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Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Nv

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Nv

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The Venetian Resort: Las Vegas, Nv, Usa

The COVID-19 protocols at The Venetian Las Vegas allowed me to enjoy its stunning indoor canals and iconic architecture with peace of mind

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The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is one of the most instantly recognizable resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Inspired by Italy, it is best known for its indoor canals and gondola rides, which are modeled after its namesake bridge. However, its vast interior displays a variety of architectural styles and elements of Renaissance aesthetics, and the hotel is one of the most visually impressive in a city of decadent hotels.

Italianate Ceiling At The Venetian, Hotel And Casino, Las Vegas, Nv Editorial Stock Image

The huge complex it is part of also includes its sister property, The Palazzo, and together they make up the world’s second largest hotel. The Venetian and the Palazzo together have just over 7,000 rooms and suites. The resort also houses The Grand Canal Shoppes, four theaters, several nightclubs, a day club, dozens of restaurants and conference facilities.

Since The Venetian is a high-end, all-suite property, prices for entry-level rooms often tend to be a bit higher than many of its resort rivals. Typically, even low-season rates tend to be in the neighborhood of $150 per night. However, due to the pandemic, prices have dropped recently at luxury hotels across the country, and The Venetian has seen a slight drop in starting prices.

I recently came across a standard room for $127 a night. night (before taxes and fees) offering strong value considering that a luxury king suite is the level of accommodation. I had visited the hotel a few years earlier so I had a level of familiarity, but I was especially curious to see how the resort was operating given the new COVID-19 restrictions.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Nv

The state of Nevada had imposed strict COVID protocols across all Vegas hotels and resorts, but each property has some leeway in interpreting and implementing these rules. I was eager to see how The Venetian would live up to the extensive policies outlined on its website, as well as how its procedures would stack up to other popular, high-end options like The Wynn, which I had also recently stayed at .

Intercontinental Alliance Resorts Palazzo At The Venetian Resort

I visited during a relatively busy holiday period and even ate out in one of the restaurants to get a feel for the security levels. All in all I had a very positive experience. Most of the facilities outside the theaters were open and operating with reassuring levels of COVID safety. Even at less than full steam, The Venetian has its opulent interior design to marvel at and was a comfortable, fun stay that I would definitely recommend.

The visual spectacle that The Venetian aims to provide began as soon as I walked through the main entrance doors. Magnificent architecture towered over me at every turn, with elaborate flourishes and painted ceiling murals as far as I could see. Gleaming marble floors were framed with works of classical art, and a huge golden water feature included classical musicians playing operatic arias around it.

Security checked the temperature of everyone entering the complex, and the staff, who were all masked, made sure everyone followed the state’s COVID-19 protocols, including social distancing and wearing masks. Safely inside, the reception was a short walk through corridors that looked like a recreation of St. Mark’s Cathedral – although mixed in the designer storefronts were a firm reminder that I was in Vegas.

I arrived around While the official check-in time is 3pm, I correctly assumed that due to the presumably low occupancy rate during the pandemic, my room would be ready early. There was a short line, with only one or two groups checking in before me, and I was greeted immediately.

The Venetian And Palazzo Return With Restaurants Offering Takeout And Dine In Service

The reception staff, as one would expect from one of the greatest hotels in the world, were a blur of polite efficiency. They were clearly used to checking in large volumes of incoming guests while trying to keep lines as short as possible. I had my keys in hand with a primer on the resort’s openings and closings within minutes.

Staff effectively explained that, as with other major resort hotels, the theaters and live entertainment venues would be closed, with restaurants open for indoor dining at 25% capacity to allow for social distancing. The casino floor had been replaced with plastic screens (as was the front desk) and masks were required in all public areas when guests were not eating or drinking.

I was also given a map of the resort complex which turned out to be a real boon given the size of The Venetian and its sister property. It was a short walk across the casino floor to the guest elevators.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Nv

Before being allowed into the elevator banks, security required all guests to swipe their key at a remote key card sensor. They ensured all guests were wearing masks and there was a PPE station with free hand sanitizer and extra surgical masks. Signage reminding people not to take the lift with people who were not in their party was widespread.

Venetian Casino Images, Stock Photos, 3d Objects, & Vectors

The elevators were conveniently organized by floor groupings, which made things feel even safer. It also meant that the wait for an elevator, another potential bottleneck at these big Vegas resorts, was very short. The efficiency and care of the entire staff was impressive.

I noticed right away that my suite didn’t have a seal on the door like many hotel companies do right now, but it still felt and smelled very clean when I entered. My entry-level deluxe king suite was located on the 32nd floor, which gave me a slightly better view than some of the rooms on the lower floors.

The size of the suite was immediately impressive. At 650 square meters, its dimensions were as large, if not larger, than many junior suites in other downtown hotels. Another pleasing feature was the room’s split level design. The bathroom and bedroom were on the level I entered, while two steps led to a separate sitting area below. This is something of a rarity in hotel room design and it significantly elevated the look and feel of the room.

There was a regal appeal to the room, thanks to its gold color palette with purple accents. It had a more traditional look than many Vegas hotels, although it still contained prized modern design. Most of the furniture was dark wood and wrought iron work separated the sleeping and living areas.

A Slice Of Italy In Las Vegas: The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel Review

Two armchairs, a sofa and a desk made up the living room, along with a large oil painting with a period effect. The thick gold and purple curtains on decorative rods were stylish and the fact that they were electric and remote brought them up to date. The windows let in a good amount of natural daylight and had a nice view over the valley.

Although the room came without robes or slippers, it did have its own PPE in the form of complimentary hand sanitizer and a mask.

The bed was a luxurious, oversized king with a pillow that made for an excellent night’s sleep. I heard no ambient noise either from outside or from the hotel itself, and the noise from the casino below did not intrude, although I can’t say for sure what the rooms on the lower floors would be like. The bed was framed by a large, upholstered headboard and a footstool, along with bedside lamps that came down from the ceiling.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Nv

The room’s minibar was stocked with items that would automatically be charged to the room if moved. However, there was no fridge space for guest use, which could be unfortunate for those trying to salvage leftovers from in-room dining.

Las Vegas Sands Closes Sale Of Venetian To Apollo

The bathroom was easily one of the most impressive of any entry-level room I’ve booked. A deep and decadent Roman-style bathtub was complemented by a glass-walled shower. The two sinks boasted stained black marble countertops with resort-branded toiletries.

This was an incredibly comfortable, well-appointed suite, especially for an entry-level room, and even more so for the lower price I was able to get.


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