Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location – Pawn Stars is a long-running show with a huge following. With a rougher edge than Antiques Roadshow, it entertains while sharing stories.

Pawn Stars is a reality show on the History Channel that debuted in 2009. The show follows the owners and employees of a pawn shop. In fact, fans love the show mainly for the relationship between the owners and staff.

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location

Much of Pawn Stars is devoted to staff interactions with customers bringing in items to pawn or sell.

The Pawn Stars Shop In Vegas: Gold And Silver Pawn

Pawn Stars store is the gold and silver pawn shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s at 713 S. Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip), just over a mile north of The STRAT.

Yes, you can visit the Pawn Stars store. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is a popular tourist attraction, thanks to the Pawn Stars. There is often a long wait to get in, and a doorman controls how people come and go.

Often other employees who are not on the show will work. However, you can purchase items you may have seen on the show.

Rick Harrison does most of the negotiating with the customers. He is also usually the one to consult with experts before deciding to buy something.

What It’s Like To Visit The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop From

His father, Richard Harrison, is known as “The Old Man”. He’s usually in the back beating Rick’s chops while dishing out business wisdom.

The other star is Austin “Chumlee” Russell, the butt of many jokes due to his lack of common sense.

As you drive to Las Vegas, keep your eyes open for some aliens. You can find them more easily with ours

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location

If you strike gold while gambling in Las Vegas, you can always take it to the Pawn Stars Shop.

Gold And Silver Pawn Shop, Las Vegas

The music has several floors of exhibits, some of which are interactive. Most are educational, full of information and pictures. There is also a recreation of a courthouse from the prohibition era.

The first floor has a crime lab where visitors can participate in forensic activities. In the “underground” level, the museum has a speakeasy that serves drinks from the past and present. The Speakeasy is also available separately from the museum.

The Discovery Children’s Museum offers many activities for children. In general, children who are 2-10 years old will get the most out of the experience.

Most of the exhibitions are interactive. Kids can splash in the water, explore a castle and do all kinds of hands-on experiments to learn about astronomy, physics or just about any subject. The museum is more geared towards scientific activity than artistic activity.

Gold And Silver Pawn Shop In Las Vegas, Nevada. Editorial Photography

Visitors be advised that the museum can get quite crowded under normal circumstances. However, they are currently working well below capacity due to Covid. In fact, they limit the number of visitors inside, so you may have to wait. It is best to call before visiting.

Circus Circus has the only RV park located right on the Vegas Strip. The sites include full hookups with 30 and 50 Amp electricity. Facilities also include a dump station, WiFi, petting zoo, play area, laundry, pool and hot tub.

This park is inside a parking lot, so don’t expect much scenery or atmosphere. Some reviewers warn that other guests are “creepy” but do not provide further details.

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location

Circus Circus RV Park is very much a place you stay because of its location. That’s especially good because the rest of the strip is so expensive. However, the location seems to be the best thing about it.

The Gold And Silver Pawn Shop Of Tv’s Pawn Stars Fame In Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa Stock Photo

If you fall in love with Las Vegas and want to stay, you may be wondering Can you live in an RV park all year?

This RV park is just two miles from The Strip, but note that it’s only for guests 55 and older. They have 137 sites with full connectivity and WiFi. Some sites are pull-through and some are back-in.

A caveat for potential campers is that the Las Vegas metro area can be sketchy. Some guests have been warned not to leave bicycles outside, and others mention homeless camps nearby.

Watching Pawn Stars is probably a lot more fun than going to the Pawn Stars Shop. The wait is long and you probably won’t see the stars of the show. But if you’re in the area and want to try your luck, why not?

Knockoff Pawn Stars

There are many options here beyond casinos and bars. Do yourself a favor and enjoy a Sazerac (shhh, that might be the easy pass) while you plan a day you’ll never mortgage. What is your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas?

To be honest with you, we hate paying for camping. There are so many free campsites in America (with complete privacy).

