Wherever We Go Newsboys Lyrics – I loved the song the first time I heard it. Even today, if it comes on the radio, I’ll turn up the volume and let my head bob to the music.

Throughout the first verse, the song seems to be negative. They sing about bluebirds singing, flowers blooming, bees behaving and squirrels smiling and waving in the trees wherever they go. It all seems cartoonish, but it does a good job of painting the image of people who have a strange, we would say supernatural, ability to inspire celebrations wherever they are go, that’s exactly what the song says. They sing…

Wherever We Go Newsboys Lyrics

Wherever We Go Newsboys Lyrics

Both musically and lyrically, the song communicates an attitude of joy while offering an invitation to all of creation to join in.

Boys Will Be Boyz

The past few days have been incredibly busy for the people of First Baptist Church. On October 28, more than 40 of us joined together with the wonderful people of Margaret R. Brown Elementary School to help support the fall season. I stand in the background and watch women, men and children make hamburgers, hot dogs and chips. I watched as they helped the students play. The school is filled with music, conversation and laughter.

As I watched, the theme of this song came to mind, “Wherever we go, that’s where the party is.”

Just two days later, on October 30, we were armed again. During this time, several families dressed up and decorated the building of First Baptist Church for our annual physical or medical service. A few others grilled meat out in the rain, while others cooked food in the cooperative kitchen. My best guess is that over 75 people were served in some capacity that night.

And once again, as I watched the children dressed up fill the hall at FBC to collect the many sweets and as I listened to laughter, the words of the song filled my head, “Wherever we go , that’s where the party is.”

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Although the events of the past few days cannot happen every day, the servant’s heart and soul should be happy. I can’t help but wonder how different our society would be if the good news of the gospel became the focus of the church.

And while I’m very proud of my people for their efforts the past few days, I’m not just talking about our little community at 505 Community Drive. There are many churches in Seymour, and the life, love and joy of the gospel is all of us.

The gospel we pray for is more than the truth we believe. It is the foundation for the new life that we must live. But not only will we live it ourselves, we must share it with others, too.

Wherever We Go Newsboys Lyrics

We follow Jesus’ words in Proverbs 14:23 and “Go out into the highways and lanes of the country and compel them to come, so that my house will be full.”

Gypsy|together, Wherever We Go

This goes through the seats on Sunday. It is about helping people find eternal life in the presence of Jesus in everyday and ordinary and eternal life.

Christians should be the happiest people in the world. Compassion and self-help should be a sign of relationship with others, bringing life and joy wherever we go. And although we may not encourage bluebirds to sing or squirrels to wave, where we go should be a party place.

Special thanks to Deryk Baurle for gathering the troops for the fall season and to the board of Christian education for providing items together for the body or repair. You all have a party.

The Rev. Jeremy Myers is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Seymour. Read his blog at jeremysmyers.com. Send a message to [email protected].

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