Star Trek Into Darkness Full Soundtrack – So, just in case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Star Trek fan. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I would see Star Trek Into Darkness on its opening weekend. Since my birthday was on opening weekend, it was like J.J. Abrams himself gave it to me.

It’s very difficult to write a spoiler-free review of the film, but I’ll try. They will be smaller, but I won’t reveal major plot points. That said, if you’re worried about spoilers, don’t read this review until you’ve seen the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness Full Soundtrack

Star Trek Into Darkness Full Soundtrack

Star Trek Into Darkness picks up about a year after the events of Star Trek 11, where Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are on the run from some natives they’ve been observing. Apparently, a massive volcano was about to destroy them, and the crew decided they had to intervene (violating the prime directive in the process) and stop the volcano. Kirk and Bones distracted the natives while Sulu, Spock, and Uhura worked to stop the cataclysm.

Hal Leonard Star Trek Into Darkness Soundtrack Cb3

Since this was only the first ten minutes of the movie, you can guess whether it worked or not.

But the movie is actually about the mythical John Harrison, who people have been speculating about for months, and how he helps a random Starfleet officer save his daughter in exchange for committing a terrorist attack on a London building. The thing is, Harrison’s attack was just a smokescreen to get all the high-ranking officers in one place so he could get revenge on them for crimes that have yet to be explained.

The head of Starfleet, Admiral Alexander Marcus, tasks Kirk with the mission to destroy Harrison and his hideout. Kirk is also very angry, but Spock convinces him that revenge is not part of the Starfleet code, and instead they lead a mission to capture Harrison and bring him back to Earth for testing.

The thing is, Harrison is hiding on the Klingon homeworld. And as Dr. McCoy finally says in Star Trek VI, “they don’t really like you.” (Kirk isn’t averse to Klingons at this point—in fact, he doesn’t know any.) But when our heroes capture Harrison, they learn that the real reason he committed his attacks was not what they—or anyone else—had at all. otherwise – expected.

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The rest of this article will be filled with such boshfpngrq grkgs. If you see such nonsense, go to to decipher it, but only if you’ve seen the movie. All blacked out SPOILERS.

If you don’t already know the stars of the movie, you’ve probably been living under a rock somewhere. But to summarize, our heroes – in alphabetical order:

Do you have any idea how long it took me to find the photo of Aisha Hinds as Navigator Darwin? It was pretty much all over the bridge, from the moment Kirk sends Chekov off to engineering to the point where the ship rises through the clouds, and yet it’s the best screen cap I’ve found.

Star Trek Into Darkness Full Soundtrack

Added to this cast are the obligatory Trek cameos. The biggest name by far is Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) as John Harrison. There is a lot of speculation about who Cumberbatch will play, but I can’t say because it would completely spoil the movie. Having never really seen him in action, I was impressed with what he could pull off in the fight scenes, and he brings a gravitas that Sherlock (who he plays as borderline Asperger most of the time) sometimes lacks. The cast also includes Peter Weller (Robocop), who also appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise as Admiral Marcus, the head of Starfleet. Weller’s main asset right now is his voice, which works very well when he basically says matter-of-factly, “jryy, V’z tbvat gb xvyy lbh abj.” As a nice nod to his former role, he has a model of Archer’s Enterprise on his desk. And finally, Alice Eve (Men in Black 3) plays Carol Marcus, the admiral’s daughter (it’s not a spoiler if I say that). I’m sure it was added as an eye-catcher so we could see someone in a speaking role wearing underwear without being Uhura again. (By the way, the underwear scene was pretty forced. The movie didn’t need it. Not at all.) Oh, and lest we forget — Aisha Hinds (Dollhouse) fills in at the navigator’s console when Chekov has to head off to help with the engineering, and even Leonard Nimoy appears briefly.

Michael Giacchino Star Trek: Into Darkness (main Theme) Sheet Music Downloads

I would like to highlight the music of the film. As a soundtrack geek (if you’ve read my stuff on Escape Pod, you know I am), I always listen to a movie’s soundtrack to see if it’s its own character or just background audio. In this movie, it was the wallpaper. I didn’t catch a “Harrison theme” at all – just the main Trek theme and “Starfleet people doing Starfleet things” – until I listened to the soundtrack. Even the ending, jura Xvex naq Fcbpx fcbxr va gur ratvar ebbz, didn’t have a theme that I could make out. Unfortunately, this is the trend in soundtracks these days – similar problems can be heard in the Man of Steel soundtrack, although it all comes together in the end. I think it’s time for someone else to take over the musical reins of Trek from Michael Giacchino – perhaps Ilan Eshkeri (Stardust) or John Ottman (X-2: X-Men United) would do well. Just not Zimmer or Howard, please.

As for the direction, it was about what to expect from a Trek reboot. Less lens flare, especially at the beginning; lots of instant zooms, tilted cameras and close-ups of people’s eyes. The costuming wasn’t anything special – the enemy ship’s crew wore very strange blue-and-purple uniforms, and the Klingons looked like… well… Klingons (for the most part). There weren’t any special effects that differed significantly from the previous film, either – including that horrible swirling firefly transporter effect that looks more cartoony than anything else.

Mr. Spock doesn’t yawn in this scene, but telling me what he’s actually saying would spoil the movie. So I won’t.

Well, despite all the crap I gave it, I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness. It was a big, loud, exciting film with decent writing and direction, and if too many scenes were shot “just because”, at least most of them worked (except for the underwear scene, which I still can’t get over the uselessness of, up there with Xvex’f with guerr-jnl jvgu gur nyvra jbzra). I saw the movie in 2D, and there was nothing ostentatious that I noticed that was shot specifically for 3D, except for the spacewalk scene (Kirk’s heads-up display). I think film is suffering from the changing times in many ways – audiences need something hands-on and dumbed down, and studios are afraid to take risks when it comes to sci-fi films. Actually, as I was watching this movie, I thought “this could have been done as Americans vs. Terrorists and it wasn’t sci-fi at all” – but when you think about it, it’s a plot that everyone, even non-Trek fans, can relate to. able to understand.

Star Trek Into Darkness (music From The Motion Picture)

And for us die-hard Trek fans, there was plenty of fan service, including three moments where I literally either slapped my hand or audibly sighed in a combination of derision and disbelief.

If I had to place the movie in the reboot universe continuum, I think it’s better than Star Trek 11 because there wasn’t as much “origin story” (always annoying) and there was enough time to develop the villains. Plus there was more of the Kirk-Spock-McCoy dynamic (although it was mostly Kirk-Spock and Kirk-McCoy since Spock-Uhura is the thing now). Overall, I rank the films as follows:

Star Trek Into Darkness is worth the time and money to see in the theater. I recommend. Only, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t go to Tumblr until then, because there are a lot of gifs from the movie floating around.

Star Trek Into Darkness Full Soundtrack

Note to parents: This movie contains violence (occasionally graphic, but not gory), terrorism, premeditated murder, space battles, a coming-of-age situation, more swearing than I expected, and a scene that shows gratuitous near-nudity. Good for anyone who can handle a PG-13 movie, which really says something about PG-13 movies today, doesn’t it? Of course, you should use your best judgment when it comes to your children.

Chris Pine: New ‘star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer & Posters!: Photo 2851458

Josh Roseman (not the trombonist, the other one) lives in Georgia. Her fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Escape Pod and the Crossed Genres anthology Fat Girl in a Strange Land. His voice was also heard in the fictional podosphere, including here in the Escape Pod. Find him online at or on Twitter @listener42. page, I swear we’re all typing

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