Past Present Future Readings Free – A spread refers to how the tarot cards are arranged in a reading. There are so many spreads to choose from and luckily we live in a time where we can easily search and find a spread for almost any situation or stage of life.

We love a good 10 card spread! It gets even better when you involve more than one deck or pull clarifiers and advice from a separate oracle deck. We also love creating our own – every Liminal 11 tarot deck comes with at least two custom spreads! — and will share more about how to create your own tarot spreads in a future post.

Past Present Future Readings Free

Past Present Future Readings Free

But if you’re new to tarot and still getting to grips with card meanings, these complex spreads might seem a little overwhelming!

Past Present Future Tarot Api

To answer that question, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite super-simple spreads to help you get started with your tarot practice!

Single book reading is the perfect place to start. Not only does it allow you to dive right into your tarot reading with minimal setup and complications, it also helps you create space for a daily practice! And as we all know – practice makes perfect! Learning tarot is a lot like learning a new language. If you work on it a little bit every day, it will become second nature to your brain!

You don’t even have to have a specific query in mind for this type of reading… Start a practice of pulling a book at about the same time each day, asking for clarity the next day (or the day after if you read before bed ).

I like to take a photo of my readings so I can easily remember what happened in the last week. It’s also a great idea to keep a tarot journal to track your growth and refer back to previous readings! This can be any notepad or a notes file on your phone, or you may want to grab a copy of ours

Happiness Tarot Magic Melts

Come back the next day and review your card: were the impressions correct or did you miss something? Draw a new card for the next day or for tomorrow. Repeat, learn and grow!

In the daily draw above, we received the Four of Pentacles. This suggests that I worked hard to earn a lot and got what I need. . . but if I hold on too tight, I might get too greedy! This is a great reminder to let go of the need to hold on too tightly and instead share the love!

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with your tarot deck and developed your daily practice, you can try adding a second card to add more detail to your readings. Here are some options to get you started!

Past Present Future Readings Free

Start by adding a Tip card to your daily card draw. If the first card explains the general situation, the Advice card gives you a plan of action to move forward.

The Dead Waite: Apocalyptic Survivor Tarot Deck

Taking the above reading as an example, I have drawn the Tower, which means that an inevitable and revolutionary change is taking place. Needing advice on what to do about it, I drew the Hierophant, suggesting that I should rely on a trusted mentor or experienced teacher to help me get through it all in one piece.

Similar to the above: if the first card explains the general situation, the Challenge card gives you insight into the things that might be holding you back. In the reading presented here, my challenge in dealing with the Tower could be feelings of betrayal and the pain this causes me (Three of Swords). Addressing those negative feelings in a healthy way will help me cope with the overall situation.

While it’s generally not that helpful to ask the tarot a yes or no question, a two-card spread can help you explore the consequences of saying yes or no to something in your life.

For example, let’s say you want to ask, “Should I confront my friend about a recent situation that upset me?” Tarot can’t really tell you if you should or shouldn’t, but it can help you think through your options.

Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading — Soul Food Fitness

The Yes/No reading above suggests that if you do not confront your friend, then you may end up trapped in a prison of your own thoughts and ruminations (Eight of Swords). If you confront them, you may feel more able to celebrate your relationship and enjoy beautiful times together in the future (Ten of Cups). This card reminds you to lead with divine love and harmony in confrontation.

Instead of exploring a Yes or No question, you can apply the same distinction to Best Result vs. The worst outcome; Problem vs Solution; Useful Habits vs Harmful Habits; If X, then Y. . . and many more beyond!

These four-card spreads are some of our favorites. They go into a lot of detail to answer your question, while still being fairly simple and easy to remember.

Past Present Future Readings Free

When looking ahead, always have a clear time frame in mind before mixing. The narrower the set time, the more specific the answer generally is! Your accuracy in reading the past can be an interesting guide as to how your tarot card reading skills are developing.

Past, Present, Future

In my spread above, The Lovers is in the past, suggesting that a perfect new relationship has blossomed in my recent past. Present is the Two of Cups, which I interpret as a meeting of both hearts and minds – meaning the relationship is going well, but requires more mental effort than it once did. The fire burns less strongly; he needs more care now. The Future (Eight of Swords) suggests that I’m probably losing myself in thoughts of despair because the relationship isn’t as effortless as it was in the beginning – and let’s face it, this happens in almost every relationship!

Asking for advice, I drew on the Queen of Pentacles, suggesting that I could combat these thoughts by focusing on showing my love and care for this person in a tangible way, for example by cooking them their favorite meal or offering and a small gift. . . and that having my own quiet retreat to recharge would also be useful.

All the cards in a tarot deck can be seen in either a positive or negative way. This spread is both versatile for many queries and a great way to learn many card meanings.

If you see a very positive card in the negative position, it usually means a weak negative and vice versa.

Tarot Reading Mirrored Wall Hanging

In my spread above, the Chariot is the good things I have for myself. There’s gas in the tank and I’m determined to get where I need to go! But the negative Four of Cups suggests that I’ve cut myself off from something potentially good – maybe I’m so blinded by my intense Chariot energy that I can’t see other options that might be good for me, or maybe I feeling exhausted by the nature of the “GO-GO-GO!” to work towards my goal. The result is the Nine of Swords – I’m kept up at night with anxiety and worry (and aren’t we all?!).

Getting the Three of Pentacles as my Advice in this reading makes it pretty clear that I need to work with a partner or team to help me take some of the load off my shoulders and help me achieve something greater than i could have done it myself!

Asking the right questions is actually one of the harder things to learn, but asking the right questions in the right way has a major impact on your ability to deliver a fulfilling reading. It may take some time to resolve this!

Past Present Future Readings Free

“How…?”, “What…?” and why…?” tend to be the most helpful types of questions you ask the tarot. Here are some suggestions to help you get going:

Past Present Future Tarot Reading

We hope you enjoyed these simple tarot cards and that they helped bring more clarity and reflection to your life.

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