Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas – LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — On October 11, the ladies of FANTASY, the award-winning topless show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, celebrated 23 years of success on the Las Vegas Strip with a party VIP at the Public House inside the iconic Las Vegas Vegas property, followed by a performance of the show.

As part of the night’s entertainment, the highly anticipated annual calendar was released, titled “2023: FANTASY Has Legs,” a tribute to the stunning cast as well as the longevity of the still-popular production since its inception under Emmy Award-winning producer, director and choreographer Anita Mann.

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

To celebrate this milestone, FANTASY’s glamorous showgirls posed for photos on the red carpet with the new calendar and appeared on the carpet with one of the show’s guest performers, Murray SawChuck, headliner of “Murray the Magician” at Tropicana Las Vegas.

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During the anniversary show, award-winning headliner Lorena Peril captivated audiences with her powerful voice along with a cast of talented dancers, while SawChuck wowed audiences with His mesmerizing magic show.

The “FANTASY Has Legs” calendar is now available for purchase on the edition website. Performance times are scheduled nightly at 10:30 p.m. inside the Atrium Gallery, there is an additional 8 p.m. shown on Sunday.

All guests attending the show must be at least 18 years of age or older with valid identification. This is certainly the case with Luxor, where it is believed that a strangely high number of deaths have occurred at this location, resulting in a large amount of paranormal activity.

Let’s take a look back at its history to find out why it’s known as the most haunted hotel in Sin City.

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This iconic pyramid-shaped resort is famous for being linked to many suspicious and untimely deaths.

Many guests who choose to stay at the 4,407-room Egyptian-themed resort have regularly shared experiences of spooky events.

If you look at the history of the location it is not surprising that there are many claims of haunted sightings within the place.

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

This impressive building is one of the largest hotels in the world and the 4th largest pyramid, opened in 1993 and took only 18 months and cost $375 million to build.

Casino At Luxor Las Vegas

It is thought that a number of construction workers died during construction, with conspiracy theorists claiming that management kept these deaths secret to protect the resort’s reputation.

There are also some who claim that Luxor was haunted before it was even built, simply because it was designed to look like an ancient Egyptian tomb – a sure way to upset the spirits.

Many say Luxor’s obsession has increased since the hotel opened a Titanic-themed exhibition in 2008.

The exhibition displays parts of the destroyed ship and personal items of many people who died in the tragedy.

Las Vegas: Where We Stayed

Nearly all of these deaths will go unreported because all of Las Vegas knows that bad news can hurt tourism and reduce the city’s profits.

However, even without these unreported deaths, it’s clear that something strange is going on inside that famous black pyramid.

Luxor’s first reported death occurred in 1996 when a woman jumped from the 26th floor of the hotel.

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

In Luxor, these suicides are made even more gruesome because the building’s pyramidal shape means that those who jump to their deaths will do so from an indoor balcony.

Fantasy’ Takes On Luxor Theater In Vegas Reopening

The circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery but there is no evidence that his fall was voluntary.

These included strangulation, as in the case of the assault, robbery, and murder of a 16-year-old woman named Sara Gruber.

But perhaps the most alarming murder occurred in 2007 when a worker, 24-year-old Willebaldo Dorante Antonio, was killed by an improvised explosive device in a plot that Newsweek compared to a popular TV show. language.

The bomb was placed under an upside-down plastic cup on top of his car.

Luxor Las Vegas

When Antonio flipped the cup over, the explosion occurred, blowing a hole in the roof of the car and killing him. The vehicle was not evacuated and it continued to drive as normal.

Three years later, the most shocking death occurred at the resort. UNLV football player Demario Reynolds got into a fight with another guest, Jason Simon Sindelar, over his partner.

Sindelar is an MMA fighter and delivered a fatal blow to Reynolds, who then lost consciousness after hitting the floor and never regained consciousness.

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

2012 saw the next death – an employee was murdered by her boyfriend in full view of the public in the lobby, leaving those who witnessed the murder scarred.

