Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon – Want to find the best Grand Canyon tours from Sedona? You have come to the right place as we provide you with the best options to make your trip the best it can be.

As a couple with experience exploring Sedona and the Grand Canyon—and as avid national park travelers—we can tell you that there are many fantastic opportunities to explore the iconic landscape.

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

Not only will you get a chance to see stunning scenery, but you’ll also get an up-close look at geology and millions of years of history.

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Too busy to read the full list? Here are our top 3 recommendations for the best Grand Canyon tours from Sedona!

Take a trip to the Grand Canyon like no other with the Complete Small Group Grand Canyon Tour.

With no more than 14 people (usually closer to 10) per tour, you can explore the South Rim and West Rim of this incredible natural wonder in an intimate setting with your professional guide.

Visit nearby sites like Sunset Crater National Monument and Wopatki National Monument, and stop for shopping at Grand Canyon Village.

Grand Canyon Overnight Tour From Sedona (gs2)

Your guide will make sure you don’t miss any of the area’s sights and will provide lots of interesting explanations about the Grand Canyon’s history.

Best of all, bottled water and a delicious Southwestern-style lunch on a Navajo reservation are included in the tour.

It’s a very long and full day, but it’s worth it. Our guide…was incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. – Erin J (more reviews)

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

Explore the Grand Canyon’s South and West Rim like never before on the Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour from Sedona.

Grand Canyon Railway Tours, Day Tour, Grand Canyon Sunset Day Tour, Sedona Az

Your expert guide will take you through some of America’s most stunning scenery, stopping along the way for photos at the Painted Desert Rocks and Little Colorado River Canyon.

Entrance fee and bottled water are included in the tour, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

📎 Tip: While lunch is not included, you’ll have free time in Grand Canyon Village to pick a meal right up your alley, as there are plenty of options.

This guided day tour is perfect for the “mature traveler” who wants to take their time to explore this national treasure.

Grand Canyon Tours

You’ll visit several historic sites, including Sunset Crater National Monument and Wupatki National Monument, and you’ll have the chance to see famous Grand Canyon South Rim sights such as Desert View, Lipan Point, and Yavapai Point.

Your guided tour includes a delicious lunch at Cameron’s Trading Post, bottled water to keep you hydrated as you explore this incredible place, and time to pick up souvenirs at Grand Canyon Village.

It is hard to describe the sights we saw on this tour. It was great! It was a full day tour but it went very quickly… three tours in one. – Marty W (more reviews)

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

This small group tour is designed with your exploration in mind and has a maximum capacity of 14 guests, so you’ll have plenty of room to spread out on the trip while still enjoying the magnificent scenery.

Rv Trip To Grand Canyon & Sedona, Arizona

As part of the tour, you’ll visit Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument to see lava flows and Wupatki National Monument to learn about Native American ruins.

Spend time taking in some of the Grand Canyon’s most famous sights along the South Rim, including the Desert View Lookout Tower.

Re-energize with a delicious included lunch at Cameron Trading Post to ensure enough stamina as you explore these inspiring places throughout the day.

We had the most wonderful experience! Junior was an amazing guide, very friendly and knowledgeable! – Tracy H (more reviews)

Grand Canyon Via Sedona And Navajo Reservation Full Day Tour From Phoenix Tours, Activities, Fun Things To Do In Phoenix/scottsdale(usa)|veltra

This tour takes you to the South and West Rim and drives along one of the most scenic drives in Arizona – Oak Creek Canyon.

You can explore historic sites such as Sunset Volcano National Monument and Wupatki National Monument, as well as numerous viewpoints along the South Rim, where you can take stunning photos of this incredible place.

Your tour includes entrance fees and a delicious lunch at the Cameron Trading Post, so you can make the most of exploring the Grand Canyon with plenty of energy throughout the day.

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

And you have just enough time to collect a few souvenirs in Grand Canyon Village before heading home.

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Great trip, the tour guide was wonderful. The day was well planned and we were able to see everything. – Giovanni Di (more reviews)

Want to take a private tour of the Grand Canyon from Sedona instead of with ten of your new friends? We have selected a great selection for your experience. And guess what? Not much more expensive!

