Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl – The big game is here! View our most popular betting lines & download our full 12 page props pack.

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Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl

Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl

Circa Sports originally opened this game as a -2.5 head. However, in just minutes, money poured in the Eagles, leading to a flip in the favorite, and got all the way up to the Eagles -2.5 within half an hour of posting the line. It has since settled at Eagles -1.5.

Las Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl

The “Octopus”: the player will score a touchdown, and then score a 2-point conversion in the same drive?

How unique is this game? Circa Sports asks if there will be a “Scorigami” in this game, which is if the final score has never happened before in an NFL game.

Almost everyone, including kickers(!), has an exchange rate for Super Bowl MVP. Here are the top 10 from Circa Sports:

The big headline for this year’s Super Bowl is that for the first time, two brothers will face each other as Chief Travis Kelce takes on Jason Kelce’s Eagles. Circa Sports has created two special items around the brothers’ competition:

Super Bowl Lviii Favorites, Betting Odds For 2023 Nfl Season

After the NFC Championship game, there was a lot of buzz around Eagles coach Nick Sirianni’s aggressiveness in the 4.

While Eagles coach Nick Sirianni is extremely aggressive, we know head coach Andy Reid can get creative with his play calling. Circa Sports wondered if the tight end might actually be involved in the running game:

While all the attention goes to the skill position players, Circa Sports has not forgotten the special teams in their equipment list. Two unique props give bettors a reason to pay attention during kickoffs and punts:

Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl

Our “Choose Your Own Square” is based on the same concept as traditional football squares. Choose the exact combination of the final numbers of each team’s score at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, and at the end of the game.

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Vegas Odds For Nfl Football

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This website uses cookies to help us improve your browsing experience. By using this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. Accept One of the best parts of football fandom is discussing which team will win it all. With just eight days left until opening night, take a look at the Super Bowl winner market.

There are no real surprises among the top five teams in the Super Bowl betting market. The Kansas City Chiefs have played in the last four AFC Championships while winning two championships. The Philadelphia Eagles lost in February’s Super Bowl but still have a loaded roster in a weak NFC.

Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills have become perennial rivals, but they haven’t taken that final step. On the other hand, the Cincinnati Bengals have reached the last two AFC Championship games. Buffalo and Cincinnati continue to be Kansas City’s main competition for the AFC’s top seed.

Super Bowl Odds 2024: Chiefs Favorite To Repeat

The San Francisco 49ers have played in three of the last four NFC Championship games. Each of these five teams has a clear path to play in this year’s Super Bowl, but the 49ers are the only team without an elite quarterback.

The NFC is significantly weaker than the AFC, so the Dallas Cowboys have the sixth lowest odds in this market. The Cowboys have gone 12-5 over the past two seasons, and they add significant talent on both sides of the ball.

The New York Jets have a huge ceiling if Aaron Rodgers can return to his MVP-caliber form. In that situation, New York has the raw materials to beat three or four top teams in a row. If Rodgers can’t reach those heights, the Jets are a fringe playoff team in a loaded AFC.

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the most reliable teams in the league, but Lamar Jackson has never won a playoff game. The Detroit Lions are the consensus fourth-best team in the NFC heading into Opening Day. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Lions took a big step forward this season, but winning the Super Bowl is an ambitious prospect.

Opening Odds To Win 2024 Super Bowl Favor The Chiefs, Bills, Eagles

The Los Angeles Chargers are in the conversation for the league’s most talented roster. Injuries hampered their 2022 campaign, but it’s arguable that they haven’t been successful in each of Brandon Staley’s first two years as coach.

The Miami Dolphins are in a similar position to the Chargers because both teams have exceptional rosters. The main difference is that Justin Herbert is at a different quarterback level than Tua Tagovailoa.

Josh Larky and I bet the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl at +7000 when this market opened in February. Seattle has a path in the NFC, but like the Lions, winning the Super Bowl is an ambitious prospect.

Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl

The New Orleans Saints have the easiest schedule in the league, so they have a path to finish the season with the best record in the NFC. That said, it’s hard to see New Orleans beating three or more popular opponents in a row to win the title.

Nfl Odds: How The Rams’ Super Bowl Futures Moved This Season

The Jacksonville Jaguars are an interesting bet. Due to a significantly weaker division, they have a real path to the AFC seed.

The Cleveland Browns are similar to the Jets in some ways because of their season riding on Deshaun Watson. If the version of Watson we saw at the end of last season is the new reality, Cleveland may not be a playoff team. If the pre-suspension version of Watson returns in 2020, the Browns can make a run.

The Minnesota Vikings have a dangerous enough offense to make noise in the NFC. However, even though their defense has improved significantly, they are still below average. It’s hard to see the Vikings winning three straight playoff games with their defense.

The Denver Broncos could be an exciting bet if they stay in the NFC. Since they aren’t, they have to jump over several teams to even make the playoffs in a loaded AFC.

Raiders News: Las Vegas’ Super Bowl Odds Remain Stagnant Through Offseason

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the most reliable team in the league, and their young offense may be moving forward. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Pittsburgh made the playoffs, but it’s hard to see a deep playoff run.

The Chicago Bears improved their roster significantly this season, but they finished with the worst record in football last year. They could get into the playoffs, but seeing Chicago ahead of some other teams in the Super Bowl betting market is surprising.

The Atlanta Falcons are an interesting long shot. They have the second easiest schedule in football and an improved roster. Even in the best case scenario, where Atlanta gets through the NFC, it’s hard to see them defeating one of the AFC’s powerhouses.

Vegas Nfl Odds To Win Super Bowl

The New York Giants are in a similar position. They can take another step forward and surprise some of the NFC’s best. But can they knock off Kansas City, Buffalo or Cincinnati in the big dance? It seems unlikely, but the Giants could be the longest shot with a real path.

Nfl Week 10 Odds

It’s strange to see Sam Howell’s Washington Chiefs and Jordan Love’s Green Bay Packers in the same Super Bowl as the Giants, who made the playoffs last year. This season, a playoff berth would be a good year for the Packers or the Chiefs.

The New England Patriots are always tough, but they have a really brutal schedule. It’s hard to see them making the playoffs, let alone going deep into the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Rams are just one year away from winning the Super Bowl, but their roster is even worse in 2021. Similar to the Rams, the Las Vegas Raiders have a strong core. However, they have a brutal schedule, and QB Jimmy Garoppolo is a parallel movement from Derek Carr, at best.

The Tennessee Titans finished last season with seven shutouts, but they were a tough spot under Mike Vrabel. Consider Tennessee to be No. 1 in the AFC in 2021, sir

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