Virginia Dmv License Plate Lookup – This car, like about 20% of all registered Virginia vehicles, has a license plate with custom text and background. At a cost of only $10 per year, approximately 31% of Virginia license plates have custom text. (Photo: Ben Paviour/ News)

Blink and you’ll miss it: a bad pun, a cryptic joke, a reference to a favorite movie or hobby. Virginia vanity signs line the roads and have tested the wits and ingenuity of drivers since they first appeared in 1981.

Virginia Dmv License Plate Lookup

Virginia Dmv License Plate Lookup

At $10 a pop annually, the “personalized plates,” in official Department of Motor Vehicles parlance, are a relative bargain compared to the $30 initial fee charged by North Carolina and the $100 initial fee imposed by Washington, D.C. it’s one reason the commonwealth was the top state for use of vanity plates in a 2006 survey by the American Motor Vehicle Operators Association — the most recent data available from the group, according to a spokesman.

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A collection of thousands of rejected vanity plates from 2019, 2020 and most of 2021 obtained by the News highlights drivers’ continued interest in pushing the limits of what’s allowed on the roads. There’s the celebratory (“YEHAWMF”), the messages (“DMNGRL”), the memes (“TFKAREN”) and the self-congratulatory (“PRTTYAF”). Perennial favorites include jokes (“OHHPOO” “FARTCAR” and, in a possible reference to an iconic Seinfeld episode, “POOPMAN”), drug references (“REEFAH”, “COCAIN” and “SHROOMZ”), figures addressing to other motorists (“CYALUZR” “PPULSUC”) and a series of unrepeated references to sex.

The signs are an unorthodox indicator of the country’s political anger. Former President Donald Trump continues to make appearances (“45CROOK,” “FTRMP,” and “DONSUX”), and 2021 saw a wave of dishes attacking his successor (“BIDNWTF,” “JOESKS,” and “BDNH8R”). The turmoil of 2020 has inspired new suggestions for dishes ranging from the pandemic (“FCOVD19” “FUCVID” “WTH2020”) to racial justice protests (“BLMFTP,” “BLMF12”). Other requests for signs seem to cross the line of racism.

The popularity of the dishes has declined somewhat in recent years. About 11.1 percent of registered vehicles had personalized plates during fiscal year 2022, up from 11.9 percent in 2016, according to data provided by Virginia DMV spokeswoman Jessica Cowardin.. The number of specialty plates — license plates with backgrounds announcing support for a cause (“Friends of Tibet”), university or activity (“Aviation Enthusiast”) — has grown at about the same rate as vanity plates have declined, by about 14% of registered vehicles to use these plates. An additional 20% of Virginia vehicles choose both a custom background and message.

Cowardin said the vast majority of the roughly 10,000 requests for vanity plates they receive each month are fun and off-putting. Motorists can use an online tool to check if their plate concept has not been claimed and appears on what is internally called the “no-no list” – an ever-growing collection of more than 39,000 vanity plate combinations found to be in violation of DMV restrictions. A special team at the agency checks the permutations by reading them backwards.

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If a sign is flagged as potentially objectionable — or if a driver notices a potentially crude sign that’s arrived on the road — it goes before a special committee made up of what Cowardin described as a diverse group of DMV employees. Cowardin declined the News’ request to attend one of their meetings, citing the frank conversations that take place there.

It is ultimately up to the DMV special registration office manager to decide which plates will make it on the road. Applicants are allowed to appeal and occasionally, cases end up in court.

“Just when we think we’ve seen it all, along comes something new,” Cowardin said. “Are we missing some? Sure. Are we sometimes overly cautious? You bet.”

Virginia Dmv License Plate Lookup

The license plates have also sparked legal battles, including a 2015 U.S. Supreme Court case that upheld Texas’ decision to ban license plates featuring the Confederate flag.

