Round Trip Cruises From Seattle – Follow in the footsteps of the Yukon Gold Rush on an Alaska cruise from Seattle to some of the wonders of the world. With a convenient weekend getaway and close proximity to the Big Land, trips to Alaska from Seattle allow you to leave when you want, and spend some time there.

When you travel to Alaska from Seattle, you encounter unique ports of call that are rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

Round Trip Cruises From Seattle

Round Trip Cruises From Seattle

Endicott Arm is the jewel in Alaska’s crown. This 30-mile waterway is surrounded by mountains, valleys and many waterfalls. Icebergs and harbor seals adorn the waters below as the Dawes Glacier rises into the sky. Enjoy the beauty of an expert Parent and listen carefully as nature tells the secrets of times past during your Alaska adventure.

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When you travel to Alaska with , travel through one of the most beautiful places in the Big Land – Glacier Bay National Park. Listen to the signature Margerie Glacier crackle and rising waves. Bring binoculars and explore both the beach and the reef for wildlife like brown bears and migrating whales while Park Rangers teach you about the history and geology of the park.

Juneau is unlike any other city in America. With no road connecting it to the rest of Alaska or North America, it is definitely a protected area. Founded as a gold mining town and now the state capital, Juneau has one foot in history and one in the future. Go on a whale-watching tour, or go past the Mendenhall Glacier on an Alaskan cruise.

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Known for its lumber, Ketchikan hosts the Alaskan Lumberjack Show, where athletes throw, race and chop their way to victory. Explore one of the oldest collections of totem poles at the Totem Pole Heritage Center, or take a stroll along the Creek Trail. As the salmon capital of the world, Ketchikan waters make for incredible fishing. Cast your rod into the ocean right on a cruise to Alaska.

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Seattle is known as “The Emerald City” thanks to its green forests and surroundings. Pike Place Market is buzzing with merchants as coffee shops keep locals sipping espresso in America’s coffee capital. Ride the Space Needle and enjoy the Seattle skyline, or explore the history of Pioneer Square, the city’s oldest village – only when you travel to Alaska from Seattle.

Once the gateway to Alaska’s Gold Rush, Skagway strikes a striking picture between the water’s edge and the mountains. Follow in the footsteps of the miners with a scenic train ride along the famous White Pass route through the coastal mountains. During your Alaska adventure, explore the Yukon wilderness, pan for gold with the experts or meet the pups in training.

Round Trip Cruises From Seattle

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At first glance many people mistake Victoria for an English or northern European coastal city. Full of greenery, pubs and Victorian buildings, it’s hard to believe that this was a city full of grime and miners 150 years ago. On a cruise to Alaska, explore the Butchart Gardens, take a tour of the pub and taste some of the local brews or head out to the beach for a whale-watching excursion.

Wrangell is a charming harbor known for its local fishing industry. It is not as hectic as the big ports in Alaska and it maintains its historical charm and offers a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Explore the history of downtown and learn about local culture and indigenous traditions while in Wrangell.

Our fleet includes boats ranging from small to large yachts. From your balcony, marvel at the passing glaciers before enjoying seafood at one of the many dining options during your seven-day Alaska cruise.

We have a 50-year legacy of sharing the best places and experiences with our guests. On an Alaskan cruise, disembark once and explore glaciers, wildlife and national parks.

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Glaciers feel alive. They groaned, laughed and trembled on their way to the sea, heard by the sound of falling “white thunder” – the sound that comes out of the water when the ice falls into the sea below. On an Alaska cruise, let us show you Glacier Bay National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site – Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, Fjordor Hubbard Glacier.

Alaska is home to an abundance of wildlife, from the famous Big Five animals that live in Denali National Park – grizzly bears, wolves, moose, Dall sheep and caribou – to bald eagles and migratory geese that migrate through the interior passes. . On a cruise to Alaska, live a nature lover’s dream in a land where visitors can capture postcard-worthy sights.

With less than four national parks in North America, Alaska’s wilderness has been preserved for generations. Denali National Park is larger than Vermont and is home to the highest peak on the continent. Currently, Glacier Bay National Park has more than 2,000 square miles of glacial cover. With Wrangell-St. Elias and Kenai Fjords, a world of natural wonders awaits on your Alaska cruise or cruise.

Round Trip Cruises From Seattle

Don’t just visit this famous country, stay on an Alaska cruise. Break the snow on a dog and a professional harness, fly to fish in new rivers and fly over miles of glacial tundra in a helicopter. Watch migrating humpback whales from the deck of a catamaran or a native craftsman carving a traditional totem pole, and expand your Alaskan boating experience.

Tips For Planning A Cruise To Alaska From Seattle

Our award-winning North to Alaska program brings local people, culture and cuisine onboard and ashore to immerse you in all things Alaska during a cruise to the Big Country.

Alaska’s seafood is famous, and we bring you the best dishes with local dishes from the state’s best restaurants. With Cook My Catch trips, catch salmon or halibut with the help of local experts, and in the evening the professional chefs will prepare your catch for dinner – exclusive. From ship to shore, the best is at your fingertips on Alaska cruises.

Alaskans invite people who want to share what makes their state special. Watch woodcutters in action, learn from Glacier Bay National Park Rangers and craft with a local stick carver. Or listen to spooky tales from anglers and mountain climbers who have encountered Denali during Alaska cruises.

Travel through time and pan for gold as a prospector during the Gold Rush. Experience the amazing dog shows in the boat’s Piazza, or view the Northern Lights in the planetarium. At Mount McKinley Wilderness Lodge, explore our treehouse and enjoy unparalleled views of Denali. Or enjoy munching on the trees at our Sappy Hour. Delve deeper into what makes the Big Country special on your trip to Alaska.

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Read about Alaska’s attractions, signature cuisine, and how to plan a wild adventure in the heart of Greater London.

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The best cruise line in Alaska just keeps getting better! From luxury cruises that visit Glacier Bay National Park to scenic rail trips and unique accommodations, you’ll have an unparalleled Alaska experience with .

Round Trip Cruises From Seattle

No one does seafood like Alaska—which is why we’ve brought the best of the State on board, so you can experience it all with .

Best Value Cruises From Seattle / Tacoma To Alaska

From exploring Denali National Park to fishing in Anchorage, discover Alaska’s top attractions on a cruise.

From exploring historic gold mines to following in the footsteps of early explorers, learn about Alaska’s Inside Passage and discover the wonders that await you.

From the majestic mountains of Juneau to the fishy waters of Ketchikan, discover the ports of Alaska and dive into the adventures that await you.

Check out our helpful checklist so you know exactly what to pack for your Alaska cruise with .

How To Choose The Perfect Alaska Cruise

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Round Trip Cruises From Seattle


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