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This week, we continue our goal of starting the new school year by promoting movement in our schools. As we learned in the CDC article on physical activity and learning, exercise needs to happen every day, for a total of 60 minutes a day. This cannot be achieved solely through the school’s PT. To be successful, we need to hire the people who spend the most time with our students – the teachers in our schools! So we created our first article for teachers. We have developed 2 tools. The first part is a guide for educators on the benefits of physical activity. The second is a selection of online resources for classroom movement activities.

Ways To Incorporate Physical Activity In The Classroom

Ways To Incorporate Physical Activity In The Classroom

We created the infographic above, “Educator’s Guide: Physical Therapy Improves Academic Performance.” It’s perfect when printed on letter-sized paper so you can share it easily with teachers, administrators, and other school staff you work with. You can also choose to send an email if you want.

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Based on CDC research we conducted last week, the top section of the guide lists the benefits of exercise for children’s brains as well as academic performance and behavior. The section below contains suggestions for how to promote physical activity in our schools based on lessons learned from the same CDC study. After giving this document to your teacher and getting their approval, you are ready to use the second tool to promote the movement…

Some teachers may be concerned that they are not physically able to provide movement activities for the classroom. They will be relieved to know that resources for classroom movement activities are abundant online. We will describe 6 resources that include a variety of activities for different grade levels. As an added bonus, they are all available for free! You can download activities from the first 5 activities. The final activity includes videos that can be played directly on the Smartboard.

Note that many of these resources share similar exercises, so just choose 1 or 2 to use in your classroom. We hope that by introducing physical activity in schools that focuses on fun and movement, rather than competition, we are creating a foundation for students to engage in lifelong physical activity.

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Physical Activity Pyramid

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Ways To Incorporate Physical Activity In The Classroom

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Ways To Incorporate Physical Activity In The Classroom

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Other uncategorized cookies are cookies that are being analyzed and have not yet been classified into a category. Incorporating mindfulness activities in the classroom is powerful and can be easily implemented. If you’re wondering where to start practicing mindfulness in the classroom, be sure to check out some of the activities below. No matter how you choose to practice mindfulness, the goal is to help your students know that they can use mindfulness any time they need to refocus their attention or reset their thinking. .

Mindfulness is often defined as living in the present moment without judgment. But many of us don’t always operate like that. I know it’s not.

When a thought appears in our mind, it is often colored by what happened in the past or what we think might happen in the future. Even if the thought is incorrect, we can still react to it as if it were.

Practicing mindfulness can help us focus on the present. In addition to helping us calm down, mindfulness can teach us to view our thoughts more neutrally.

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There are many activities and resources that can help your students practice mindfulness. Check out some of them below.

Abdominal breathing is a great activity for students to practice their ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Centervention has a complete lesson plan you can use on abdominal breathing. You’ll find everything from before-and-after discussion questions to step-by-step instructions. This is a great calming activity to use when students need to calm down or need an emotion regulation strategy.

Brain breaks are activities or short breaks that promote student learning and concentration. These types of breaks require students to engage in activities such as mindful breathing, mindful movement, and mindful yoga. Check out these resources you can use to help your students (and yourself!) continue to grow.

Ways To Incorporate Physical Activity In The Classroom

This free Sesame Street app isn’t specifically for meditation, but it’s great for introducing young children to the concept of calm through breathing. This application teaches children the “Breathe, Think, Do” method. Children help a cartoon monster facing an unpleasant situation calm down by taking long, deep breaths. This app is free and available for Android and iOS.

Exercise & Mental Health: How Exercising Benefits Your Mind

As mentioned in this section, quiet corners can help reduce student stress and provide calming visual, auditory, and tactile experiences for students to reduce stress. A quiet corner is a place that can help your students prepare to study and stay focused throughout the day. The quiet corner can be a physical corner in the classroom or a virtual space.

When a student feels overwhelmed or anxious, encourage them to practice mindful journaling. Mindful journaling gives students the opportunity to cope with and manage their emotions in a healthy way. The Three Good Things: Happiness Journal app can help students keep a mindful journal by asking them to write down three good things that happen to them each day. As a result, their happiness and positivity increased. The app has a gamified element to encourage engagement, and it’s free and available for iOS.

Smiling Mind offers hundreds of mindfulness activities for all ages. In addition to breathing meditation, the app also has sensory exercises, like listening to music. There are programs for children in different age groups as well as for school, work and sports. The app also tracks when children meditate. Plus, it’s free and available for Android and iOS.

The more strategies students have for handling their emotions, the better equipped they are to tackle challenges. For other ways to incorporate important components of social-emotional learning in your classroom, check out these resources:

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Diana specializes in leadership development and all things Google. She has worked as an instructional technologist, instructional designer, and online learning specialist, supporting school districts across Texas and in state government. Diana holds a Master of Education in Educational Technology from Texas State University- San Marcos. She also holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Spanish and one in Political Science, from Texas State.

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