What Do You Do When Your Dog Gets Fleas – Is your energy happy, anxious, or active? Sometimes it’s hard for puppy owners to figure out when the kids are so excited that they can’t stop! Here are some common triggers, dos and don’ts, plus helpful puppy training tips to manage your pup’s overstimulation!

According to some, a puppy showing happiness is actually a state called hyperarousal, where your puppy is hyper and is aroused by something or someone. Physiologically speaking, in our children, excessive excitement, which releases large amounts of dopamine, can become addictive and only exacerbate the compulsive behavior.

What Do You Do When Your Dog Gets Fleas

What Do You Do When Your Dog Gets Fleas

An overexcited puppy may not seem like a big deal to you now, but not handling overexcited situations can lead to future behavior problems. When your energy is in this energetic state, you may encounter times that make it difficult or impossible for him to listen to you. Or you may find your cat needs to focus your energy on other, potentially destructive activities. If left unchecked as your dog grows older, they may show negative tendencies, such as reacting to other dogs or barking at new people.

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The problem is that puppy owners don’t know how to find overstimulation in their puppies. In addition, they may unintentionally stimulate their anxiety or correct it without addressing the root cause.

So what are the behaviors that are too exciting to control? If you notice that your energy is quiet for a moment and suddenly start zooming (running in circles or in a row), jumping, gagging, barking, spinning in circles, etc. if you experience behavioral changes such as Your dog is very excited.

To clarify, hyperexcitability is only characterized by high energy. Some breeds, such as herding or hunting dogs, are more active than others and may exhibit hyperactive traits as mentioned above. Generally, these seeds can be provided with a necessary outlet such as regular training or nose job games.

Your energy may be overwhelmed with excitement due to the sudden anticipation of a new stimulus, starting something, or waiting for something. This leads to a discussion of triggers!

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If you find that your dog is dealing with overexcited behaviors, the next step in managing your puppy’s anxiety is to do a little research on what motivates them and watch their behavior change. You might start asking yourself…

Continue to think of all the times that your energy has shown extremely exciting behavior. Think about what happens during those activities: your puppy is surprised to see other dogs, cats, and people on walks or in your yard. Your energy has been at home for hours waiting for you to come back when you suddenly walk through the door. One of the most common factors in these situations that can contribute to power surges is the tendency to be unpredictable and expectant.

Other drivers can be, especially game time. For example, it is not uncommon for a puppy engaged in something stimulating such as a game of chess to play nicely one moment and growl the next, only to growl and growl the next day. During these activities, our hands and feet, which sometimes act as fun moving cues for puppies, can fool and wake up your puppy.

What Do You Do When Your Dog Gets Fleas

What happens once you understand some of the triggers that can cause overstimulation in your energy? We’ve put together some helpful documents for you to remember and follow the next time your power goes through an overdrive!

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The best advice for dog owners when dealing with an overexcited puppy is to focus on regular basic obedience training to work on impulse control and get your puppy to focus more on the right things.

At Puppy Academy, our trainers help manage their puppies’ unwanted behaviors with simple training routines. Sit and stay, or place or house (this could be your puppy’s crate) and stay, for example, are some of the things we teach owners to encourage their puppies to stay on command and in a certain place. We find that it’s more effective when you start with zero distractions like at home with your energy. Once they’ve lost their homeschooling schedule, gradually introduce more distractions. This is especially helpful if your pet gets excited in the yard or on a walk with you, as training will help them control their urges to lash out.

Training alone will help your puppy learn how to handle stressful situations, but you must also provide positive stimulation to engage their senses, focus their attention, and release their energy. We’re big fans of incorporating exercise into playtime, and we love these ten fun games, too! As we mentioned earlier in our Dos and Don’ts section, puzzle toys that work for your puppy are great tools to keep your pup focused.

If you’re looking for more help with controlling your super excited doll, plus a consistent game plan to train your pup from home, check out our online doll school! The online school for Puppet Academy in Hermosa Beach, California offers a comprehensive program for training your pup from home. You’ll have a game plan to follow each week, and you can train your puppy in less than fifteen minutes a day. On-demand training videos combined with live training sessions ensure you get the same value as in-person puppy training, plus access to training materials and additional support as needed.

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Of course, an overexcited puppy can be difficult to control, but with puppy training and consistency, it can be done. A mistake in your strength training can cause your puppy to regress to their previous behaviors, so maintaining a consistent training program and providing positive outlets will ensure their long-term success! But if you’re still having trouble, let us know in the comments below and visit our blog for other puppy training and care resources. Or “Ask the cookie trainer!” The show is live every Wednesday at 1pm @ Instagram! Working remotely is every dog’s dream: Working from home means more love and attention from owners. As people spend more time outside the home or return to personal work, the impact on pets can be profound and will take time to adjust.

Some short dogs may even experience separation anxiety when their owners leave home. These feelings can make you feel like you’re about to destroy your favorite mattress, which can be covered by home insurance. In this guide, we’ll explain how to leave your dog alone at work (or anywhere else) and how to make sure your dog is safe and happy when you do.

Where should dogs be kept at work? Designate a place in your home where your dog can feel safe with a bed, a few toys, food and water. If your pet tends to chew on your favorite treats, using a pet fence can keep them in place. It’s also a good idea to dog proof their territory so they don’t destroy anything, get hurt, or eat something bad for them.

What Do You Do When Your Dog Gets Fleas

Look up dog breed characteristics so you’re taking the right steps to keep them comfortable in your home. Dog breeds that do not like to be left alone at home include Toy Poodles, Australian Shepherds and American Pit Bull Terriers. Young puppies are not recommended to be left alone at home, especially for long periods of time. Be patient and gradually train your dog to be more comfortable while you are away.

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Keeping your jealous friend busy will make the time fly by. There are many toys and treats that can give you energy. Try giving a hollow toy with peanut butter inside. For a challenge, you can put a toy filled with peanut butter in the freezer for a cool treat. For larger dogs, you can use an interactive puzzle that will keep them safe for a while.

If your pet likes to lie around the house, you can often leave them in their places and go hunting. You can also hide food-filled puzzle toys to add difficulty to the challenge. Doing this can help your dog form a positive association with leaving the house.

Dogs usually need to go to the bathroom three to five times a day, depending on their age and breed. Puppies and older dogs will need to go more often than that: Puppies can usually hold off on going to the bathroom for about an hour a month.

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