Past Present Future Tense Games – The developers of “Birds on a Wire” and “Slam Dunk Grammar”, Electrokite, have done it again! They have a program that helps students identify and understand the difference between past, present and future verbs! Introducing, Cosmic Bowling!

This app follows the same layout as their other apps as they were originally developed for an interactive whiteboard.

Past Present Future Tense Games

Past Present Future Tense Games

Students are given visuals and introductions to different forms of verbs. You can find this by clicking on the “light bulb” icon.

Terrific Tenses :: Teacher Resources And Classroom Games :: Teach This

As the title suggests, this app has a soccer theme. Students are presented with a sentence containing a compound verb form. They must select the correct bowling bowl and place it on the “target.” If they are incorrect, they will be prompted and allowed to try again. If they are correct, they are rewarded with watching the bowling ball go down the lane and hit the pin! Go to the next sentence by shooting the arrows. Since this app was originally designed for the whiteboard, you can click the “pencil” at any time and have the student underline the verb, make notes, or mark.

This gives students the opportunity to use the verbs independently (or with examples and prompts). Verbs are given along the top and lines. They can write the sentences they develop. The bottom section has “blank tiles” where you can write your own words for them to use. Another suggestion, you can write a closed sentence for them and have the student fill it in using the correct word form in the “word bank.”

At all times, if students need to be prompted, you can click on the “key” icon and they will be presented with a prompt!

Electrokite was very kind and gave me 5 codes for this awesome app to give away! Enter to win below:

Verb Tenses Grammar Activities

I love having non-iPad activities that go along with all my apps. I created a fun download that works with this skill.

What does this download include? It has sorting cards for students to sort different verbs into different forms. Can they identify the ends or how they are used?

Students play this game by drawing a card and reading a closing sentence. Can they identify which type from the options can complete the sentence? Can they explain why? Watch out for the gators! If they are pulled, they must return their cards!

Past Present Future Tense Games

As you know, I like to provide a review worksheet in all my download packs. Assists in creating follow-up homework or an “exit document” to assess understanding at the end of the session. I love teaching my children about the past, present and future. Not only does it help them develop new vocabulary and organizational ideas, but it also helps them understand how our world is changing. Without getting too technical we learn about technology and development. We compare life today with life in the past, and we make predictions and see what life might be like in the future. There are many fun and engaging activities you can incorporate into your classroom when teaching the past, present and future unit. Let’s take a look at some fun ways I’ve incorporated teaching these skills and standards into my classroom.

Past Tense: Simple, Continuous, Perfect & Perfect Continuous &,examples

This Past, Present, and Future section is full of various past, present, and future topics, but it’s important to start with the basics. I usually start by introducing concepts and vocabulary related to the past, present and future. We start with the basics and make sure we understand the vocabulary well before moving on. It is very helpful to have the whole class on the same page with these important words and concepts. It allows for better discussion in the unit when all students use the same vocabulary.

Once we finish the introduction, then we begin to apply our new skills to various aspects of life. Depending on how much time you have, you can really have the flexibility to dig into these concepts. If time is short, you can complete this entire unit in 2 weeks, but if you have more time it is better to spend 4 to 6 weeks on the unit.

Materials included include an introduction to the topic, student schedules, schools, transportation, communication, and food and cooking.

My students love learning about the past, present, and future in different areas of their lives. The activities and crafts we include get them really excited about learning. They can’t wait to share what we are working on in the classroom with their families.

Tense Review (all Past, Present, Fut…: English Esl Worksheets Pdf & Doc

The first topic we are working on is an introduction to the concepts of past, present and future. Our focus during this first topic is on important vocabulary that will help us dig deeper into these important concepts of time. These first lessons give my students a solid foundation of concepts and skills that we will cover in the coming weeks.

During this introductory topic, we complete a variety of whole-class activities that help us learn important vocabulary. We start with flashcards to help students understand these concepts and then move on to activities like organizing vocabulary, making minibooks, and completing follow-up worksheets. We also practice classifying different types of images into past, present or future.

Once we have an understanding of the vocabulary, we visualize these concepts. Time is a complete visual activity. To help students connect with these concepts and ideas, we always start with a timeline project about students.

Past Present Future Tense Games

When I introduce how we can see the passage of time, I like to include a video as well. This video is a great introduction before we start creating our timelines.

Simple Past Tense

As we strive to put these new concepts into practice we begin by connecting them to ourselves. Students love to see how these “big words” can apply to them.

We practice using timelines to order events in time. We also practice reading timelines to learn about the order of events. I put together a variety of non-preparatory activities to help us focus on creating and using timelines.

We finish learning about timelines and the personal timeline project. Students LOVE creating a timeline of their lives to share with the class.

By now, students have a solid understanding of vocabulary words. They have been able to recognize the past, present, and future in their own lives. Now, it’s time to dig deeper. Now we begin to connect these concepts to the world around us.

Tenses In English Grammar (examples & Formula)

Each of these topics includes a small book that is a good introduction. Students love these interactive books and being a part of adding some pictures and ideas to the books.

The Internet is a great resource for finding old photos and videos. I like students to see what the past was like, as much as this is possible. Photos and videos make a good basis for our discussions as we can compare specific activities, tools and designs.

There is usually a moment of “disregard” when students realize that everything around them has a past, present and future. They like to compare today’s life with that of their parents, grandparents, and even before. Then, we love the creativity that comes with thinking about the future. While it’s easy to imagine the near future, it’s the distant future that most excites students.

Past Present Future Tense Games

Students love to learn about schools from the past and dream about what they will be in the future. They love to see what classrooms were like in the past and can’t believe that students of all ages and grade levels were in the same classroom.

Verb Tenses: Past, Present And Future

We start using the little book as we learn about what schools used to be like. We compare the schools of the past with our schools today. We work on important comparing and contrasting skills that can be transferred to many areas of the curriculum.

We finish this look at the school to create a comparison diorama. Kids love creating this! I like to listen to their discussions while they are working. It’s so fun to hear them talk about how they wish they could use slate and chalk instead of paper, or why they’re glad they’re in school now instead of before.

From horses and carriages to flying cars these topic group discussions are exciting! When it comes to transportation a lot has changed. It’s crazy to think of all the changes that have happened in the last century, let alone world history.

Students love to share their thoughts on hiking, using animals to help with transportation, and now the world of self-driving cars.

Learn American Sign Language Grammar: Past, Present, & Future Tense — Asl Rochelle

Students love to use their imaginations to dream up the cars of the future. If you need a reminder of how much your students are soaking in, just ask them “Why” they built the futuristic car they did. It’s amazing to listen to them talk about the changes from the past to the present and let them guide their imaginations of what will happen in the future. 3D crafts are definitely for this week

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