We’re sending you the 50 best free campgrounds in the US (one per state). Access the list by submitting your email below: Pawn Stars is an American reality television show that features a pawn shop in Las Vegas. It’s an entertaining show even though the events are staged for TV. If you’ve seen the show, it’s worth a visit to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop while you’re in Las Vegas.

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location

We found the shop in a seedy part of town – it looked just like the TV show. There was an attendant parking lot. Surprisingly, there was no charge for parking – usually these things make money pretty quickly.

Who Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Turned Down To Open At Pawn Plaza

There was no line to get into the store, nor was there an entrance fee – it just felt like a normal store, albeit with some really interesting memorabilia.

None of the main characters from the show (Rick, Corey & Chumlee) were behind the counters, but we didn’t expect that. Apparently you can pay for a VIP tour, with a meet and greet, which also includes visits to other reality shows on the History channel. The tour is $99 which doesn’t seem too expensive.

The shop was quite interesting and it was good to see it just function as a real shop and not just a TV set.

I imagine we were like the majority of visitors – we didn’t buy or pawn anything. If you have an interesting item to pawn and want to try to be on the show, please email with pictures and information about your items.

Moderncoinmart And Will Host

Our visit was part of our USA tour in May/June 2019 – click here for all reviews of the USA tours.

Rick and Chumlee can be seen most weeks right next to the store at Pawn Plaza ( On Friday and Saturday nights, you can meet Rick when he’s bartending at his bar, Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ and Tavern; follow them here for latest performance ( Chumlee can be found most days Wednesday – Sunday from 12-4pm at his candy store in Pawn Plaza from 12.00 ( and just about everything else on the way up.

Store owner Rick Harrison, of the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars,” said he once had a guy try to sell a bag of human skulls.

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location

Although he hasn’t seen it every day, he said many people have stopped by to buy. “People are spending a lot of money. I mean, there’s all this crazy inflation stuff and all this money out there from all over the government just spending money like water.”

Las Vegas Pawn Stars 2011 0218

Advisor Group chief strategist Phil Blancato and Baird PWM market strategist Michael Antonelli discuss recession fears in the US, the Fed’s handling of inflation and how investors can navigate the market.

“For four years, I pitched the reality show and people just kept telling me that no one wanted to watch a show about four fat guys in a pawn shop,” he joked.

His reality show premiered in 2009, during the recession. “It took a while to climb out of it, but it was slow and progressive.”

At the time, the pandemic and the government’s response to it did not affect the economy, so Harrison said the 2008 recession was a more naturally occurring situation.

Pawn Stars’ Las Vegas Store, Other Pawn Shops Regaining Business Amid Inflation, Covid 19 Pandemic

Pawn Star’s Las Vegas store, Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, is regaining the foot traffic lost during the pandemic. (FOX Business/Ashley Soriano/Fox News)

His pawn shop and many others are now managing the ebb and flow of business during the pandemic.

“Before the pandemic, I was averaging about 3,000 customers a day. Then the pandemic happened, and in April 2020, with a payroll of $325,000 and $48,000 in sales,” Harrison said, “I mean, it was a ghost town here in.”

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Location

“A lot of the lower-end stuff people are looking to make a quick buck on, and things like that,” Harrison said. “With the higher-end stuff, it’s just, people see it as an investment.”

Pawn These Restaurants! — Being John Curtas

David Moreno recently went to Gold & Silver Pawn for the first time. He had sold a collection of comics to another store in 2016 for $1,100.

Wilmington Trust Chief Economist Luke Tilley and Sarge986 President Stephen Guilfoyle discuss whether the US economy has reached peak inflation on “The Claman Countdown.”

“Now I remember the comics I had and some of the ones I see now, they cost a lot more for one than the $1,100 I made on it to sell,” Moreno said.

Harrison said baseball card

Gold And Silver Pawn Shop Featured On The Tv Show ‘pawn Stars’ Las Vegas, Nevada Stock Photo

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