to consider when choosing the right tour for you and your group:

If you’re visiting Las Vegas for the first time, there may be a lot you want to see in the city, but you might as well take advantage

Package Trip To Las Vegas And Grand Canyon

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