Sophie Just Like We Never Said Goodbye – Oh, just like we never said goodbye When you talked to me like that Oh, just like we never said goodbye And it makes me feel, makes me feel

When I looked at my phone this past Saturday and saw all the pictures of SOPHIE online I was confused. I scrolled through a bunch of screenshots of SOPHIE in her “It’s Okay To Cry” music video posted by various artists and friends. Once I stopped scrolling and saw the headlines, the heartbreaking news began. SOPHIE has tragically passed away and the world has lost a trailblazing pioneer, a transgender icon, a friend to many, and an angel.

Sophie Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

Sophie Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

It took me a while to collect my thoughts and emotions. While I can’t speak on the same terms as those who knew her personally, SOPHIE has been and will continue to be a musical inspiration to me. Some of my fondest memories of living in San Francisco, during a difficult time in my life, are from close friends playing SOPHIE on repeat and finally going to see her live in 2015.

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SOPHIE’s music was revolutionary. He was an innovator who made pop and electronic music what it is today. SOPHIE has released music under her own name and produced for artists such as Charli XCX, Madonna, Vince Staples, Flume, as well as working closely with artists and friends in the PC Music collective. SOPHIE pushed pop and electronic music to their most experimental and avant-garde extremes and shattered expectations of what these songs should sound like. Even if you haven’t listened to SOPHIE, you’ve heard her distinct influence.

Throughout SOPHIE’s works, you’ll hear abrasive, jagged-edged electronic beats, glitchy noises, bubblegum shimmering soundscapes, and most importantly, iconic forward-thinking trance music.

When SOPHIE made her music debut with PC Music, the artist remained mysterious – shrouded in life under the guise of fog, lights, and loud tones. But it was the release of SOPHIE’s first single, “It’s Okay To Cry,” from her album,

This time, SOPHIE used her voice and image well and proudly, on full display for the world to see as a transgender pop star. In an interview with PAPER Magazine, SOPHIE was asked if she believes in God. “Yes, God is Trans.” Later in the interview, SOPHIE was asked about what transn means to her. “To me, being trans is taking control to bring your body more in line with your soul and spirit so that the two are not fighting each other and struggling to survive.”

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In songs like “Faceshopping” and “Immaterial,” SOPHIE shows us that gender can be shaped in our image, our faces can be photoshopped, painted with makeup, or surgically altered as we like. The track closes out

, can be seen as optimistic for a better and more inclusive future with SOPHIE repeating, “There’s a whole new world,” throughout the song. The album contained all of SOPHIE’s musical stylistic hallmarks and will be remembered as a landmark album — SOPHIE was the first trance artist to be nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Dance/Electronic” album category.

(2015). Their collection of songs was unlike anything I had heard before. Each one is unique and shows a different side of SOPHIE’s product artistry. All this week I’ve been going back to “JUST LIKE WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE” while crying SOPHIE to death.

Sophie Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

We were young and out of control. I haven’t seen you since I was, mm, sixteen. But then you called me the other day, I was shocked, but what can I say? And your voice is exactly the same and it makes me feel, makes me feel

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The whole song has a brilliant and sharp sound. In light of SOPHIE’s passing, the lyrics feel more anguished, as if the listener feels full of regret.

We went out the next day You still remember my favorite place And we laughed, just like we used to do, and we did everything we like to do. And now we’re holding hands and running And it makes me feel, makes me feel.

They can be interpreted as old lovers or friends meeting again after some time has passed. But now, for me, it speaks of SOPHIE leaving this world before anyone could say goodbye.

There’s always that twinkle in your eye Like you did the first time Oh, it’s like we never said goodbye And it makes me feel, makes me feel, like all I could ever need And it makes me feel, and it makes me feel. , like I never want to say goodbye

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