The Impact Of Workplace Diversity On Organisations – Let’s face it, today’s business world is set on a global scale. Technology is one factor that makes our world smaller and gives companies of all sizes the freedom to hire the best people, wherever they are. And as technology advances in the future, the people involved will run with it.

Millennials are shaping the workplace today and tomorrow. And the word on everyone’s lips is “cultural diversity.” A trend that is definitely here to stay. But what exactly is cultural difference?

The Impact Of Workplace Diversity On Organisations

The Impact Of Workplace Diversity On Organisations

For an actual definition, turn to The Oxford Dictionary. Here you will find that it is said, “the existence of various cultural or ethnic groups within society” [1]. In other words, it is a population that includes all the differences. From a business perspective, types of workplace diversity include, “race, ethnicity, age, ability, language, nationality, socioeconomic status, gender, religion , or sexual orientation” [2].

Diversity And Inclusion: 7 Best Practices For Changing Your Culture

And with our political and global world, it is necessary to understand the nature of cultural differences in business. It’s not about tokenism and conforming to expectations.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of cultural diversity and its benefits. Designed as an expert guide to cultural diversity, we will answer these basic questions. By helping you improve the understanding of this topic within your organization and create guidelines on how to promote cultural diversity in the workplace.

Culture shapes us, it is why we have certain beliefs, it influences our behavior and it gives us our identity. Cultural diversity is the representation of different cultural and ethnic groups in society.

When it comes to cultural diversity in the workplace, it is the inclusion of employees from different backgrounds, different races, different sexual orientations and different political views [3]. The word cultural diversity encourages a collaborative environment, with representatives from different backgrounds working together as a team.

Diversity In The Workplace: Why Is It Important?

It’s easy to talk about the theory and definition of cultural diversity, but when it comes to creating it within an organization, a lot depends on the practices during the recruitment process.

We’ve touched on the idea of ​​the benefits of cultural diversity, but equality and diversity is something that has only been paid lip service to in the media. There has been extensive research on the positive effects and importance of corporate involvement.

Research on why cultural diversity is important provides solid statistics to work with when considering its benefits. For example, economically, research shows that the 43 most diversified public companies have gained 24% more than the S&P 500 [4]. Another study shows that almost 95% of directors agree that diversity brings a unique perspective [5].

The Impact Of Workplace Diversity On Organisations

Ultimately, workplace diversity and inclusion allows companies to build teams that bring different perspectives and talents to the mix, increasing innovation and driving higher revenue.

Ways Hr Can Help Create An Inclusive Environment At Work

To gain a deeper understanding of what cultural diversity looks like, you need to start by summarizing the types of workplace diversity that are recognized.

We are all defined by characteristics that go beyond basic HR capture forms. We could write a long list with all kinds of cultural differences with this theory.

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list. To be truly diverse, explore and consider other differences from marital status, education, language and accent, come into the mix [7].

The benefits of diversity are long and varied. Here are three benefits of promoting a cultural diversity policy in your organization.

Examples Of Diverse And Inclusive Companies

A culturally diverse workplace empowers people to develop their talents and skills. Diverse ideas and skills allow those to learn from a wider collection of colleagues.

It can also increase problem solving skills and increase happiness and productivity. In a world where all voices are heard, this spirit of innovation and encouragement to participate can drive business success [8].

By developing a strategy for cultural diversity, you can broaden your appeal to prospective employees, and reach higher-quality candidates from around the world.

The Impact Of Workplace Diversity On Organisations

In addition to attracting a wider talent pool, cultural diversity is key to building the concept of mutual respect between companies and employees, and teamwork. In turn, this makes you a more attractive proposition to valuable candidates which makes you stand out in the market.

Optimize Workplace Diversity: Maximize Your Employee Resource Group

Studies have shown the positive impact that culturally diverse employees can have on team building and business. By bringing together people from different backgrounds, you will find a more diverse set of solutions to the problems and approaches you may have.

A more diverse workforce allows you to bring new ways of thinking to the company that can be applied in many different ways. By listening to each employee’s voice and way of thinking, a company will no longer be pigeonholed.

A company that actively encourages diversity in the workplace will find more perspectives to consider and more solutions to think about than ever before. This can motivate employees to do their best.

The best way to learn about other cultures and ethnicities is to talk to people from that background. Research can take you a long way and with very little personal touch. By interacting with people of a different culture or background, you not only gain first-hand knowledge, you interact directly with someone.

Good For Business: Age Diversity In The Workplace And Productivity

Employees who connect with others about their backgrounds during lunch or after-hours drinks will feel more connected to a company, feel more listened to, and connect more with their coworkers and employees. company.

Employee engagement helps build trust, starting at the top and all the way down to the company. Collaboration is always good for business, it can lead to more motivation, cooperation and loyalty.

Companies that employ people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds will be considered good employers. This reputation among employees will raise the standing of a company and attract more people to come and work there.

The Impact Of Workplace Diversity On Organisations

Your company’s reputation among its customers is one of the most important things. Customer service and reputation can be greatly improved through a diverse workforce, with diverse employees being able to help customers in a more personalized way thanks to shared experience and understanding.

Steps To Reaching Your Workforce Diversity Goals

The proof is in the reception if you want to see the effectiveness of cultural diversity in the workplace. Here are three of our favorite examples to inspire you.

Above the list in a few guides on the topic. Johnson & Johnson takes a company-wide approach to cultural diversity. From using technology to eliminate gender bias, to training interviewers to identify and combat bias during the hiring process.

With 4000 languages ​​available to users, Google brings real solutions to a global audience. This is the driving force behind the company’s success. Their motto, “never judge a search engine by its interface” is inspiring.

Ranked 21st on DiversityInc’s 2019 list [10], Kellogg’s has more women in leadership roles than the national average. The third again. And they promote benefits such as longer maternity pay.

How Can You Use Technology To Support A Culture Of Inclusion And Diversity?

As such a sensitive topic, there are significant challenges to it from developing cultural diversity strategies in the workplace.

It is best to look at it from two different perspectives to help improve diversity, promote it and make sure the message is understood. It can be divided into what the company can do and what the employee can do.

When it comes to what companies can do to manage and promote diversity across the organization, strategies that can be implemented include:

The Impact Of Workplace Diversity On Organisations

Employees also have their own responsibility for managing and promoting diversity. For many, there will be opportunities to introduce colleagues to their culture and background and teach them what they need to know and understand such as:

Workplace Diversity Essay Topics & Research Titles At Studycorgi

Understanding that globalization has created a cultural gap that creates culturally diverse teams is part of the consensus that organizations must face. With more employee mobility and more organizations making efforts to develop virtual teams, the reach of diverse teams will only increase.

However, there are challenges in developing the right management structure and identity for building culturally diverse teams. A multicultural team is a team that includes members from different countries and cultures. Of course, these people also speak different languages.

Things like language that are sometimes easy to recognize as part of managing different teams, but it’s not always easy to understand how you can do it best.

We’ll take a closer look at the kinds of things you need to know about managing multicultural teams. The biggest caveat is that it depends on the structure/diversity within the team that some of these issues will spread when managing your own team.

Diversity At Work

You need to start the process of cultural awareness from the offset, not something you can absorb later.

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