Seattle To San Jose Ca – 15 Sep 1926: San Diego CA- Seattle WA-; Interim Stops: Portland OR; Medford OR; San Francisco CA; Fresno CA; Bakersfield CA; With train connections to Sacramento CA; Awarded to: Pacific Air Transport; 1 July 1927 timetable; PAT on Wikipedia CAM #8 cover

San Francisco-Seattle Portland-Seattle Section Roseburg-Portland Section Reading-Roseburg Section San Francisco-Reading Section Los Angeles-San Francisco Fresno-San Francisco Section Los Angeles-Fresno Section San Diego-Los Angeles

Seattle To San Jose Ca

Seattle To San Jose Ca

US Air Service, Vol. X, No. 11, November 1925, p. 35: Private Corporations Awarded Five Airmail Routes

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United States Congress Serial Set. 9509. Page 173; Contract for Mail Service, Route No. C.A.M 8; The contract was signed on December 31, 1925 with Vern C. Gorst. Route: Seattle, Washington via Portland and Medford, Oregon, Sacramento, San Francisco, California, and Bakersfield, California to Los Angeles, California and return.

United States Congress Serial Set. 9509. Page 170; Subcontract for Mail Service, Route No. C.A.M 8; Contract signed March 6, 1926 between Vern C. Gorst, and Pacific Air Transport. Route: Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles, California and back.

San Diego-Los Angeles Airway on Airways CAM #8 Los Angeles-San Francisco Airway (Los Angeles-Fresno Section) Airway Bulletin No. 1 p.43, September 1, 1931 (Beacon Strip Map) Airway Bulletin No. 1 p. 55, September 1, 1932 (Map of the Beacon Strip) Los Angeles-San Francisco Airway (Fresno-San Francisco Section) San Francisco-Seattle Airway (San Francisco-Reading Section) Airway Bulletin No. 1, p.44, September 1, 1931 ( Beacon Strip Map ) Airway Bulletin No. 1, page 56, September 1, 1932 ( Beacon Strip Map ) San Francisco-Seattle Airway (Reading-Roseburg Section) San Francisco-Seattle Airway (Roseburg-Portland Section ) Airway Bulletin No. 1, page 45, September 1, 1931 (map of the Beacon Strip) Airway Bulletin No. 1 page 57, September 1, 1932 (map of the Beacon Strip) San Francisco-Seattle Airway (Portland-Seattle Section) Airway Bulletin No. 1 Page 46, September 1, 1931 (Beacon Strip Map) Airway Bulletin No. 1 Page 58, September 1, 1932 (Beacon Strip Map)

Air Commerce Bulletin, Vol. 2, No. 7, October 1, 1930 pp. 170-174 has the following article about the San Francisco-Seattle Airway.

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Night travel by airplane between Seattle, Wash., and Los Angeles, Calif., both north and south, on a well-lit and well-equipped airway, with recent installation of aids to air navigation between Reading, Calif. It is possible. , and Seattle, on the San Francisco-Seattle Airway, via the Aeronautics Branch.

This section of the airway is the last link in a series of rotating and flashing beacon lights. Radio communication stations, automatic telegraph typewriter circuits and light intermediate landing fields remain to be fabricated to provide facilities for the safety and reliability of aircraft on a 24-hour basis between Seattle and Los Angeles. Previously, the airway between Los Angeles and Reading was equipped with aids to air navigation.

When lights and other aids to air navigation are installed between Los Angeles and San Diego, practically the entire length of the Pacific coast will serve the Department of Commerce for air navigation. They are available to guide all aircraft and airmen regardless of the nature of their activities and the Department of Commerce intermediate landing fields are available for any emergency use. Unlike railroad rights-of-way, any number of air transportation lines may operate on a Department of Commerce airway, and all are free to use the facilities that make up the airway and which are safe and reliable. have been established in the interests of

Seattle To San Jose Ca

Oakland Airport’s airway is aligned with the transcontinental air route to New York, across the coastal range with Concord’s old Post Office Department Field—now a Department of Commerce Intermediate Landing Field replaced by an alternate landing field. As is widely used when there are foggy conditions. In the San Francisco Bay Area, flights to Oakland are dangerous.