Drive along Oak Creek Canyon, one of America’s most scenic drives, before exploring lava flows at Sunset Crater Volcanic National Monument and Pueblo ruins at Wupatki National Monument.

After filling your stomach, spend four hours at the Grand Canyon South Rim taking in the stunning views of this natural wonder.

Grand Canyon With Sedona And Oak Creek Canyon Van Tour, Phonix, Az

Admission to all parks is included in your tour, so you can enjoy every moment without worrying about extra costs.

This private tour gives you exclusive access to one of America’s most visited National Parks and the memories made will last a lifetime.

It was a truly magical tour! Connor is a kind, lively and happy soul. His love for the land and passion… made us feel like we belonged here. – Marny N (more reviews)

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

Want to make sure you enjoy the sunset while you’re in the Valley? It’s spectacular and we have to admit we spent a very cold evening there and took some epic photos.

The Grand Canyon Classic Tour From Sedona, Az

With a maximum of 14 guests, a professional small group tour guide will accompany you to ensure you get the most out of your time.

On your way to the Grand Canyon, pass incredible scenery, including the Painted Desert and the Little Colorado River Gorge.

After a souvenir stop at Cameron’s Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation, your guide will take you to the Desert Watchtower and other viewpoints along the South and West Rims before arriving at Grand Canyon Village.

As the sun sets, enjoy a delicious dinner at Grand Canyon Village before heading to the rim of the canyon for some of the most incredible sunset views.

Grand Canyon With Sedona And Oak Creek Canyon Van Tour

The whole experience was wonderful. I enjoyed the different views of the Grand Canyon and the thought that went into the itinerary. But our guide Brad put it over the top. – Reed H (more reviews)

Enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Grand Canyon on this Grand Canyon sunset day trip from Sedona.

Enjoy incredible views and photo opportunities as you drive through Oak Creek Valley, with views including the Painted Desert and San Francisco Peaks on the Navajo Reservation.

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

Before continuing your trip to the Grand Canyon, stop at the Cameron Trading Post to pick up some local local crafts.

Grand Canyon Tours, Guided Tours From Sedona, Az

Your scenic drive along the South Rim will make your way to Grand Canyon Village, where you’ll be provided with a delicious dinner and plenty of water – so you’ll be ready for a stunning sunset!

As the sun begins to set over this incredible natural wonder, enjoy the endless miles of the canyon and stretch as far up the North Rim as you can.

It was such a fun day…! We couldn’t have asked for more personal guidance. The views were stunning, the dinner was delicious, and the sunset was beautiful! – William C (more reviews)

Until now, all the tours have been with small buses or vans. These next two tours offer a completely different opportunity: a train ride through the beautiful scenery of the Southwest.

Sedona & Grand Canyon

Imagine taking a train to see the Grand Canyon as part of your experience. What a great way to explore one of the seven natural wonders of the world, don’t you think?

Start your Grand Canyon tour by train with an enjoyable bus ride through the Oak Creek Valley and take in the breathtaking views.

Then, settle into your comfortable first-class seat and take in all the sights on the Grand Canyon Railway as you finish your trip to the South Rim.

Tours From Sedona To Grand Canyon

When you finally reach the South Rim, get off at Grand Canyon Village for incredible photo opportunities from several nearby vantage points. Take some time to explore and enjoy lunch with your companions (lunch not included).

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Since the train experience is only one-way, your ride home will be by bus/van. But it does allow you to pick up a home craft or two from Cameron’s Trading Post!

We had such an enjoyable, informative and relaxing day!… The train to the valley was great! Special congratulations to our guide, Brad. What a wonderful experience! – Lenane F (more reviews)

As you board your one-way bus ticket, enjoy entertainment and a history lesson on the train while taking in all the stunning views of the valley from the windows.

Once you reach the South Rim, you’ll explore with a guide and really appreciate all the incredible views.

Sedona Tours, Grand Canyon Tours, Colorado River Rafting From Sedona And Flagstaff

If you’re hungry, don’t forget lunch at Grand Canyon Village (not included). However, free water will be available.

When you get on the bus back to Sedona, you

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