Treasure Island Pirate Show In Las Vegas – Resorts on the Las Vegas Strip are famous for their larger-than-life displays – from the Bellagio fountains to the volcano at the Mirage (soon to be a thing of the past). However, for decades the Treasure Island Hotel was the site of arguably the best free show to ever grace the Las Vegas strip. The Treasure Island Pirate Show is no more, but boy do we have memories!

There have been two separate pirate shows at Treasure Island Las Vegas, each lasting about a decade.

Treasure Island Pirate Show In Las Vegas

Treasure Island Pirate Show In Las Vegas

The original pirate show on Treasure Island was called the Battle of Buccaneer Bay. The first show came with the opening of Treasure Island in October 1993 and ran for a decade, saying it was ending in 2003.

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The original pirate show was known to be this huge, family-friendly free attraction with hundreds of spectators gathered, high-tech video cameras in hand, for each of the many nightly performances. The sheer size and grandeur of the show, plus the theatrics and pirate fireworks of the show, wowed audiences time after time for thousands of performances.

The plot of the show features British sailors in a battle against renegade pirates. Theatrical shenanigans as the British prepare for battle against the pirate was a sight to behold. Cannons exploded, ships sank and British captain Mark Steelsmith went down for the count each time – only to be cheered by the crowd when he reappeared for the next performance.

Right on the tail of the Battle of Buccaneer Bay came the second rendition of the TI pirate themed show, which was called Sirens of TI.

The still free show at Las Vegas Treasure Island had a different pirate theme – this time a bit more silly and risque, which disappointed some who complained that the show wasn’t as family-friendly as it used to be.

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Now, instead of fighting the British Navy, the pirate show featured a duel between the pirates and the sexy sirens of Sirens Cove. The story begins when the leader of the Sirens shouts a statement about how the Sirens and their power rule the sea.

Soon after, Cupid makes his way to the Siren’s ship (called the Song). Of course, he is discovered and the Siren members tie him to the ship’s mast.

When the pirates finally realize that the Sirens have Love, they sail to Siren’s Cove and a battle ensues. It’s worth noting that Eros told his pirate friends that he was very happy with his current situation, but the pirates decide to fire their cannons at Song anyway. The Sirens, being the powerful creatures that they are, sink the pirate ship with little effort.

Treasure Island Pirate Show In Las Vegas

By this time, the Sirens force Eros to walk the plank, but this is just as the pirates board the Song, ready for a second battle. With pirates on board and a duel underway, the pirates finally realize they don’t have what it takes to take down the Sexy Sirens of Treasure Island.

Treasure Island Buccaneer Bay

What happens next? Well, the ship lights up quite a bit and the Song turns into a modern party of lights, music and dancing.

Some who enjoyed watching the original free show on the Las Vegas strip didn’t care that a cool, pirate-themed show everyone could enjoy replaced the British navy with scantily clad Sirens, and that the new ending seemed a little ». also” Las Vegas. Some critical reviews weren’t much better – stating that the choreography was boring, calling it a miss and not worth the visit.

Pirate shows, while free to the public, were quite expensive to produce and maintain. It is estimated that the cost of production was 5 million dollars per year. There were insane amounts of propane and electricity used for each show – which played multiple times a night, every night of the week.

The show was initially put on hiatus in 2013 as it closed to accommodate the development of a new shopping centre. However, the show did not reopen. The mall reduced the size of Sirens Cove by about a third. Today, the bay still stands and you can see the ship and some artifacts there, but don’t expect street performances or the ship to come alive. There are now fountains in the bay and it has become a spot for Insta-worthy photos for those walking by.

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The pirate demo sign was dismantled to install a colorful TI logo badge. The road leading to the front entrance of Treasure Island Las Vegas is now called Sirens Cove Blvd.

Although you can no longer watch this once famous show on the Las Vegas Strip, you can see signs that it once existed.

Unfortunately no, there is no longer a pirate show at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. The Sirens of TI performed their last show in 2013 and the hotel has not replaced the attraction with anything new.

Treasure Island Pirate Show In Las Vegas

The original pirate show on Treasure Island was called Battle of Buccaneer Bay and ran from 1993 to 2003. It was followed by a new show called Sirens of TI, also with a pirate theme. The show started in 2003 and ended in 2013.

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The TI Show, which was a free pirate-themed production, no longer takes place in front of Treasure Island on the Las Vegas Strip. Production ceased in 2013 and nothing has yet replaced it. This article needs additional references for verification. Help improve this article by adding references to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: “Sirs of TI” – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (July 2007 ) (help de-patterning)

The Sirs of TI was a free evening show provided by the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The show followed a group of gruesome and seductive gentlemen who mingled with a band of renegade pirates led by the infamous Blackbeard. The show closed in 2013.

The show begins with their leader Sir “Sin” Cinnamon narrating a warning about their power over the sea. Shortly afterwards, the adventurous pirate Eros boards the Sir ship The Song, after which he is discovered and overwhelmed by his crew. Cupid is tied to the mast and demands his release, threatening the Sers with the wrath of Captain Mack.

Mack and the pirate crew from The Bull sail to Sirs’ Cove to rescue Eros. Sirs exchange greetings with The Bull’s “salty crew” and Eros asks his colleagues to leave as he is pleased with his new makeover. The pirates first fire a warning shot into the bow of The Song and fire into the hold behind the Sirs’ ship, which holds their wardrobe. In retaliation, the Sirs use their power over the ocean to summon a storm into Taurus Bay and sink it to the bottom of the sea.

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As the Taurus sinks, Captain Mack orders his crew to abandon ship and vows to retrieve it. The Sirs force Eros to walk the plank, but he and the rest of the pirates soon board The Song, where a second battle ensues. As the pirates finally realize they are no match for the Sirs, they decide to surrender and The Song deck turns into a 21st-century party.

Aerial view from The Vetian, July 2011. The Song (Sirs’ ship) is on the left and The Bull (pirate ship) is on the right, separated by a jetty/boardwalk

In October 2003, Sirs of TI replaced The Battle of Buccaneer Bay, which was geared towards a younger audience

Treasure Island Pirate Show In Las Vegas

The show celebrated its fifth anniversary on October 21, 2008, when the road leading to the hotel/casino property was from “Buccaneer Boulevard” to “Sirs Cove Boulevard”.

Treasure Island Celebrates 30 Years On Las Vegas Strip

At that time, the show aired four times daily, at 7, 8:30, 10, and 11:30 p.m. As of November 3, 2008, the show aired at 5:30, 7, 8:30 and 10 p.m. daily.

On October 20, 2013, the show went on hiatus for what was scheduled to be a temporary closure until December 26, for the construction of commercial space nearby. However, in late November 2013, Treasure Island announced that the closure was permanent and that part of the space would be used for new stores,

Surprising several cast members. The new mall reduced the size of Sirs Cove by about a third, and while the ships are still there, the Bull no longer moves (The song never moved). The bay now has many fountains and no show has replaced the Sirs of TI.

More than eighty individual pieces of pyrotechnics were shot per show. The flame effects consumed 7 US gallons (26 L) of liquid propane per show. The sound system had more than 40,000 watts of power. The lagoon contained approximately 1,500,000 US gallons (5,700,000 L) of filtered and recycled reverse osmosis water, which was 10 feet (3.0 m) deep in many places, extending to depths of 25 and 45 feet (7.6 and 13.7 m) in two pits.

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By 2011, during 7,440 shows, 630,000 fireworks had been set off, 52,000 US gallons (200,000 L) of propane had

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