Restaurants In The Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas – The new dining experience allows guests to enjoy lunch or dinner among the flowers, waterfalls, and botanical spectacles inside the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Only six guests at a time can dine at the Garden Table, a new setting located under the whimsical canopy of the seasonal forest-themed exhibition in Bellagio. This table is located in the middle of the “Jungle of Dreams” display and is surrounded by towering depictions of 20-foot-tall lions, pink flamingos, and giraffes that almost reach the atrium’s glass ceiling – each meticulously designed with flowers and seeds. Nearly 10,000 plants and flowers are on display and surround a platform that has been recreated from a popular photo spot to a small dining room.

Restaurants In The Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Restaurants In The Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

The two restaurants that neighbor the conservatory, Michael Mina Bellagio and Sadelle’s Café, offer a prix fixe menu for the Garden Table.

Best Restaurant With A View At Lago In Las Vegas

Dinner from Michael Mina includes five family-style courses that highlight the restaurant’s seafood offerings, including miso-marinated yellowtail collar, broiled whole fish with ginger and scallion, and tuna poke with Seroja root. Dinner is available for $250 per person from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

Brunch from Sadelle’s Café includes the restaurant’s popular bagel tower with smoked salmon and classic bagel accouterments like tomato, cucumber, and capers. Other brunch items include sticky buns, avocado toast and a grapefruit brulee cocktail. Brunch is $75 per person and is offered daily from 9:00 to 14:00 Summer Hull has included (and used) travel tips, credit card rewards and loyalty programs for over a decade. He has flown up to a million miles, often on points and miles with his family.

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Las Vegas: you love it or hate it — or maybe you can enjoy a little bit of both, depending on the day or what kind of table you have.

You Can Book A Private Las Vegas Dinner Inside The Bellagio Conservatory For The First Time Ever

Personally, I love Vegas more than I hate it. Starting with a visit during the family-friendly early ’90s as a child through me hitting the royal flush in video poker on my 21st birthday, our Las Vegas wedding and the next trip (some with the kids), I was drawn by the Strip’s light. lights, quality shows, delicious food and a house full of hotel options.

This time, the excuse for my husband and I to visit Vegas was our anniversary weekend, so we wanted to do it right with two kid-free nights. There are dozens of hotels right on the Strip and a total of 150,000 hotel rooms in the city, so it can be hard to choose where to stay.

We decided to spend the first night of our trip at the Bellagio because of its great mid-Strip location, excellent restaurant, light and airy conservatory, dancing fountain, highly acclaimed Cirque show, O, and the hotel’s reputation as a creature comfort. one of the nicer places to stay in Las Vegas. On paper, Bellagio was a safe, slam-dunk choice. But in reality, O was dark for a week, the conservatory was converted, and the room, well, I believe it was good in 2004.

Restaurants In The Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Booking a stay in Las Vegas is actually part of the fun, because there are so many ways to get perks. Right now, the best way I know of to book the Bellagio is through the Chase Luxury Hotel Collection, accessible to Chase credit card holders.

Bellagio Hotel And Casino In Las Vegas

I used every dollar from breakfast and property credit, so in total I got at least $165 in value from booking this way, although there is also value in checking in at noon and leaving at 4 p.m. — which we certainly did. The room itself was about $400 for our Saturday-night stay, which when combined with the resort fee and taxes turned out to be well over $500.

But Bellagio isn’t always expensive. Sometimes you can find a night for around $200, which is not bad if you make full use of the booking allowance. I pay with my Chase Sapphire Reserve to earn 3 points per dollar.

You can also book via the Amex Fine Hotel & Resorts program if you have a Platinum Card® from American Express, but I have recently discovered that the perks via the Chase program align better for my needs at Bellagio. For example, where the Chase program provides for a $100 food-and-beverage credit, the FHR program provides a $100 spa credit. Always compare the two programs and choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to use points to book the Bellagio, it is sometimes available with 25,000 World of Hyatt points per night, although award availability is not guaranteed at Life M properties that use Hyatt points the way availability at regular Hyatt properties is guaranteed if rooms are available. for sale with cash. In addition, you still pay resort fees in the hotel M live, even if it stays on the point. Speaking of which, the nightly resort fee at Bellagio is now over $50 per night when you factor in taxes.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino: Iconic Las Vegas Luxury

Bellagio hits the jackpot on location, sitting right between Caesars Palace and Aria, with a tram running to Aria and a walkway outside Caesars. In Bellagio, you are within walking distance to Mirage, Venetian, MGM, Park MGM, Paris and Bally’s.

We arrived at Bellagio at 11:15, and there was a line of roughly 20 people deep for the check-in desk, so we hopped in a line too short for those with M living elite status and help in three minutes. (Here’s how to avoid the lines across Las Vegas.)

Although we didn’t say it beforehand, my husband tried the “$20 trick” at check-in. This method of tipping the check-in agent in Vegas in hopes of a room upgrade has worked for untold numbers of people over the years – including us, on occasion. However, it looks like $50 is the new $20. In any case, it is very seven-ed out in this business.

Restaurants In The Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

When going over the benefits as part of our booking via the Chase program, the check-in agent said we were eligible for an upgraded room as he went through the line item. She said Strip-view rooms are available. I asked if I could see the fountains from there (and mentioned how much I loved them), but I said no, just the line. No further upgrades for us. But it’s not even noon and we have our room, so it’s fun.

Things To Do At Bellagio Las Vegas

We are on the 14th floor of the Spa Tower, a good walk from the front desk. Moving at a brisk pace, no kids, it took eight minutes to get from the check-in desk to our room.

This is where I point out that, in my mind, Bellagio is a high-end hotel. The $500 that was spent to book a room for the night just added to their expectations. But, I think that when it comes to the room itself, Bellagio

The olive-green and purple decor that pulled together carpets, sitting chairs, wallpaper, throw pillows, curtains and lamps may look swanky in the early 2000s.

The olive-and-brown color continues to the bathroom, which consists of a double vanity, a soaking tub and a stand-up shower.

Sadelle’s Glitzy New Las Vegas Location Is Big In Every Way

Remember that upgraded Strip show? Me neither. This “enhanced” view is perfect for rooftop-parking-many-people-viewing but not really what I would consider an improvement.

To be clear, our room at the Bellagio wasn’t bad, but it was far from modern. The switch for that thing is old and a bit discolored, the wallpaper is starting to peel, it smells a bit stale, and from the hallway to the bathroom, many of them just feel heavy and outdated. If this has been a midtier Vegas property, I would not think a thing about it, but for a high-end resort, I hope for better.

When I think of Bellagio, I think of old-school Vegas opulence. But the room is now just the old limit.

Restaurants In The Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

The room was almost, but there was a high point still outside where we slept. For one, there are truly great places to eat in Bellagio. We only went to two dining establishments on site, but there are anywhere between one and two dozen options, depending on how you count.

Bellagio Las Vegas: A Luxury Travel Hotel • Sophie Uncharted

A great breakfast option is Sadelle’s, a New York brunch institution that recently arrived in Las Vegas. I can’t compare the two, since Sadelle’s NYC canceled our reservation without explanation in the summer, but at 07:30 on Sunday, the Bellagio version is empty and easy to accept walk-ins.

On the menu it’s standard like a classic breakfast sandwich with bacon, chocolate hash, cheese and fried eggs for $18. I went to the salmon house with capers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, chive cream cheese and a sesame seed bagel for $23, and it’s more than worth every penny i don’t.

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