Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip – If you love stunning scenery and incredible natural wonders, a short but sweet road trip from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park will be a true back-to-nature adventure. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on this epic journey through some of Utah’s best forests and landmarks.

The 310-mile road trip from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park takes over four hours of driving. Stops include Dixie National Forest, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon National Park and Arches National Park.

Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip

Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip

To help you make the most of your adventure, we’ve listed the best routes and places to stay, as well as our favorite attractions and the best times of year to travel from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park.

Maps And Mileage To St. George And Zion National Park

How far is Zion National Park from Salt Lake City? How long does a road trip take?

A straight-line road trip from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park is 295 miles. If you stick to the interstate, it can easily be done in 5 hours without any stops. The journey is not long but there are many amazing places along the way.

Another option is to follow our longer route. This option has a distance of 650 miles and requires 12 hours of non-stop driving to complete. However, the extra miles more than make up for the extra sights and views along the way.

While you can complete the direct route in one day, we recommend extending your trip by at least three days. This will give you the opportunity to make a few overnight stops along the way and explore all of Utah’s amazing forests and parks.

The Ultimate Utah National Parks Road Trip Itinerary

An epic road trip to Zion National Park will take you past Calf Creek Falls, where you’ll find two perennial waterfalls.

There is no single best road trip route from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park. Instead, the preferred options will vary based on how long you have to drive and which attractions you haven’t checked off your bucket list yet.

Our direct route is the fastest of the two routes. Heading more or less directly south from Salt Lake City, you’ll mostly follow an interstate before reaching your destination.

Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip

That said, the most straightforward option still promises to take you on an exciting adventure. You’ll pass through Provo and Beaver, as well as Twin Peaks and Dixie National Forests.

Zion National Park: The Complete Guide

If you have a little extra time to take this great road trip, then you should consider following our scenic route. Although longer and longer, it will provide you with the most stunning views.

The extra miles will give you views of more beautiful Utah landmarks and exciting attractions, including Midway Crater, Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, and Capital Reef National Park.

If you really can’t decide between the two, you can always choose to follow one to Zion National Park and then take the other route back to Salt Lake City for the final stretch. This way you can experience both routes without affecting the attractions along the way.

If you want to hike to Angels Landing, you will need a permit and reservations. Check out Zion National Park’s website for more details.

Hit The Road: Salt Lake City To Moab

The map above shows our suggestions for the best road trip routes between Salt Lake City and Zion National Park. Read on for detailed descriptions of both routes, where to stay on both routes, and the best things to do along the way.

From Salt Lake City, drive south on I-15 through Murray and along the Twin Peaks. Drive along the road between Mount Timpanogos and Utah Lake.

The road takes you through Provo, a small city worth stopping to explore its museums and art collections. You can also hike to nearby Provo Peak.

Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip

Continue south on Interstate 15, stopping to visit Spanish Fork Peak or Loafer Mountain along the way. You’ll pass through a few more towns along the way before reaching Mount Nebo and Salt Creek Peak.

Grand Circle Road Trip

Continuing south, you’ll take a detour from Interstate 50 toward Richfield. It’s worth taking a detour at this point to stop and visit Fish Lake National Forest to enjoy the stunning views.

Take your time and enjoy all that the forest has to offer, then hop on Interstate 70, which will take you back to Interstate 15. Next, take Exit 112 through Beaver and continue south.

From here you can head to Cedar Breaks National Monument, stopping in Dixie National Forest along the way, then take Exit 27 on UT-9 East toward Zion National Park (Zion National Park).

The longer and more scenic option of the two is to head south out of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15. At Exit 297, follow signs for Veterans Memorial Park and onto I-215 East, then Exit 2 through Summit Park onto I-80 (I-80).

Zion National Park Trip Itinerary

Next take Exit 146 onto US-189 where you can enjoy views of the Wasatch Mountains before reaching Midway Crater. From here you’ll head south on UT-113, then turn onto US-189 all the way to Provo.

Merge onto Interstate 15 for a short distance and then head east on US-6, following Spanish Fork Peak and Loafer Mountain. Continue east through the Price Canyon Recreation Area before turning onto US-181 and several small towns.

Merge onto I-70 and head east to Exit 182, then head south on US-191 to visit Arches National Park where you can see Delicate Arch Arch) and other geological wonders.

Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip

After taking in the stunning scenery, take the short ride on UT-313 to Canyonlands National Park, where you can hike and try to spot some desert animals.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes & Zion National Park

Retrace your steps to I-70 to Exit 149 and head west on UT-24. Pass through several towns along the road before stopping to visit Capitol Reef National Park for more stunning views.

After leaving, you’ll continue on UT-24 to Lower Calf Creek Falls, where you’ll enjoy views of the perennial waterfall before continuing west.

After passing the town of Tropic, you can take a short detour to visit the spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park, then head south on US-89 and then UT-9 to the final Destination Zion National Park.

While this isn’t the longest road trip you’re likely to embark on, considering you’ll be passing through plenty of worthwhile sights and stunning scenery, it’s a good idea to plan at least one overnight stop to help break up the trip.

Best Guide To Zion National Park, Utah In 2023

There may not be many cities between Salt Lake City and Zion National Park, but there are still some great hotel options. Here are some of our suggestions for a great night in Utah:

Moab is ideally located almost midway along the Scenic Route, just over 7 hours from Zion National Park. A stop in Moab is a great way to shorten your trip into a few days while giving you the chance to enjoy the desert atmosphere. Everything is provided.

Moab’s LaSalle Mountains are just one of the spectacular places to visit while you’re in this part of Utah.

Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip

Known as the gateway to the massive rock formations of Arches National Park, Moab is a great place to explore Canyonlands National Park and spot dinosaur tracks at Bull Canyon Overlook.

Wyoming + Utah Road Trip Itinerary :: 10 Days » Layne Fable

The town itself offers a wealth of resources for visitors, especially mountain bikers who head out to the Slickrock Trail. In addition to the famous red rock formations surrounding the landscape, you can also head to the Colorado River.

After a day of hiking and exploring, the Springhill Suites by Marriott Moab is the ideal hotel to rest your head. Here you’ll be spoiled for choice with beautiful mountain views, hot tubs, and a wonderful swimming pool to relax in after your adventures.

Ideally located just a short drive from the Mesa Arch, this hotel also offers free parking, comfortable, modern guest rooms, and a breakfast buffet. Given its popular location, we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

After a relaxing night, explore Arches National Park, where you can see a variety of natural sandstone arches, bridges, windows, and balancing rocks.

How To Plan An Incredible Utah National Parks Road Trip

If you choose the direct route, the small town of Monroe is a great stopover location, just 2 hours and 25 minutes from Salt Lake City. You’ll be driving through this town anyway, so it’s the perfect place to rest and enjoy this epic journey.

If you stop in Monroe on the direct route, a visit to Fish Lake National Forest is a must.

Monroe is a great gateway to Fishlake National Forest and a great place to explore mystical hot springs and relax. Tubs and pools formed from the mineral deposits of flowing spring water provide a rustic and relaxing experience that rejuvenates the mind and body.

Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip


Salt Lake City To Zion National Park Road Trip

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