What Happens After Death Spiritually – In this follow-up to Elisa Medhus’s novel My Son and the Afterlife, Elisa’s son Erik tells his amazing story firsthand from the afterlife. By describing the details of the death. change and the recovery of his soul

My Life After Death begins on the tragic day when Erik Medhus commits suicide. What follows is a moment-by-moment account of the spiritual life he discovered on the other side—told in his own words as delivered by a medium. Middleman Jamie Butler, then transcribed by his mother, Dr. Eliza Medus.

What Happens After Death Spiritually

What Happens After Death Spiritually

Eric describes more than just visits to the afterlife with his signature candor and honesty. He takes us through the experience of dying. mental trauma and regret from suicide Personal transition to spirit body It reveals details about the life that awaits us on the other side.

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In this intimate, unique, and provocative memoir, important questions about the afterlife are finally answered, such as: What does it feel like to die? What is it like to be a spirit? Why and how do spirits communicate with living things? Is there a heaven? In the end Eric’s story sheds light on his mental illness. At the same time, it provides answers that will help readers find solace and eliminate the fear associated with death. It shows that love has no boundaries and that life can truly go on.

Erik Medhus is an eternal twenty-year-old young man. who passed away on October 6, 2009 from his new place in heaven. Erik’s primary career was as a spiritual leader helping those struggling with the human experience, and he was an inspiration and contributor. Join the blog and community Channeling Erik with honesty, candor, and humor Erik shares his own experiences and explorations of what happens after death in the first book of the series, My Son and the Afterlife, by his mother Elisa Medhus, MD Now Eric’s full story. which is a memory from heaven was brought to the forefront in the sequel title My Life After Death.

Dr. Elisa Medhus is a physician and mother of five who has specialized in internal medicine for over thirty years. She is the author of three award-winning parenting books, including Raising Children Who Think for Themself and Hearing Is Believing, and has lectured on parenting for schools. Parent group and various organizations After the death of her 20-year-old son Erik, Dr. Medhus began documenting her grief on a blog. She ran her ChannelingErik.com and wrote the successful book My Son and the Afterlife. By helping her son tell his story directly from the afterlife in his memoirs. from far away my afterlife She lives in Houston, Texas.

“Dr. Elisa Medhus presents a heartfelt story that invites readers to question their own beliefs about love, loss, and the afterlife.”

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– Dr. Eben Alexander Author of NY Times bestseller Proof of Heaven (Praise for My Son and the Afterlife)

“My Afterlife takes us on an extraordinary journey full of inspiration, love, and hope. It’s worth reading and celebrating. Thank you, Dr. Medus and Eric.”

“From the vivid description of finding yourself looking at your own corpse. And seeing all the turmoil and grief that his suicide caused, Erik Medhus gave us a whole new perspective on what it’s like to die. His voice was clear, direct, and intimate, as if talking to a close friend in the language of today’s young people. His understanding is deep and profound. Eric said it was like ‘No punches’ My Life After Death will help expand your understanding of mental illness, suicide, spirituality, love and the afterlife. And above all else It is a book of joy, hope and wonder.”

What Happens After Death Spiritually

– Dr. Victor Zammitt, co-author of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife and The Friday Afterlife Report

Life, Death, And The Space Between

“Erik Medhus’s media communications draw us into his experiences of the world and life in the afterlife. We experience His senses, emotions, thoughts, surprises, discoveries, and surprises as He has lived them since His death. My Life After Death is a captivating journey through the afterlife that I I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the kingdom we will all ultimately live in by experiencing it through the rich story of this young man who lives there now.”

“Many books suggest that consciousness and personality continue after death. This is supported by evidence from spiritual mediums that convey accurate messages about specific deceased persons. This book is unique in that it explains what Erik Medhus’ existence was like after his physical death. It is interesting to imagine Eric’s communication style with ‘living’ loved ones and ponder different realms and experiences. That is described as he realizes his true nature. But I am most grateful for his appreciation of life on this earth. This is reflected in these words: ‘Hold your hands, friend. Hug everyone. Hug each other.’ ”

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In my work as a hospital chaplain I know people don’t have to be religious. These experiences can happen to anyone.

Life After Death

I saw that Harry hesitated a bit. After some trivial conversation He decided to tell me about a strange experience he had had. He didn’t want to tell the doctors because he was worried they would think he was mentally ill. This kind of thing didn’t happen to an ordinary person like him.

He told me: “I was in a room looking at my own body. There were many people around me, looking worried and talking to me as they connected the tubes and injected my body. ‘Come on, Harry, fight, stay with us!’ We won’t let you go that easily.’ I looked dismissive, as if completely detached from the scene. To my right I saw a beautiful light. and started turning that way. But then I felt myself being pulled back into my body, and later I woke up in the ICU. I almost feel resentful of being brought back.” Harry had an out-of-body experience.

One unique aspect of my work as a hospital chaplain is with seriously ill and dying people. Tell me about these spiritual experiences. It’s very real. They are often bright and intense, and anyone can have them. There can be joy, light, and the feeling of being loved. Or there may be a deeper threat, darkness, and malice.

What Happens After Death Spiritually

People may refer to them as simply seeing heaven (or hell). Others may feel like they’re connected to something bigger than themselves. They may use the word “supernatural” (not just a religious term) or referring to God They may have a feeling of being held, of being present, of a warm, stuffy feeling. Often accompanied by a feeling of calm

Signs You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Death

Many people have told me about seeing relatives who died while going for surgery or were dying. and feel confident that everything will be okay Relatives told me how dying people behaved as if they saw other people in the room. It is not the appearance of fear. But it is a matter of curiosity. or even awareness and satisfaction One daughter told me how her mother looked past her and said: “Look, Dad has come. He has come for me.” Dad died many years ago.

I have met many people who have told me they have seen angels. They generally have wings and often look like something from a Renaissance religious painting. But not always The type of experience I hear about most often is seeing life after death.

Albert, who had been a gardener, had an exceptionally bright personality. He found himself beside the gate of a beautiful garden. They are made of ornate wrought iron with flowing patterns. It’s perfect weather. It’s sunny but not too hot. Suitable for trees And he could see the garden stretching out. There were all kinds of trees and he felt drawn to them. As I walked through the door there was a glorious smell. He described it as heaven. There was a special soft light and music coming from somewhere.

As he entered the scene with all his senses He realized he had a choice: stay or withdraw. He felt it was better to return to his family and reluctantly dragged himself away. His son told me “We now know this happened when he had a stroke. We thought we had lost him.”

Afterlife’ Feels ‘even More Real Than Real,’ Researcher Says

Albert believed he saw heaven. Where he will go when he dies His fear of what would happen after death was completely removed. He added, “You know, if I had the chance to go into that garden again.

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