Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets – Season 37 castaway Alec Merlino recently spilled a “Survivor” behind-the-scenes secret during a Q&A video posted on YouTube.

Merlino touched on various topics in the April 21 video, where he touched on everything from his meeting to the controversy over how contestants go to the bathroom.

Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets

Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets

Merlino started the video by responding to a fan who asked, “Did that really happen?” The White Lotus star confirmed to fans that “Survivor” is indeed real, saying, “yes, it’s a real experience… There’s nothing unreal about the show. If there is, I’ll tell you people. I’m not lying. I’m telling you the truth one hundred percent.”

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“Everybody’s been asking where you went No. 2, the bathroom scene,” Merlino said with a smile. “Well, if you’re going to be a stranger, you can just go anywhere. If you’re going to go to number 2, they call it a drain. You’re going to go into the water. Some people dig a hole sometimes.”

“They’re like, ‘Dude, you need to find a public place to go to number 2 because people are setting up mines everywhere,'” he said. “I think the production is really getting into it – which is not good.”

“It’s exactly what you expect,” he told viewers. “Always smiling, always happy. I would say he is very enthusiastic. It’s very interesting, and it’s very honest. “

Fans of “Survivor” may remember that Merlino was banned from the finale of season 37 for posting a photo with Castaway 37 Kara Kay. The two started dating shortly after the filming of the film.

Survivor: Game Changers

According to TMZ, the post violated the contestants’ pre-show non-disclosure agreement, which states that contestants cannot post pictures of each other on social media. The script took the attention of the production, and Merlino was not invited from the meeting.

“In my mind, when we get home from the show, people are following each other on Instagram, and I’m like nobody knows who we are, the show hasn’t been announced yet. Kara and I started dating,” as as he told the viewers.

“I’m happy. I wanted to post stuff, and I posted a picture. I put the caption ‘f*** it,'” he continued. “Someone took this picture and submitted it to TMZ and made it It’s like I’m saying f*** it for production when, in fact, I’m not.”

Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets

Season 37 castaway Alec Merlino recently spilled some “Survivor” behind-the-scenes information during a video posted on his YouTube channel. ‘Survivor’ castaways usually wear clothes in the colors of the first tribes. But who decides what they can and can’t wear to the game?

Rules ‘survivor’ Contestants Have To Follow

Producers spend a lot of time and effort to make each season. Usually, the program includes twists, challenges, puzzles, etc. And yet

It’s not the most exciting show, the cast and crew have to think about what the actors will wear during the show. But do the Survivor players get to choose what clothes they bring to the island?

(pictured above) green buffs, so their color is green. As a result, each of them came with green clothes. So we know that the producers at least let the players know what colors to focus on when deciding what to bring to Fiji.

Producers passed the dress of waste? Thankfully, some former contestants have shared how the show has determined what they can and can’t wear over the years.

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Lauren said, “I don’t really have a say in what I wear while I’m on the show.” “I was told to send clothes that I would like to wear on the island in blue or purple. In this color scheme, right? Because I started with Manu, and Manu is the blue tribe.”

She continued, “I sent three different players. Then, I also sent in spandex. What I sent I wore as my bra and shirt. Now, I didn’t know at the time, Kelley [Wentworth] was going to be in my season. And Kelley’s go-to aesthetic is the sports bra and spandex vibe. And they are careful not to dress anyone like this.”

“So I get emails that say, ‘This bra and spandex case won’t work. Please go find a bra and underwear,'” Lauren said. “They actually sent me the way. link to the dress they want me to get. So I get them, I try them on, I make them. This is what they decided to make me a dress… When choosing what I want to send, they told me they want me in crops and other runners.”

Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets

Castaway concluded, “Long story short – Creativity took everything I put in, and I really didn’t have a choice.”

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So while players sometimes have a say in their clothing, the final decision often falls in the hands of the producers.

@lollyalexandra I’ll bring my jacket next 🙂 #survivor #cbssurvivor #lollytalkssurvivor ♬ original sound – Lauren O’Connell

“I wish I had known that they had a full wardrobe and that I would be presenting different outfits that I would be chosen to wear on the show,” Wentworth said. “I wish I knew that if I introduced jeans shorts, they would definitely wear jeans because I was called a farmer’s daughter, and farmers only wear jeans.”

She added, “And I, every time I come back, I have to wear jeans so that people recognize me.” If I had known all this, I would not have submitted the jeans shorts because they are not good equipment. They don’t hold water well – they actually hold water very well. They don’t keep you warm, and they don’t protect you from insects. “

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Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets

From left, Tyson Apostol, Boston Rob Mariano, and Ethan Zohn on “Survivor: The Winners of War.” CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Survivor Contestants Share Behind The Scenes Stories You Never Saw On Tv

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The CBS reality series “Survivor” has been featuring the biggest and the lowest of the competition on a remote island for several weeks, but there are some things about the game that aren’t shown on screen.

Eight “Survivor” contestants talk about their time on the show and share behind-the-scenes secrets that might surprise even the biggest fans of the series.

Lauren-Ashley Beck, a contestant on “Survivor: Island of the Idols,” said she forgot about habits like hair and makeup while on the island, which she found “very liberating.”

Interesting And Cool Facts People Don’t Know About ‘survivor’

But Beck said when talking to other players about planning a “fan” visit, she found out that many of her teammates got laser hair removal before the game.

“Apparently everyone in my season got laser hair removal, but I didn’t,” Beck said. “I have a small bush in my armpit. And other places.”

“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” contestant Davie Rickenbacker was named social media manager, but he said that wasn’t his original title at the time.

Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets

Rickenbacker said that when he explained his work to the actors, he mentioned social media as part of his job. After that, he said, “he was just slapped with the title of social media manager.”

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“Survivor: Island of the Idols” contestant Elaine Stott said the contestants get access to a medicine box in the woods with supplies like sunscreen, bug spray, and vitamins.

Stott also said that the contestants present tampons and contact lenses in their “own little bag” before arriving on the island.

“If you need one of those things, you can just go to the medicine box,” Stott said. “They only let one person go so you don’t have to gather there anymore.”

Beck added that the cameras stopped rolling when the contestants were in the medicine box or wearing sunscreen “because they wanted to keep thinking it was real.”

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“We were told very clearly that we weren’t allowed to talk strategy if we were helping each other put on a swimsuit,” Beck said, adding that the cameras didn’t want to miss anything.

“Survivor: Island of the Idols” contestant Karishma Patel said she was given antibiotics while on the island because she was suffering from a “bad” urinary tract infection.

“If someone has ever had a UTI, it’s one of the most painful things you can experience, and they give you antibiotics,” Patel said.

Survivor Behind The Scenes Secrets

But Patel said she still experiences “significant side effects from the medication,

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