White And Black Striped Pants Outfit – What a week! I have been having a hard time following Instagram and blogging lately with all these house stuff. For those of you who have not seen the Instagram posts I made, we are moving! I put my house on the market and it really sold out in a few hours. Buyers want to close 7-10 days, which means we have to get out of the house as soon as possible! Needless to say, I was a bit busy trying to keep working, in addition to moving somewhere! There are so many exciting things to come and I can’t wait to share the fun details with you all! We are heading for much-needed accommodations this weekend, so I want to share one of my favorite summer looks with you all. Striped trousers.

I do not know all of you, but I like a good pair of pants. Every spring and summer I go looking for the perfect underwear. You all know it’s as hot as Dickens in Texas.

White And Black Striped Pants Outfit

White And Black Striped Pants Outfit

Anyway, last summer I realized that my look was shorts and a T-shirt or tank top with flip flops. There is nothing wrong with wearing it everyday, but this woman needs a little difference. As summer rolls around, I always feel like I am imagining the cutest look in my head. Trying to practice those with such hot weather is a challenge. That’s why I can not seem to escape the shorts and jacket.

Reformation Opal Polka Dot Top Sorrenti Striped Pants

The hunt for long pants started earlier this year and thanks to my stock! I wanted to find a pair of white, striped and black, and to my surprise I found all three easily! All very affordable and the fit is amazing.

Focus on this particular striped pants. I found these on a website called Shop AKIRA. Their online store became my store last year. Not only is there great fashion, but it is also extremely affordable. When I saw these pants, I immediately pulled them out. I have not been able to find good striped pants for a while. They are too invisible, do not fit my hips properly or just do not fit well in general. Even Grayson helped me choose (

Long pants and he chose this pair as his favorite. So you know it has to be good!

Why do I love these people so much? First of all, they have pockets. I love pants with pockets. The width of the pants is really perfect as well. They are lined up in the right places so you are not constrained by a layer that covers the entire pants. Additionally, with an elastic waistband, you can wear it higher or lower depending on the style you want. Finally, when I think of a dress with long pants, I immediately think of it as chic. They extend your body, especially when you wear great heeled shoes. I really do not know if I saw a bad face when someone wears pants like this or not? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are there, but should tell you that you need a pair in your closet! They have no season!

Striped Pants / Black And White Yoga Pants / Long Black Striped Pants

Just know, you are likely to see these striped pants often! And they will definitely come with me this weekend to sit by the pool!

Dressed to Kill () owner Ashley Hargrove is a fashion designer, commercial, model and fashion blogger who shares her personal style and tips, as well as behind the scenes of many of her advertising projects.

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White And Black Striped Pants Outfit

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The Thelma Striped Pants

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By closing this banner, scroll through this page, click on the link, or continue browsing, otherwise you agree to the use of cookies. One of the ways I balance secondary school and blogging is by capturing multiple scenes at once. My photographer and I try to dress at least six different, which usually gives me enough content for a few weeks. Today I started a new fashion series inspired by how I really am my shooting style! I do not have a car, so I usually wear all the clothes I plan to shoot for the day in a big bag or suitcase. Small. To reduce the number of pieces I carry, I often create repetitive shapes. Also, since so many of my interesting pieces are borrowed from Rent the Runway, I try to design them in more than one way to get my most money!

First, I will show you three ways to wear culottes in the fall. This pair by Finders Keepers has stripes and is a lightweight material, but there are many color and fabric options for culottes. If you want to add a pair to your wardrobe, look for one that is slightly glossy and has a dark neutral color like Black or sea water.

Max Striped Pants

For a casual look, I matched my jacket with an oval embroidered T-shirt and my favorite white sneakers. Since the vest was already smooth, I added some embellishments to my t-shirt by embroidering it. For extra warmth, I would wear it with an insulated jacket or leather jacket.

For a more professional look, I matched my jacket with a white tank top, neutral white pump top and my favorite new hat. Black tanks and jackets will be more friendly, but there is something about white coats for the winter that I can not miss! On a colder day, I would add a scarf and a gray sweater (I’m still looking for the perfect item, but I think That this may be!).

Although I did not take such a photo, I matched a black tie and ankle boots for a date night. Meet! I can not find the exact picture of what I have in my head, but these shapes give you an idea. For another layer, I might wear a black or gray shirt over my shoulder and carry a small purse.

White And Black Striped Pants Outfit

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