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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is an animated series from Mainframe Studios. It premiered on Netflix US on May 3, 2018. The series follows Barbie’s adventures with her family, friends and pets.

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie’s “Best Live” is off to a great start… until strange things start happening in her family’s dream home. Could their new digs be cursed?

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (dvd)

Barbie and her friends plan a surprise birthday for Chelsea by making her the hotel’s backyard. But their work takes time to walk without hearing.

Barbie puts her skills to the test when she competes on the biggest show against a boss who loves to win – and hates to lose.

The Roberts group goes back to the beginning when Dad challenges them to go on a pioneer vacation. And the catch? Everything happened in their backyard.

When Skipper snags her first babysitting job, an overprotective Barbie goes through the motions of trying to make things work.

Dreamland Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie and her friends go on a trip to hear Daisy lose the beat at a major concert. But Daisy keeps finding reasons to stop on the road.

Skipper steps in to manage her parents’ 20th anniversary when Barbie receives a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to Robot Con.

With their parents in the middle of the night, Barbie, Skipper and Stacie seek out Ken for a beautiful plan to bring Chelsea’s “Fairy Back” idea to life.

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie felt like she was too old for her father-daughter tradition, so she passed on to Chelsea. But is he ready to let her go?

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Release Date Brings Doll’s Switch Debut

Imagine a future that makes Barbie dream where everything is possible – and everything is very different.

When Barbie finds out the Duchess’s horse is going to be sold, she and Stacie come up with a plan to keep her around.

Instead of reading a book at bedtime, Chelsea tells her family a story about their puppies’ secret – and terrifying – survival.

While trying out a new escape room with their friends, Barbie and Ken get separated from the group and make fun of themselves.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Chelsea’s campaign to raise money for puppy education continues with a mini golf tournament involving the entire community.

From dancing to baking, Barbie Roberts can’t do it all… just ask for help when she needs it most.

Fate turns the tide between Trey and Barbie as they compete for the best spot on the beach. Back at the Dreamhouse, Stacie tries to set a world record.

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Renee’s desire is to keep her relatives in China, but Barbie doesn’t have the heart to tell her that her “skills” need bad work.

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Barbie’s friends want to be internet celebrities, but learn that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when their vlog posts go viral.

When the dogs are banned from the beach, Barbie and Nikki take their fight to City Hall – and have to deal with Poppy Reardon.

Barbie and Daisy go to Barbie’s hometown in Wisconsin, where they try to save her beloved Aunt Adele’s hotel.

To break up the fight between Stacie and Skipper, Barbie offers a business class. But soon, the Roberts sisters learn that no friend is perfect.

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Ken and Barbie try to go on vacation at the spa, but end up having fun with the owner’s grandson.

Trey is injured on the Roberts property, so the family is better off for him. But Barbie thinks the neighbors are up to something.

Barbie and her friends try to impress the fashion idol at the mermaid party, but things go wrong when the sisters do something weird.

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

With her sisters in trouble for a prank gone wrong, it’s up to Barbie to prove their innocence and catch the thief.

Barbie™ Dreamhouse Adventures For Nintendo Switch

The Roberts family could be evicted from their Dream Home unless Barbie can figure out who is behind the Malibu phenomenon.

The family started planning their vacation when George was invited to film a whale documentary in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Barbie promises a summer job.

Before the show’s first rehearsal, Barbie was put in charge and struggled with her role as the director. In Costa Rica, the girls search for a secret cave.

As the girls search for a missing mermaid in Costa Rica, Barbie tries to shut down a party at her house and starts working underwater with Ken.

Nintendo Switch Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

The Roberts go on an adventure. Barbie and the gang investigate a crime involving Mr. Pearlman on the opening night of the show arrived.

With a rocky start to the school year, Barbie reunites with an old friend and Stacie tries to stand on her own. A very serious problem arose.

As Barbie takes a shot at basketball for the first time, Chelsea joins the soccer team. After that, the two sisters learned a lesson to never give up.

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

The competition at the school dance heats up as Barbie tries to find mixed feelings about Ken needing help asking out another girl.

Watch Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures · Season 2 Full Episodes Online

When Margaret thinks about a career advancement, Barbie and the girls think of a way to show her that she has a supportive family. Chelsea is hiding a secret.

When George asks Barbie to hold Margaret’s birthday present, she misplaces it in the shirt, sending her and Skipper hunting for a walk.

Trey stayed with Roberts when his parents forgot to take him on a field trip. Barbie feels left out when her friends start dating Skipper.

The Roberts join the Malibu Family of the Year competition against the Reardons, who have won the title for ten years, as surprises begin to emerge.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie and Skipper team up for a large community service project involving a water park, but Skipper is dealing with different priorities.

After an earthquake hits and destroys the community library, Barbie and Skipper find a new purpose and sense of community.

Barbie and her friends participate in a scavenger hunt against their high school rival, Empire Coast High.

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

With Barbie’s family craving her delicious brownies, everyone made an impression when they disappeared on the first night of their camping trip.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie and Ken find themselves hanging out with new friends while Trey and the Dudes get into a fight.

After hitting camp, the girls spend their sister’s day off by entering a real challenge to win prize money.

Determined to become a better version of Barbie, Tammy imitates Barbie in many ways until an accident lets Tammy’s personality shine.

When circumstances prevent Barbie from taking Chelsea to her first performance, Barbie takes the top to the Dreamhouse.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Skipper Surf Doll

After catching a cold, Barbie tries to relax but science presentations and her dreams make her uncomfortable.

A masked beauty on the ice, Trey tries to keep his skating skills a secret as Barbie persuades him to perform on the ice.

While working on a song, Nikki is caught in the middle of Barbie and Teresa’s different ideas. Skipper and his friends started a babysitting business.

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

With Barbie’s parents away, the Dreamhouse turns into a haunted house when she volunteers to host her friends for Halloween.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Interactive Wallpaper

Tammy tags along with the girls to camp to prove to Trey and the Dudes that she can fit in with Barbie and her friends.

As Ken is looking for Christmas gifts for Barbie, Barbie comes up with a plan to get Ken the perfect gift.

Animation World Network announced news about the movie on October 12, 2016 after Mattel Creations announced Barbie Dolphin Magic. Barbie Dreamtopia: The Series, and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. Animation World Network wrote, “Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures (26 x 22”) is another brand new Barbie series designed for adults from 5 to 11 years old, with realistic and modern CGI look and answer requests of fans to learn more. About Barbie and her family, the new movie will tell the adventures of Barbie and her sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper, as they lead the viewer with their wild adventures that will have any girl believing that anything is possible.”

The article also said, “Barbie and her funny sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper take you on their wild adventures in the new movie. There is laughter, music, and horror and anger that will have all the girls believe that anything is possible.”

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Christopher Keenan, Senior Vice President Global Content & Executive Producer at Mattel Creations, said, “Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures is a playful, CG-animated ‘sitcom’ aimed at the 6 to 11-year-old audience where comedy is the order of the day.”

On September 18, 2017, Barbie Dolphin Magic was released exclusively on Netflix. It was advertised as a “Dreamhouse Adventures special”.

A sneak peek of the show was uploaded to YouTube on March 26, 2018. The caption reads, “For the first time ever, enter the new Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures! This fun and adorable new show follows the everyday life of Barbie as she embarks on adventures with her family and friends—including Ken!

Pictures Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

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