Las Vegas Hotel Souvenirs, Gifts, & Amenities

That same year, a case of Legionnaires’ disease claimed another victim at the hotel. In two previously identified cases, the water was treated both times.

However, this third case was not handled quickly enough because underwater tests returned negative results until shortly after the victim’s death. Creepy.

A third strange death occurred that year when a visiting pilot from Nellis Air Force Base mysteriously fell 25 feet down an elevator shaft.

With so many deaths occurring at Luxor during the 29 years it has been open, it is no surprise that visitors have reported seeing and encountering many ghosts.

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The most common ghostly visitor in Luxor is a mysterious blonde woman often seen in the bedrooms on the 12th floor of Luxor.

Guests sleeping in these rooms often wake up having difficulty breathing and feeling as if they are choking.

Others reported seeing the woman standing over their bed or feeling a ghostly hand brush their face.

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

I had a VERY WEIRD experience when I stayed at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas for EVO one time. I don’t even believe in ghosts/spirits, but literally every other “reasonable” explanation doesn’t fit what happened. Not even close.— Jen // LLumiya 🤖 (@LLumiya) August 26, 2021

Luxor Las Vegas Hotel And Casino

The hidden deaths of several workers during the building’s construction in the 1990s are said to have led to the appearance of many ghosts.

These are most commonly seen on the banks and dark tunnels of the hotel’s old ‘Nile Tours’, an attraction where visitors are taken to different parts of the pyramid by boat.

Many people believe that the sightings of so many ghosts were one of the main reasons why Luxor eliminated the river tour in later renovations.

@SedanoESPN never believed in ghosts until I was at the Luxor in Las Vegas. I had to leave after the first night.- Alex J (@ajaya81) May 7, 2018

The Luxor Las Vegas Opens New Esports Arena On The Strip

Luxor’s exhibition on the Titanic includes more than 300 artifacts recovered from the ocean floor. Many of these items are extremely personal including clothing, purses and glasses.

While interesting to look at, there have been numerous reports of the item’s original owner returning to haunt the exhibit, including a shadowy figure often seen standing on a An almost perfect replica of the doomed ship’s grand staircase.

Other guests also caught a glimpse of one of the Titanic’s watchmen, Frederick Fleet, who committed suicide in 1965.

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

One of the most haunted Exhibitions is the Titanic Exhibition: Artifacts Exhibition at the Luxor Hotel and in Las Vegas. Paranormal activity inside the Titanic: Artifacts exhibition at The Luxor ranges from feeling as if someone is watching you to actually seeing ghosts.— JonsTv (@JonCoop90325430) February 15, 2018

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As mentioned, there are several theories as to why there have been so many suspicious deaths recorded at Luxor over the years.

The fact that the resort had to endure such damage even though it was only completed in 1993 is quite scary.

Luxor takes its name from the Egyptian city of the same name. The whole premise behind its design was to build a venue that truly encapsulates the heart and spirit of ancient Egypt.

For example, it is believed that the pyramids in ancient Egypt needed to have a Sphinx facing both East and West so that the pyramid would be protected from evil on both sides.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

People also forget that the Egyptian pyramids are actually tombs built on the west side of the Nile River. This is where the sun sets and where ancient Egyptians believed the newly dead would enter the underworld.

It just so happens that Luxor was built on the west side of the Las Vegas strip.

A spooky coincidence may explain why so many visitors to Sin City died in this hotel.

Shows Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

These have led to more deaths occurring and thus more ghosts appearing. The opening of the Titanic exhibition in 2008 only added fuel to this already spooky fire.

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Another urban legend claims that after a series of random deaths occurred at the resort, local criminals were given the best opportunity to use the location as a location to attack their victims. they.

After all, who would doubt something when people are more willing to believe in the existence of a curse?

In the end, it could simply be a stroke of disastrous luck for the resort. Las Vegas is all about

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