Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Ship – She may be among the world’s largest cruise ships – with her 18 decks and all – but the vacation experience she offers goes far beyond her size. After all, what does it really mean to be great? It’s not just about collecting records to be the biggest in the world. This Oasis-class ship features seven signature resorts that offer a range of experiences and adventures unmatched at sea: more water slides than ever before (notably The Ultimate Abyss, the tallest 10-story water slide at sea), more dining options, more cocktails and more entertainment.

It comes in at 227,000 GT and 85,000 light tons (read: not small). For context, if you were to put it up against the Eiffel Tower, it would be taller and twice as long as the Washington Monument. It weighs more than 10,625 adult elephants. It also required 500,000 individual parts to create this ship, which can sail with a total of 6,780 guests.

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Ship

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Ship

Who come from all over the world, and their jobs are as diverse as the nations they represent. In addition to restaurant staff, maids, entertainers, the cruise director and of course the captain himself, there’s also an ice skate sharpener, a painter, seven high divers and two tightrope walkers — not to mention the two robots who operate the Bionic Bar.

Port Canaveral Welcomes Harmony Of The Seas And The Return Of Mariner Of The Seas

Did you know that Central Park is home to 20,700 plants, 48 ​​vines and 52 trees, cared for by a staff of three horticulturists? Or this one

Has a secret deck, Deck 4.5, that allows AquaTheatre entertainers and divers access to the depths of the theater during performances?

If you thought hosting a dinner party was hard work, try feeding nearly 7,000 people. On a typical seven-night cruise,

Can use about 350 tons of ice cubes (approximately 110,000 pounds are made each day), 5,000 dozen fresh whole eggs, 100 gallons of chocolate ice cream, 2,100 lbs. of lobster tails and 2,500 lbs. fresh salmon. It’s a good thing that the food and beverage team, with 1,056 members, makes up almost half of the entire crew. Well, that three day cruise went by very quickly. Sailing on one of the world’s largest cruise ships on a three-day itinerary is not for the faint of heart.

Harmony Of The Seas Cruise Ship & Floor Plan Pdf

I barely had enough time to get all the pictures and videos of the ship to share with our wonderful readers here at Cruise Fever. (In this post you will find my video of the boat tour along with some of my favorite pictures from the trip)

But this was the first time Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas had sailed from its new home port of Port Canaveral, so I didn’t want to miss it. Even though it was short, I’m so glad I went on this cruise a few weeks ago.

By the way, sailings on this ship are usually on 7-day itineraries. So don’t worry about trying to cram everything I did into three sleeps.

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Ship

I have sailed on 2 other Oasis class ships: Allure of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas. And while Symphony of the Seas is technically bigger (and newer) than Harmony, many Royal Caribbean enthusiasts prefer Harmony for a few subtle reasons that we’ll discuss.

Reasons For Families To Love Harmony Of The Seas

This article/review will highlight some of the things I really enjoyed about Harmony of the Seas while diving, although I noticed some differences with Symphony of the Seas.

Although an Oasis-class ship, Harmony is infused with some Quantum-class upgrades, along with a few firsts, like Royal Caribbean’s first waterslides at sea.

I may have cruised these Oasis class ships in the wrong order, as I sailed on Symphony before Harmony, but it really allowed me to make some comparisons between the two ships.

To get from MCO airport to Port Canaveral I used a shuttle service, once again opting for Go Port Canaveral because they offered an early shuttle to the airport after disembarkation.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Switches Ports Due To Tropical Storm Fiona

I arrived around 11 o’clock, and there was quite a long line in front of the building. It looked like 25 minutes and I was in the terminal ready to go through security. There were probably 7 or 8 entry points through security, so this helped speed up the process a bit.

Once through security I checked in and went straight to the line to board the ship. I was surprised that they wanted to get my picture again even though I had already taken a passport style picture using the app. From arriving at the terminal to boarding the ship, it took about an hour.

We just had a guest post on the best cabin locations on a cruise ship, and I felt that my cabin setup was ideal for this cruise. I was on deck 14 forward. I’d usually prefer something a little more mid-ship, so I’d never be that far from either extreme. But having a tanning salon and Tanning Bistro (my favorite place for a quick breakfast) so close to my cabin was a big plus.

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Ship

I’m all for taking the stairs on the cruise to justify eating everything in sight, but it was fantastic just to go up one deck to be on the main pool deck. Sometimes I would shoot out of bed in the early morning to capture some sunrise pictures, and being one deck away from the open view of the swimming pool deck was handy.

Search On For 20 Year Old Cruise Ship Crewman Who Went Overboard Near Puerto Rico

The balcony cabin itself was spacious, with separate closets, a nice large circular mirror, and a solid shower door. The cabin table also had more outlets than I could ever use, which is a big step up from the ships of yesteryear where you had to bring a power strip to charge anything. There are (2) USB ports and (3) 110 volt outlets on the desk and another outlet by the bed.

The TV didn’t have a huge selection of channels to boast of, but Royal Caribbean has one of the fastest internet at sea, and I was happy to take advantage of it. The NBA playoffs were on and while no channels on TV were showing the games, I was able to use my home provider to log in and watch. Of course, the games were also played down in Sabor on the promenade if I wanted to watch down there.

I’d rather have a Starbucks on the boardwalk than a boardwalk like the one on Symphony. The promenade is much more open and spacious, and you can enjoy a cup of beer outdoors instead of on the busy promenade.

Also, there is already a Cafe Promenade on the promenade where I can get a cup of joe (maybe not Starbucks quality, but still).

World’s Largest Cruise Ship Takes To Sea For First Time

Starbucks on Harmony has a nice outdoor seating area, as well as tables and chairs, where people sipping coffee can enjoy watching the carousel.

There isn’t an ice cream/candy shop on Harmony like there is on Symphony, but it was always a novelty for me anyway. I’m sure the kids would disagree with me.

I like that the arcade is on the opposite side of the restaurant, Sabor (this is Playmakers on the Symphony). By the way, there’s another arcade on the pool deck, and it’s probably twice the size of the Boardwalk arcade.

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Ship

Speaking of Sabor, this place has legendary guacamole and some great Mexican food. It’s also a great place to watch the game. Just know that there is a fee for eating their endless apps and desserts.

Technical Illustration, Beau And Alan Daniels.

The Royal Caribbean gift shop is also on the boardwalk. On Symphony, this store is on the boardwalk, in the same spot where Kate Spade is on Harmony.

So I’m missing the Great Wonder artwork found on Symphony of the Seas. It’s beautiful at night.

Harmony has a simpler design, but still offers a very open space to enjoy the sun in a relaxing environment. Also, while there’s no pool on Harmony – you choose a guided mister instead – Harmony has an additional deck on deck 14, making it 3 decks with impressive views.

There are several hot tubs in this adult-only solarium, but my favorite part of this space is being able to step out onto the “wings” of the ship. On the left side you can walk across the glass floor and look down into the sea or use binoculars to see if there is another ship in sight. It is also a good place for sailing as you can see both the port and side of the ship.

Royal Caribbean Gives Sneak Peek Of What Will Be World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

Solarium Bistro was one of my favorite places for a quick breakfast or lunch. It’s much less crowded than the buffet and I could eat at one of the tables outside the bistro for alfresco dining, as long as I’m still in the solarium. I really enjoyed that space.

Those iconic cantilevered hot tubs on either side of this Oasis-class vessel are just forward of the solarium. They also have a few TVs above them, just in case you get tired of the beauty


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