Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates – There is a lot in store for all MCU fans, as not only do we get a lot of Disney+ series and special presentations, but there are at least 10 movies in the line with confirmed releases.

Starting from 2023, Marvel Phase 5 and 6 will last until May 2026. There could also be at least 12 films with many other Disney + series and special presentations. Here, we’ve listed every Marvel project to look forward to.

Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates

Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates

Thunderbolts, Deadpool, and other Marvel Phase 5 and 6 projects you can’t miss in Marvel Phase 5 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – February 17, 2023

Marvel’s Most Anticipated Upcoming Movies Ranked!

Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and co. they cluster like the shrinking heroes. Starting with Phase 5, each of them will take a journey through the Quantum Realm, as they are forced to face one of the strongest Marvel villains to date, Kang the Conqueror.

It will be a heartfelt father-daughter story as Scott Lang tries to make up for the time he missed in Cassie’s life.

Acted as a nice breather before James Gunn takes fans through his latest chapter of Guardians.

While Peter Quill and Nebula are still trying to reunite with Gamora (who is now with the ravagers), this particular chapter will mainly be about Rocket Raccoon’s origin story. Joined by Adam Warlock, the Guardians take on Rocket’s creator, the High Evolutionary.

Upcoming Movies From Marvel Studios

. She will team up with Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeua, who is expected to return

In Phase 5 where Kamala’s mutation will be explored further and the trio will solve the mystery of her powerful bracelet. Carol will also be heard singing, so be prepared for a musical element.

. Thunderbolt Ross is also back in Phase 5. However, it will be Harrison Ford taking over the gig this time.

Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates

Includes Bucky Barnes, Yelena Belova, Antonia Dreykov, Alexei Shostakov, Ava Starr and John Walker. His team will be joined by the new director of the CIA, Val. But one might expect the likes of Thaddeus Ross, Emil Blonsky, and Baron Zemo to make the cut as well.

Upcoming Superhero Movies: What’s Coming Soon From Marvel, Dc, And Other Superhero Films

Rumors suggest that the Thunderbolts will either invade Wakanda to get their hands on Vibranium, or fight an evil Superman ripoff like Hyperion or Sentry in the latest Phase 5 movie.

Mahershala Ali’s Blade was supposed to arrive in 2023. But after reports of the script being too light and the director Bassam Tariq leaving the project,

Michael Starrbury is currently working on a rewrite and the film is expected to begin production in 2023. Along with Blade, Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman is also expected to return for the final filming of Phase 5.

Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson is confirmed to team up with Hugh Jackman’s Logan. But with Miss Minutes involved, it seems

Eternals, Thor 4, Captain Marvel 2, & Phase 4 Release Dates All Shift

So it’s possible that the likes of Cable, Domino and Colossus will return as well. Danger is the rumor of the movie’s villain.

Has not yet been announced, but it is said that Penn Badgley and Jodie Comer are Reed Richards and Sue Storm respectively.

Reports suggest that this team will originate from the 60s, as it has been teased

Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates

. They may have been stuck in the Quantum Realm since the 60s. So maybe Quantumania could tease their arrival.

Marvel Studios Has Officially Released Their Phase 3 Movie Schedule!

Not much is known about the fifth Avengers outing other than the fact that Jeff Loveness is writing the script.

. And it will be interesting to see who leads the New Avengers between Captain Marvel and Captain America.

The sixth outing of Avengers is believed to be the biggest event movie that Marvel has ever produced. Rumors suggest that Kevin Feige is looking to make it even bigger

. With the Multiverse in play, most of the past Marvel franchises will also be brought into the mix. Will do what

Upcoming Marvel Movies: Every Mcu Movie & Tv Show In Development

A variant of Kang is still expected to be the villain. But MCU fans should expect the six OG Avengers to return from Earth-616 and other realities. Reynolds’ Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine will also return. The three Spider-Men might be there with Venom this time. Other than that, writer Michael Waldron is expected to include all the currently existing MCU heroes as well.

Is now confirmed to be a movie, so it should take one of the empty slots in Phase 6. A

, and Thor are other franchises likely to get sequels after the two Avengers movies (if not before). A Scarlet Witch movie is also rumored to happen somewhere down the line. Therefore, it will be interesting to see which of these projects will happen in Phase 6, and which of them will join the Mutants project in Phase 7.

Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates

Are you excited about the Marvel Phase 5 and Phase 6 lineups? Let us know in the comments. The upcoming movies and TV shows from Marvel Studios project a bright future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. President Kevin Feige unveiled a slew of new titles to the MCU roster at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, which held its first live in-person session since the pandemic. Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever serves as the conclusion of Phase Four – setting off a chain reaction of new plot threads to explore the multiverse. Fans can expect some new heroes or groups of heroes entering the franchise such as Blade, Ironheart, Thunderbolts, and a new Disney+ Daredevil series with Charlie Cox reprising his role.

New And Upcoming Superhero Movies And Series Part 1

Fiege confirmed at Comic-Con that Phases Four through Six will be a separate entity. The collection, dubbed The Multiverse Saga, will explore a new generation of heroes and villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phases one through three, on the other hand, were titled The Infinity Saga – because you know – Infinity Stones. This new saga will introduce two new Avengers movies – Avengers: The Kang Dynasty which will be released in May 2025. This will be followed six months later with Avengers: Secret Wars, scheduled for a November 2025 release date.

Tom Hiddleston fans can rejoice, as Loki is returning for season 2 next year. Captain America: New World Order sees the Falcon (Anthony Mackie) take up the mantle, as John Walker (Wyatt Russell) takes on the role of US Agent. Hopefully the third time’s the charm, as Fantastic Four is rebooted, although there’s no word on John Krasinski returning to the helm after being turned into spaghetti on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Without further ado, here’s a list of all of Marvel’s remaining Phase 4, 5, and 6 projects — plus dates for potential untitled Phase 7 movies.

Marvel Studios has not revealed any titles beyond Phase 6, which is expected to conclude the Multiverse Saga. But Disney has released four MCU movies for 2026, which we imagine could be part of Phase 7. Officially, “Phase 7” does not exist now.

Upcoming Marvel Movies: Release Dates For Phase 4 And Phase 5

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Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates

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Here’s The Updated Official Slate Of Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Releases:

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney and young adult fantasy franchises.

As movie dates continue to be pushed back due to COVID-19 concerns, the 2020 release schedules for major movie studios are being shuffled. Disney has previously delayed the releases of

. Although many on social media have been clamoring for the films to be released directly on streaming, the likelihood of that happening has always been low. The possibility to see

Early drop on Disney Plus got even lower when, Disney announced on Friday afternoon that the movies now have new release dates later in 2020, with Mulan coming out on July 24th and Black Widow on November 6th.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

, that movie — which would have been the second Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of 2020 — has been pushed to February 12, 2021, and the entire Phase 4 slate is playing musical chairs.

, originally slated for February 2021, gets a new release date of May 7, 2021, which pushes

Disney has removed the untitled Marvel project slated for February 2022 from its lineup entirely, but has revealed the second untitled Marvel project.

Upcoming Marvel Movies Release Dates

, and crash

Here Are The Release Dates For All The Superhero Movies Coming Out Between Now And 2020

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