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A man has chosen not to celebrate Valentine’s Day and has instead vowed to tell his wife he loves her for 100 days using post-it notes, in a romantic (and/or nauseating) ritual.

Post It Love Notes For Her

Post It Love Notes For Her

Jesse Ben Hale spends 100 days writing down on paper all the reasons why his wife is special, starting with “you are more beautiful than I thought” on the first day of his project ‘I tell my wife that I love her. 100 days’.

Prompts For Writing An Epic Love Letter

Mr. Hale, from Kansas, posted videos of himself writing each post to Give it 100, a website designed to encourage people to do 100 creative projects a day.

The lyrics in Mr Hale’s videos range from the mildly catchy “you’re the reason bed makers make ticks” to the dubious, “listen to you singing next to me on a Sunday morning, it’s not good” obvious, “you miss me when I walk”.

Mr. Hale received positive responses from people all over the world to his project. One person said: “Every woman in the world will love you”, while another added: “you can’t say I love you so much! Great idea!!!”.

One user found the work inspiring, writing: “I had to see it today. Real men still exist. Inspirational, thank you.”

Cute Quotes To Remind Your Partner How Much You Care

Jesse Ben Hale spent 100 days writing down on paper all the reasons why his wife is special.

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Post It Love Notes For Her

This is a 7-page PDF template that you can purchase and download here to create creative love letters. This takes your relationship happiness and foresight to a whole new level.

Cute Love Notes — How To Write Cute Love Notes

You will need a printer (color or black & white) and 3×3 sticky notes (Post-it notes or any other type should work, any color). We are offering something.

(P.S. If you want to watch the 60 second opening video again, just hit this page [control-r or command-r on your keyboard])

We all struggle with ways to show our loved ones how much we love and care for them… But, none of us have enough time to sit down and think about how to do this.

Well, we took the time and did it for you. This idea is super easy and super fun!

Romantic Love Letters For Her & For Him ♥

These stickers that you can make yourself (with a little help from us) are super fun and your loved one will love it and love you! I have been leaving these notes around our house for Tami to find; in his bag, in his office, on the bathroom mirror, even on the fridge. It has been my intention to shower him with love and affection by leaving him these notes.

Below is a complete 7-page kit including complete instructions, a template page, and 24 fan articles (4 pages with 6 articles each).

If one of these love quotes brings a smile to your partner, it’s all worth it!

Post It Love Notes For Her

We’re giving you 24 unique posts in total (and you can make any or all of them multiple times) so that’s a lot of smiles.

What To Write In A Love Card

There is a link at the bottom of this page and a STORE link in the menu above.

For less than two cups of coffee, you can make this. One of the best things about our Lover Post-It Notes is that YOU make them. That is the part that your husband or wife will love. This is what they will say to all their friends, “Look at these love notes my wife made for me!”

Remember that you will need a printer, 3×3 Post-It Notes (or any other type of 3×3 sticky note), and some white printer paper. That’s right!

You can use any kind of Post-It note you want, but you’ll find that love notes with colored pictures look best on lighter paper. Feel free to buy several types of 3×3 stickers and experiment. Above all, have fun. Good luck, don’t miss the fun here!

Romantic And Cute Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

You will start by printing a few blank pages of the template as you can see in the picture. Sure, you can spend hours testing your template pages, but why not do it when we’ve already done it for you?

Start by printing 1-3 template pages. You can print more later. In fact, you can print these pages an unlimited number of times.

Carefully place your 3×3 text onto the template page. There will be six posts on each page and you must line up the 3×3 posts using the pre-measured dotted lines as your guide.

Post It Love Notes For Her

If you want, you can combine the printable version of Post-Is with love notes. This is not difficult to figure out and only takes a minute to prepare.

Wondering How To Say “i Love You”? Try These 31 Great Love Quotes — Mixbook Inspiration

By now, you’re already having fun as you start thinking about where to put all these love notes.

On your computer or device, select one of the pages to print, there are 4 of them in total. You will be printed ON THE BACK of the 3×3 labels you placed last.

When you see the text coming out of your printer, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve created!

All that’s left to do now, is figure out WHERE to put these posts. Are you going to do some kind of hunting where your loved one doesn’t find another one later? Or, can you write more about each post with a pen? How about, “To the most amazing woman in the world.” Or, personalize the posts with their name.

Cute Funny Love Quotes For Him And Her

Whatever you decide to do, have fun. The whole point of this is to let your loved ones know how much you love them. So, every time you invest this is like saving your future.

Here are some close up examples to see the details of the images we used. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Remember you can use any type of 3″ Post-it Notes you like!

We use a few cookies to improve your experience on our website, but we do not collect your personal information without your consent. Read our secret policy here. In the spirit of showing extra love in February, we asked ourselves: How can we send Valentine’s Day to continue showing love to our friends and loved ones? In today’s digital world we are constantly connected. We can text or call almost anyone at any time. Heck, we can send them a public shout out on social media for the whole world to see. We acknowledge that these relationships are legitimate and will improve our relationships and our lives for the better.

Post It Love Notes For Her

But what if we want to keep things private? There is nothing better than feeling like you have your own little secret or ritual with your partner. Special things you all know.

Deepest Couple Gangster Love Quotes For Him And Her

We often see this trope in cheesy commercials and romantic movies. What if we did this in our daily life? How fun would it be to hide little fliers all over the house for your loved one to find throughout the day? Like a little search for romantic love! This creates joy for the author and a wonderful surprise for the finder.

Whether you want to add some spice to your relationship or just want the romance to last all month, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite quotes for you to copy or use as inspiration for your love notes. .

Whether you’re newly engaged or have been married for years, sticky love notes are a fun way to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them while you’re away. Love quotes don’t always have to be complicated. You can make them funny, or silly, or even a little dirty.

At the end of the day, this is about making your partner smile. Personalize your messages to them and they will know they are loved and appreciated.

Romantic Messages To Ease Your Man’s Stress After A Long Day

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