Virginia License Plate Lookup

Drivers’ purchases of special plates can also be an outlet for political squabbling. Washingtonian magazine reported earlier this month that Virginia’s “Trust Women. Respect the choice.” The specialty plate has outsold “Choose Life” since the Supreme Court’s June decision overturning Dobbs v. Jackson, which overturned a constitutional right to abortion. Overall, however, anti-abortion signs still far outnumber those supporting abortion rights.

Lawmakers are adding new signs all the time. This year, the General Assembly approved a new specialty plaque for the Richmond Planet, an African-American newspaper founded in 1883, and another featuring the US Navy insignia. Other attempts failed at the committee, including a valuable cargo ad: “FORMER VIRGINIA STATE LEGISLATOR.”

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said the DMV denied a request for a license plate that read “BLM.” This plate was mistakenly included by the DMV on a rejection list. Has been in vehicle since 2017.ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Virginia drivers may have a new special license plate option soon – one that will benefit the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The new plaque comes from the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and features a winding road in a natural landscape with the sun and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. The plate is currently available for pre-order, but the institution must receive 450 applications for the plate to become an official DMV offering.

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Plate fees will be $25 per year for a standard plate and $35 per year for a personalized plate. A portion of the sales proceeds will support the nonprofit’s mission to protect and preserve the nation’s most visited national park unit. The money will be used for improvement projects, information and education programs.

The Blue Ridge Parkway receives more visitors each year than the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks combined, according to the foundation. More than 14 million people explored it in 2020 alone. But with no entrance fees, the Parkway receives only a fraction of the funding of other parks. Contributions to the foundation provide necessary financial support for natural resource protection, improved visitor amenities, historic and cultural preservation, and education and outreach programs, according to the foundation.

“I’m excited that we can offer this new and easy way for Virginians to support and share their love of the Blue Ridge Parkway,” said Foundation CEO Carolyn Ward, a native of Southwest Virginia.

Virginia Dmv License Plate Lookup

“The North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway plaque provides more than half a million dollars each year for improvements, programs and renovations to the Parkway,” said Roanoke attorney Broaddus Fitzpatrick, former chairman of the Foundation’s board of directors. “Virginia has an opportunity to catch up on funding with the proposed new plate.”

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The Virginia DMV’s current blue and yellow Parkway plaque benefits Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Inc., “a non-profit, volunteer and membership organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Blue Ridge Region.”

Since its inception in 1997, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation has contributed $18 million to projects and programs at the park. Previous donor-funded projects in Virginia include the restoration of historic Mabry Mill and Humpback Rocks Farm, the creation of the Parkway’s first ADA-compliant trail in the Peaks of Otter, a biodiversity survey in Rock Castle Gorge, and ongoing programming at Blue Ridge Music Center.Your vehicle registration and title can be done at the same time in the state . You just need to take several steps to get a registration card as well as your license plate. Below you can find out what the registration process looks like:

Once you submit all the required documents, the DMV office will issue a registration card, as well as your license plates. Your vehicle plates will have an expiration date of one or two years. After that, you will need to apply for renewal. It will be discussed thoroughly in this article.

The number plate lookup tool will provide you with basic information such as vehicle history. However, you should be careful about federal law. This is the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). The state DMV will require proper DPPA grounds to obtain personal information about the owner of the vehicle. However, if you want to know whether the license plate number is available or not, you can use the online service of the official DMV website.

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There are many license plates that you can get at . The standard license plate in this state has a white background and above it written in blue letters “”. If you want to get a license plate with different background options, the DMV offers over 250 unique license plates. So, here we will categorize each type of license plate and discuss it separately. Below is the list of license plates to consider:

You can personalize your sign by choosing the characters and designs you want. To customize standard plates with preferred characters and designs, you should follow these rules:

You can check the availability of the personalized characters you want by visiting the online services page on the DMV website. The cost of each vanity plate is $10. In these circumstances, you will also have to pay the standard number plate fee.

Virginia Dmv License Plate Lookup

The state may deny your application for vanity plates for a variety of reasons, check our prohibited license

How Much Are License Plates In Virginia?

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