Top 10 Horror Movies 1980s – From masterpieces like The Shining to low-budget horror flicks like Basket Case 20 Movies That Will Prove The 80s Were The Decade’s Scariest Movies

The 1930s and 1940s are often recognized as the golden age of horror. Universal Studios produced Frankenstein (1931); With such recognized classics as Dracula (1931) and The Wolf Man (1941) deserving of credit for launching the genre, the mantle truly belongs to the auteurs and schlockmeisters of the 1980s. The Exorcist and the jaw

Top 10 Horror Movies 1980s

Top 10 Horror Movies 1980s

Top directors were able to create big-budget, scariest blockbusters, but at the same time, filmmakers were preparing to capitalize on home video to make tasteless B-movies. So as Halloween creeps up on us, Let’s celebrate the most diverse decade of scary movies in history by ranking our 20 Greatest Horror Movies of the ’80s. There are no lame Necco wafers or Smarties in this horrifying collection of artwork and blood-soaked black humor.

Forgotten But Great ’80s Horror Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

Equal parts horror movie; A Christmas classic and a coal comedy like Black; Gremlins looks like a mess on paper. However, Joe Dante’s strong direction and Chris Columbus’s scripting wisdom hold all the pieces together. Teenager Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) receives a mystical mogwai for Christmas—replicating hell; Only to mutate and breed—is at once intense; It’s funny and surprising. It never feels anything less than real, and it also has significantly lower realism effects. Synopsis: This is essential seasonal viewing for the horror dog breed.

Basket Case is a strange oxymoron of a movie. At one level, Frank Henenlotter (who would later make Sclockbusters like Frankenhooker and Bad Biology) is your typical 80s B-horror. It’s about a man who keeps deformed twins in a basket, and the couple who kill the doctors who separate them in a tunnel of blood. However, It’s elevated over and above by a (sometimes) cheesy romance and a lament on the shallowness of society. Who would have thought that a killer block of arms and skin would become a three-dimensional character?

There could be few directors as unsullied as John Carpenter in the 1980s (spoiler alert: three of his films appear on this list), and his golden age was one of his best works. They Live is quotable; A tough-as-nails, smartly satirical sci-fi/action/horror. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, a wrestler-turned-wrestler, turns the role better than anything Dwayne Johnson and John Cena have ever done. At the same time, The undertones of capitalism—the plot of an alien invasion to control the mind—are as relevant now as they were in the ’88s.

Child’s Play is far from the first killer toy movie, but it’s the easiest to emulate. Screenwriter Don Mancini and Fright Night director (and not Spider-Man) Tom Holland created a darkly dark animated film that spawned a decades-long franchise. Brad Dourif stars as the killer Charles Lee Ray, a maniac who transfers his dying soul into a doll and kills anyone who stands in the way of his quest to become human again. He may not be as fearsome as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers before him, but he will be a far more humorous and creative killer.

Underrated 80s Horror Movies.

Child’s Play may be Tom Holland’s biggest film, but his directorial debut Fright Night is his best. A meta-horror comedy for fans of vampire stories, It’s Midnight Movie Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) comes to believe that his new next-door neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire. . Despite lamenting the fact that the Nosferatu legend has fallen out of fashion, this film was a wild, monster-and-hypnotic romp in the late ’80s, before The Lost Boys and Vampire’s Kiss. You could even argue that Scream is at least partially indebted to this classic, with its commentary on contemporary horror trends.

A sexy and bloody horror that reinvigorates the old werewolf roots of the 1980s. Dee Wallace plays Karen White, a TV reporter who is sent after a remote retreat to nurse her wounds. However, The whole place is full of wolves. The best part of this movie is full of makeup and practical effects. When you watch these transformation scenes to the end, It’s no surprise that creative designer Rob Bottin spent a year developing the bar at The Thing.

A brief ’80s horror thriller that spawned Twilight Zone: The Movie and Cat’s Eye, Creepshow is a 1950s subgenre comic. It’s hand-animated scenes, It happily expresses its imagination with dramatic lighting and animated acting. The two masters of horror, director George A. Romero and writer/actor Stephen King, provide every short story with a delightful twist, albeit one created by Leslie Nielsen. Fly the plane! The star plays the role of a murderous millionaire, which is haunting and worth admitting in itself.

Top 10 Horror Movies 1980s

Although the Hellraiser franchise made the Cenobites mainstream horror icons. The sadomasochists are different background characters in Clive Barker’s original. The first part is the story of Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman), an undead hedonist who kills repeatedly to regain Frank’s human body, and his lover. The practical effects, controlled by Bob Keen, steal the show, though it’s still Doug Bradley as the deeply conflicted and deep-seated Pinhead. It is exciting. Some contemporary reviews have called it the best British horror of all time, and three decades later it still holds up.

The 13 Best Horror Movies Of The 1980s

Friday the 13th descends on prequel horrors. Its slasher plot is a Halloween-themed recreation, while the gore and sex are brought straight from Italy.

The action and closing jump scares mimic the horror that Carrie created. However, Bringing together all the most successful tricks of the 70s, Sean S. Cunningham’s horror debut recouped its production budget more than 100 times and ignited a slasher explosion. Wasn’t it for the bank that made this movie? Would we have had A Nightmare On Elm Street?

This zombie/body horror debut from writer/director Stuart Gordon tests the boundaries of taste, even in the sex and euphoria of the 1980s. It’s about medical student Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) developing a formula that can reverse death, and at the end of the film, a decapitated head engages in sexual assault. All of Re-Animator’s transgressions hit it when it was released uncensored and unrated to the mainstream video market, and it has remained a legendary midnight movie for cultists ever since.

You can’t talk about American Werewolf in London without talking about that transformation scene. David Kessler’s first transformation into a werewolf during Full Moon was made iconic by Rick Baker’s practical effects and David Naughton’s acting, delivering a more intense transformation than any previously mentioned. Michael Jackson personally shot director John Landis for the music video, so it looks so good.

Best Scary Movies For Kids Of All Ages For A Family Friendly Fright

. Throw in all those catchphrases (“Have you ever mentioned a corpse? Boring!”) and you’ve got a pretty sight.

Illustrated by Tobe Hooper, this haunted house story is about a family haunted by a supernatural entity. However, It’s more than a Steven Spielberg movie. Not only did the superstar write and produce the script; It is also reported that he has an appointment every day. Poltergeist is full of high-budget set pieces, and it shows the preciousness of family and childhood that it shares with the likes of E.T. As scary as it is, It spawned a franchise and became a critically acclaimed blockbuster that earned three Oscar nominations.

After detours to make Suspiria and the very underrated Inferno, Dario Argento returned to his love of blood and guts.

Top 10 Horror Movies 1980s

Tenebrae and type. The Killer is the story of a horror writer who travels to Rome, with all the gore you’d expect from a director who inspired the slasher movement by simulating the murders in his new book. However, It’s a fascinating murder-mystery; With its narrative building to a narrative twist that shows the brains behind the body count; This did not stop the film from being banned in the UK until 1999.

Nine Of The Best Cars From Scary Movies

Although considered a throwback to David Cronenberg’s nightmarish horror body style, Videodrome was a box office bomb when it first came out in 1983. It was only in the home video market that later hits like The Fly propelled it to fame. just It was definitely too weird for the early ’80s mainstream. However, Commentary on biomechanical practical effects and the shrinking gap between humanity and our technology has come of age magnificently. In fact, TV violence is thought to degrade society.

After Halloween, John Carpenter immediately became a must-see horror genre.

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