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The route to Seattle continues across the Sacramento River from Concord to Salt Lake City and a wide stretch of tull swamp to another intermediate landing field a few miles east of Fairfield. The wind path then heads slightly west of north in a virtually straight line through the heart of the fertile Sacramento River Valley to Redding, California, about 170 miles away. Intermediate fields are found at Capay, Williams, and Willows, and airports are available at Corning, Red Bluff, and Redding.

This section of the airway and the section from Eugene, Ore., to Seattle presented no particular difficulty in the selection of landing fields and beacon sites, or in their installation and maintenance. But between Redding, Calif., and Eugene, Ore., some of the most difficult flying terrain in the United States must be negotiated. Much of this section is covered by Pacific Coast fog, and a good portion of the time is flown above fog and low clouds, the mountain peaks of the Cascade Range being the only landmarks through which flight progress can be made. . Tracts of ground suitable for landing fields on this portion of the Czech airway are few and far between, and as such have been acquired and developed as intermediate landing fields at the cost and preparation of fares. Both are very expensive.

The first field north of Redding, known as the Delta Field, is located in the steep-sided valley of the Sacramento River near Bayles, Calif. is situated near, where the stream is first cut and then leveled a bank of land sufficient to supply A little extra straight across the river valley at either end of the field is available for reasonably good views, both up and down the valley. Between the Pacific Highway to the south and the high-tension electric transmission lines of the California-Oregon Power Company in the foothills to the north, 11 acres of land are available. An east and west runway 2, 200 feet long and 100 to 350 feet wide, has been constructed on this route at considerable cost, including construction of a flume to carry irrigation water, heavy fencing to keep it out. Is. Livestock that roamed the region at will, “clearing and grading the field, trimming approach lanes, and sodding the field to preserve the grading surface.

About 30 miles away in the winding and steep valley of the Shasta River and near the base of Mount Shasta is Shasta City Intermediate Field, which has slightly more landing area available than the Delta field, although it is on a route that will eventually lead to the United States Forest Service. To be developed as a suitable airfield to be used as a patrol base. The cost of establishing this hold was shared by the United States Forest Service. About 8 miles away is Wade Airport in Edgewood, California, with potential for future growth.

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The next intermediate field is in Montague, California, a little less than 30 miles from the Mount Shasta field. In a wide valley surrounded by mountains rising more than 5,000 feet above the valley floor, a mile-long and half-mile-wide tract of land has been acquired by the city of Montague for eventual airport development, with a 2-way runway. . The landing strip, half a mile long and 400 feet wide, has been developed by the city at considerable expense and licensed to the Department of Commerce as an intermediate landing field. Although not highly rated, this field is of considerable importance, as it is on the southern edge of the highest part of the Siskiyou Mountains which impose a formidable barrier between northern California and southern Oregon. About 4 miles west of Montague is the Yreka Airport, which consists of the eastern half of a 1-mile racetrack with a landing area one-half mile long and 500 feet wide at approximately right angles to the direction available at Montague. So that in fact the two fields are considered to provide all the landing facilities in this valley.

On Hornbrook—just 10 miles north of Montague and Yreka—a rare opportunity, too good to pass up, presented itself in the form of a 23-acre tract of relatively level land in a small valley that was formed by the confluence of a small creek. Shasta River Through construction operations that include clearing and grading portions of the area, surfacing and sodding the entire course, fencing against roaming livestock routes, and installation of diversion ditches, underdrains, and flumes, a 2 Side field 2. , 200 feet in length, 300 to 600 feet in width in the direction of prevailing winds, with better than average visibility was made available for emergency use. This field has proved itself very valuable on seven occasions in the first six months of the year.

About 10 miles north of this point the California-Oregon border and the summit of the Siskiyou Barrier are crossed. Eight or nine miles from the boundary line on the northward slope is the Barons Ranch field near Ashland. ORIG This is a small 2 sided farm of 15 acres on a bench of land formed by two.

Seattle To San Jose Ca


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