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Book flights from San Jose, CA to Honolulu (OH) with Airlines®. Mineta San Jose International Airport to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport flight is easy to find to make your reservation and travel with ease. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, alone or with the whole family, you will enjoy flights ®. Do you have flexible travel dates? Connect them to the low fares table and see the lowest fares available in your travel window. You may also want to check out Vacations® for special offers and package deals on flights, hotels, rental cars and more.

San Jose To Honolulu Round Trip

San Jose To Honolulu Round Trip

Weekly flights based on DOT published average scheduled Monday through Sunday flights from 11/1/2023 through 11/30/2023. Note: the route may not operate every day of the week.

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One child over 14 days and under 2 years of age, who does not occupy a seat, is allowed to be carried free of charge when traveling with an adult (age 12 and over). Learn more.

Customers flying with a pet are subject to the pet fare. For more information about traveling with your furry friend, explore our ® pet policy.

Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to fly unaccompanied on international flights or on any route that includes an international flight. Learn more.

At , we know it takes more than great Honolulu (OH) airfare deals and convenient scheduling options to make your trip unforgettable. So from booking to boarding, we offer services and features designed to make your trip from San Jose, CA to Honolulu (OH) the best it can be. Learn more about The Travel Experience ® before you book your flight from Mineta San Jose International Airport to Daniel K. Inoue.

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Flying with it is simple and fun, no matter which of our dozens of exciting destinations you choose. When looking for your next flight to Honolulu (OH), know that you won’t be surprised at the checkout. Low rates and no hidden fees. It’s Transfarency®. And as always, two fly free® bags

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Failure to cancel a reservation at least 10 minutes before departure may result in forfeiture of travel funds.

San Jose To Honolulu Round Trip

Flight Credits that have not expired or were generated on or after July 28, 2022 will not expire and will display an expiration date until our systems are updated. See full details here.

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Due to licensing restrictions, on international flights that support WiFi, free live TV and iHeartRadio may not be available for the entire duration of the flight.​

Internet access for $8 per device from takeoff to landing. The price is subject to change. May not be available for the entire duration of the flight. In order to provide a first-class Internet experience, we prohibit access to certain high-bandwidth applications and websites. We also prohibit access to certain obscene or offensive content

Yes, there are non-stop flights from San Jose, CA to Honolulu (OH) 2 times a day Monday through Friday.

Yes, there are non-stop flights from San Jose, CA to Honolulu (OH) twice a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cheap Flights From San Jose To Honolulu In 2023

To find the lowest fares by day and hour for flights from San Jose, CA to Honolulu (OH) with , check our low fares table.

Yes! Flights from San Jose, California to Honolulu (OH) – or from here or there to anywhere – can be changed without change fees. A difference in rate may apply.

Where can I find answers to other questions about flying from San Jose, California to Honolulu (Ohio) with ?A flight from the mainland to Hawaii takes at least 5 hours. The price of that flight contributes a significant amount to the total costs of your vacation, and you know

San Jose To Honolulu Round Trip

Finding the best flight will give you the peace of mind that you made the right choice once you choose one.

San Jose Travel Guide

In this guide we help you decide when and how to book your ticket to Hawaii guided by the following questions/topics:

When life becomes so expensive, it makes sense to save as much money as possible on your trip. These resources help you save money (#1), book the best tours and activities (#2), and greatly simplify trip planning (#3 + #4):

There are no entry requirements related to COVID-19 for domestic travelers. Travelers arriving in Hawaii directly from an international airport must still meet US federal entry requirements. The CDC no longer requires air travelers traveling from a foreign country to the US to present a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before that they board their flight.

The most important part of answering this question is how many stops you need to get to your final destination in Hawaii. Each stop usually adds a few hours of waiting time to your trip. There are few direct flights from the East Coast (if you live in New York you’re in luck!), and most routes include a stop at one of the West Coast airports.

Direct (non Stop) Flights From Honolulu To Hilo

Second, most flights from the mainland to Hawaii arrive at Honolulu (HNL) on the island of Oahu, from where you’ll need to board an inter-island flight to the Big Island. This last step often adds a few hours to the total flight time, and it can be worth your while to look for direct flights to the Big Island.

The Big Island is the closest Hawaiian island to the west coast. Direct flights between several West Coast airports such as San Diego (SAN), San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX) and the two international airports on the Big Island: Kona (KOA) and Hilo (ITO) average about 5 hours.

In conclusion, if your departure airport is one of the major California hubs and you find a direct flight to Kona, you can reach the Big Island in less than 5 hours.

San Jose To Honolulu Round Trip

The best price you can expect to pay for a ticket to Hawaii depends on [a] the distance flown, [b] the time of booking, and [c] the length of your stay. These topics will be covered in the following sections. First, to give you an idea, we list an estimate of the price range of a return flight to Hawaii for each continent. These prices do not take into account sometimes deeply discounted promotions, which can reduce prices below half!

Ridiculous Deal: Round Trip Hawaii Flights Starting At Just $247…

Please note that the above prices represent our best guess at the time of the last update (2019), and are indicative only.

The best USD value flights for return trips to Hawaii in April 2015. Image adapted from [source]

This question has two complementary answers. First of all, the demand for tickets during peak season and holidays tends to increase the average price per ticket. Second, there tends to be a “sweet spot” for how far in advance you buy your flights to Hawaii.

Anyone who has ever tried to find cheap tickets knows that ticket prices can change on a daily basis. This is also true for Hawaii. Fortunately, many people have researched how airlines change their pricing policies (eg here, here, here and here), and it turns out there is a “sweet spot” for buying your ticket to Hawaii. Note, however, that the following numbers are average numbers and do not represent a gold standard.

Flights From Honolulu To Tokyo (hnl Tyo) On Japan Airlines (jal)

On average, the best time to buy your ticket to Hawaii is between 21 and 121 days before departure, with the period between 40 and 50 days often cited as the golden rule.

The figures mentioned above are valid for domestic flights within the US. For tickets purchased from Europe, Asia and Australia, you need to book slightly more in advance on average.

The best way to save money on your ticket is to skip peak season when tickets to Hawaii are usually more expensive. You should also skip major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years. If you have the luxury of planning your vacation in the months when the demand for tickets is down, you should definitely try to do so.

San Jose To Honolulu Round Trip

In our opinion, the best time to avoid the crowds and find the cheapest tickets to the Big Island is between mid-April and May and September and October.

Flights From San Jose, Ca, To Kahului (maui)

There are many airlines that fly to Hawaii, and choosing between them can be as easy as finding the cheapest price for your vacation dates on one of the many price comparison websites and apps available.

However, there are some airlines that we like a little more than others. Our main reasons for liking these airlines are good customer service and/or consistently low prices. You can read more about them in the following list of our favorite airlines


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