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I knew we were never supposed to play. I knew from the moment you walked into my life that you weren’t going to be around for long. But I still want to thank you.

Were Not Meant To Be

Were Not Meant To Be

I want to thank you for finding me. I want to thank you for making my life better for a while.

Not Meant To Be

I want to thank you for all the hugs and kisses you gave me and for all the honest moments we had together.

I want to thank you for allowing me to be the person I was around you. I want to thank you for not caring what my hair looks like or what I wear. Thank you for seeing me where I was.

Thank you for supporting me even though we weren’t meant to be together. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes, for no real reason, people just break up, like we did.

Now that it’s all over, I finally understand that we weren’t meant for each other. You have a perfect other half for you and I have mine waiting for me too.

Jane Fonda Quote: “we Are Not Meant To Be Perfect; We Are Meant To Be Whole.”

But, even though we were short-lived, I fought for you. I loved you and wanted to be with you. And when we finished, I was in pain, I thought my world would fall apart.

I couldn’t stop wondering why this perfect little world we had together had to fall apart, why our beautiful corner where we felt safe was suddenly gone.

I spent many sleepless nights trying to heal my broken heart because I didn’t understand where we had gone wrong.

Were Not Meant To Be

I couldn’t understand why something so beautiful had to end so quickly. I was still thinking about you and I wasn’t ready to let you go.

Maybe We’re Not Meant For Each Other, And Maybe That’s Okay, Short Story By Amitrocca

I didn’t realize that you weren’t supposed to be my person forever. That’s why I gave myself a hard time trying to forget about you.

But now I thank you for not being you because if you had stayed, I would never have met the man I should have met.

I wanted to be in love so much that I didn’t want to accept that you didn’t have to spend the rest of your life with me.

I was blinded by the idea of ​​love and I missed it so much that I lost my mind and didn’t want to see the truth.

If We’re Not Meant To Have Midnight Snacks, Why Is There A Light In The Fridge?

That hurt me beyond pain. That made me live in the illusion of you and me forever to the end.

That’s why I missed something that was right in front of me. I failed to understand that after having something good and letting it go, I could have something better.

You know, real love is not just loving someone. True love is loving yourself. True love is liking the person you are and the person you are with.

Were Not Meant To Be

It took me a while to understand it, so thank you for leaving me and giving me another chance to meet the man I was meant to meet since the day I came to this world.

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Our love story was fine and dandy, but it wasn’t real and that’s okay because now I know that you were just a part of my life’s journey that made me realize that I don’t have to change or adapt to anyone.

I should be who I am and I should be proud of it and know that one day I would find someone who would be proud of me, too. And I did.

I made a big mistake that deceived me. I forgot to follow my heart. I followed my thoughts and what I wanted. I followed what I thought was right.

I completely ignored the person that sleeps inside of me and tried to be something that I’m not just perfect for you.

Who Said Ragers Were Not Meant To Fly. Credit: @wakeupzuzi

In doing so, I sinned and forgot who I am. It took one broken heart and many tears to regain my composure.

I will never forget all the happy times we had together. Every time I go to the places you took me, I think about you and the feeling of happiness you gave me.

I will never forget every time I hugged you that I never wanted to let you go. I will never forget how you made me laugh and forget my troubles even for a moment.

Were Not Meant To Be

You made me see what I really want and I got what I want because of you. That’s why you will always have a special place in my heart. I come back to the life we ​​shared, and suddenly my heart feels a great sense of longing. I remember when I said I wanted you to stay in my life because I couldn’t imagine living every day without you. I remember all the nights we spent as if the world was ours, as if we were the only two people on earth.

If We’re Not Meant To Have Midnight Snacks Why Is There A Light In The Fridge Poster

I think that wherever I end up, and whatever situation I find myself in in the future – I will always remember you as I look up at the dark sky. And I don’t think I will ever forget you, even if we lost, even if our relationship was short-lived.

You will always be my favorite person to write about. You will always be a story I want to tell the people I meet. You will always be the person who made the biggest difference in my life.

But now, I’m slowly accepting that maybe we weren’t meant for each other. Maybe the universe has a better plan for me, a plan I don’t know yet. Maybe someone is already destined to be your better half. And even though it hurts to know that I’m not the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, I’m still trying my best to please you, all of us.

I am trying to remove myself from you, hoping that it will be easier for me to heal. I’m trying not to imagine how settled and content you are in your life, I’m here putting my broken pieces back together.

Some Rules Were Not Meant To Be Broken 😔

I know that time will help me understand why you weren’t meant for me. I know that the universe is making a plan for me to meet someone, who will fill my life with more happiness than you. I know that a few months from now, I will remember you but I will not remember the feelings you gave me.

And when that time comes, my heart will be ready to be taken by someone who will be honored to keep it, and finish it. I will be so happy in someone else’s arms that the pain I caused you will not matter. I will see my reflection in someone’s eyes, and be overwhelmed to see that it feels good.

I will no longer have to doubt whether I am giving too much or too little love, because I will be sure that the love I am giving will come back to me.

Were Not Meant To Be

I will feel like the world is good to me again. I will be content in my life, knowing that I have everything that makes my heart beat. I no longer miss the things I lost, the people I lost.

We Are Not Together Today But We Are Alive, Which

And I will be old enough to fully understand why heaven and earth did not make us together, forever.

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In my last blog post: Surviving the Storm I shared one of the stories of the last 3 months of my life. During the post I wrote about the journey I was on following a fall off a ladder that, for a while, left me with a debilitating brain & spinal fluid injury that sidelined me for several weeks. (And it included a two and a half week stay in the local hospital).

It was a very difficult time for us as a family. Suddenly I found myself lying in bed all day, for 10 weeks, and when I got up, for a short time (usually 10-30mins) I had a headache, dizziness, restlessness & pain that I couldn’t’. t work normally and soon he had to go back to sleep. Even lying in bed I suffered from various unpleasant symptoms.

We’re Not Meant To Be Per…

My husband, Matt, has a job that can take him all over the country, as well

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