What We Were In Past Life – Witches have been persecuted continuously for the past 2000 years. Hence, the word witch has been given a bad name.

In the past it was very easy to be accused of being a witch. You just had to be a strange woman or man who threatened anyone and you were called a witch.

What We Were In Past Life

What We Were In Past Life

The number of witches burned at the stake or killed in some gruesome manner varies from tens of thousands to millions, according to various sources.

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This means that if we are permanently incarnated on Earth, there is a good chance that you were a witch at some point.

As a psychic medium, it is not uncommon for me to learn that a client was a witch in a past life and was killed for it. How do you know if you were a witch in a past life? Here are six signs:

If you are a psychic medium, energy healer, tarot reader, sorcerer, magic practitioner, herbalist, or similar, then you were a witch in a past life.

Being attracted to these items and not even practicing probably means you were a witch.

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Often we have fears that have no rational reason. When I was little, I was taught that matches and fire were dangerous, but I took it to a whole new level. I think I could barely touch a match until I was an adult.

It seems like an overreaction, but what if it’s a fear from a past life? I believe that many of the irrational fears we have in this life are related to traumatic events in a past life.

Many witches were burned at the stake. It is perfectly normal for a reincarnated witch to be afraid of fire.

What We Were In Past Life

I have a friend who had a recurring dream that she shared with me in hopes of deciphering its meaning.

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She dreamed that she was a witch who was going to be burned at the stake. She was tied to a large log, along with an old woman and a young girl, all of whom were accused of being witches.

The fire was lit. My friend turned to the woman and the girl, grabbed their hands and told them to follow her. She said she created a protective bubble around the three of them and they were able to detach and walk away from the fire unscathed.

She remembered the looks of hatred from the crowd of people who stood and watched as she used her spell to escape.

I told her that she was a powerful witch in her previous life and I was really excited to see what her powers would be in this life!

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When you have dreams like this, or better yet, dreams that repeat like this, your soul is trying to remind you of your past and the power you have within.

Moreover, there is no time like the present to bring these abilities to light and begin to practice and explore them.

Fire was just one way witches were killed. It seems that medieval people came up with all sorts of tricks to kill someone. One of these ways was cutting witches in half or even quarters.

What We Were In Past Life

I had an energy healing session where the healer told me that my body had been cut in half in a past life and so I was struggling with my mind-body connection.

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She encouraged me to work on being truly present and grounded in my body and connected to my higher power.

Symptoms of being out of touch with your body and mind include lightheadedness, reluctance to be on the earth plane, or simply feeling “tested.”

Unfortunately, no matter how much you want to escape your earthly existence, you are here for a purpose.

I recommend meditation, practicing grounding techniques and exercises to help ground the body to feel safe and connected to the earth.

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Another way witches were killed was by traditional beheading. This has far-reaching effects on past witches when they reincarnate.

Many witches of the past fear what happened to them and struggle with the fear of sharing their natural gifts with the world. The fact that they were openly witches and were persecuted and killed for it will stop anyone in their tracks.

If you were decapitated in a past life, you may find it difficult to speak your truth, and often your throat chakra is blocked.

What We Were In Past Life

You may also find it difficult to stand up for yourself, speak your mind, and indulge your charming ways.

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To open and clear your throat chakra, I recommend seeing a trained energy healer or practicing speaking your truth and drawing your boundaries. The more you practice, the more your throat chakra will clear and open.

It goes beyond the religious brainwashing many of us have experienced. If the thought of tarot cards, spirits, energy healing, or anything else metaphysical scares you, there’s a good reason for that:

You were punished for being a witch in the past and your ego is warning you not to do it again.

No matter what has happened to you in the past or in any other life, I want to personally assure you that YOU ARE SAFE.

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Tina Clark is a Psychic Medium, Shaman, Reiki Master and Modern Ghostbuster. She conducts past life information sessions and Reiki energy healing sessions in person or remotely. For more information, please visit her website at www.stargazingangel.com.

WITCH exists to feed magic into the world through shadow integration and shamelessness, aware of “as within, so without – as above, so below”. To write for us and reach thousands of people, please send submissions to Assistant Editor Caroline Boldt at eseditor@gmail.com. For years I wondered why I was attracted to certain things that had nothing to do with my immediate life and work. seemed more than a passing interest. I felt a sense of rightness and familiarity about them, though I didn’t know what I meant by that.

What We Were In Past Life

I would hear music from the Renaissance and my spirit would soar. I walked into a medieval abbey and knew how to go. I visited the Neolithic monoliths in Britain and had an overwhelming feeling

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On my way from Massachusetts to California, I drove a wonderful, desolate highway through New Mexico, and I was sure I had known these massive cliffs and their endless plain before, though I had never been west of New York. Twenty years later, this path began to appear in my fiction, in my books and stories. What was particularly curious was that I found an old manuscript, unfinished, written ten years before this cross-country trip, which opened with a woman driving down a road through the desert towards the cliffs. It was a place I found later – so I was already familiar with the landscape.

As a fiction writer, I create a lot of worlds out of thin air, or so I think. I start giving them details and the plot emerges from the landscape instead of the other way around. So are the characters. The most important thing for me is the setting.

However, what I find time and time again is the repetition of certain settings. The road, the abbey, the monolith, the music—they appear, but not because they are integral to the plot. They seem to engage in articles because they have a lot of meaning. They are like a magnet for my creativity.

My belief is that this is because they come from past life memories, past lives that had a profound effect on me, on my soul, because it is the soul that carries the memory forward. Also, through physics we know that all time is a convenient construct in the 3D world, that everything actually happens simultaneously. I can’t really wrap my head around this idea, but it explains why I can access these past lives, why they appear as signs in my life. They go on, just like me.

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What We Were In Past Life

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