Who Owns The Venetian In Garfield Nj – Located in the heart of Bergen County, The Venetian NJ is the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony. The entrance to the Venetian Wedding Venue NJ features Italian marble construction, and as your guests enter the venue, they will immediately notice the beautiful 35-foot ceiling. The Venetian NJ is designed to cater to all the needs of its customers, from weddings to private events. Good news will make your day unforgettable!

Imagine dancing with your significant other as the chandelier shines above your head. Vision is vision itself, and we can make it happen for you! Our architects can bring your vision to life with their execution skills. Whether it’s a beautiful decoration, a great cake, or turning the dance floor into a fun escape, the team is here for you!

Who Owns The Venetian In Garfield Nj

Who Owns The Venetian In Garfield Nj

Leave everything to the professionals, so you have no stress on your wedding day! They design custom wedding packages that meet your needs so that you can enjoy a unique experience. You can plan a warm welcome for your guests with a glass of champagne at the entrance. You can even choose a cocktail hour after the party and get an open bar. Packages also include your choice of food, from grill stations to hors d’oeuvres. You even get a list of trusted vendors who work hard to make your day unforgettable.

A Blush Inspired, Indian Wedding At The Venetian In Garfield, New Jersey

Customers have the convenience of having a choice of outdoor and indoor weddings, equally beautiful in their ways. The indoor party reveals a large open space filled with the sparkle of chandeliers. At the same time, the outdoor area has a comfortable seating area and a beautiful stone fountain surrounded by blooming tropical flowers. Imagine giving a toast as the sun sets in a beautiful setting, symbolizing the peaceful and tranquil beginning of your special days ahead. Join your family and friends in a cocktail party while dancing the night away! The Venetian Party Hall has been designed with full attention to detail, so you can enjoy every moment of your big day. It provides the perfect setting for your unique wedding and one that everyone will remember for years to come!

You get a full list of trusted vendors to choose from and chat with the team you can go with. You receive expert consultation on several services, including entertainment, photography, floral and event planning, invitations, professional boutique, bridal salon services, special effects, custom lighting, and proposals. of the tuxedo. Get all the special services you need to prepare for your big day. Venetian NJ is proud to say that the team only works with top vendors, and together, they make your day the best it can be!

Beautiful architecture and design in Venetian, NJ, gives you a traditional and modern feel in one place. You can go with any theme you want and change the atmosphere around you!

Imagine getting a digital tour of the venue to see what your wedding might look like! That’s exactly what it offers. This will give you a good idea of ​​the Venetian, NJ wedding venues, so you can start thinking about your wedding ideas. Click to start your virtual tour now! The average New Jersey wedding costs $46,000. Central and North Jersey will cost more. South Jersey down. We blow a lot of money into what ultimately amounts to a four or five hour party.

Venetian New Jersey Wedding: Jaclyn And Tom {new Jersey Wedding Photographer}

And with all that money spent, things can still go wrong. And they mistakenly went to a wedding in Bergen County before the outbreak. The Venetian in Garfield was the venue for the reception on August 19, 2019. Among any bells and whistles that were paid for that day, there was a smoke machine.

According to the lawsuit filed by Kathryn Arnone, she was a guest there that day and said she was injured when an employee tried to turn off the CO2 smoke detector. The jury heard it discharged and fired into the room, striking a 34-year-old Bridgewater woman and causing permanent injuries. Named in the suit are The Venetian, Elite Sound Entertainment, a welding company and others who the plaintiff says were involved in the chain of events and failed to ensure the cans were properly handled.

According to The New Jersey Herald two others were also injured in the incident. Police responded at the time to initial reports of an explosion inside the area and visitors poured into the area on River Drive in chaos.

Who Owns The Venetian In Garfield Nj

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are those of Jeff Deminski. A New Jersey icon since 1907, Shadowbrook reflects the creativity and artistic details of a beautiful and gracious era.

The Meadow Wood

James Kourgelis, George Kourgelis, Carl Carfello, Mike Kourgelis, Christos Gourmos and Mark Spinelli, who currently own and operate The Venetian Catering Facility in Garfield, NJ and Seasons Catering and Special Events in Washington Township, NJ, will expand the tradition their quality, service and excellence with the introduction of Shadowbrook. “We fell in love with this place and its history.” Kourgelis said. “We wanted to add something different to our portfolio that we hadn’t offered before within our group.”

This place was built in 1907 as the summer home of Dr. Fahnestock, and became a restaurant in 1943. In 1971, the Zweben family bought it. “They’ve had a great 40 years.” Kourgelis said. “Congratulations to Robert Zweben and his family and a heartfelt thank you for giving us the legacy of Shadowbrook!” Kourgelis said that two years ago he made an offer to buy Shadowbrook, but the deal fell through.

Kourgelis plans to uphold the culture and legacy that is Shadowbrook. He said “this place has the charm and elegance of the old Plaza Hotel.” Romantic views and authentic architecture provide the perfect backdrop for all of life’s special events. We present this Georgian mansion as a destination, for couples seeking the privacy and tranquility of 18 secluded acres of magnificent gardens as well as the exceptional food and service that our other venues offer. they’re famous for.” I’ve known Mike since we were 4 years old. Many years. Our families were best friends. They stayed with us at the beach ALL Summer long. at first they would visit for a few weeks and then we would convince them to stay longer.Almost all of my fondest memories from my childhood involve memories.

I had heard so many wonderful things about Melanie and I was excited to meet her and see the two of them. I knew how important this wedding was to her and I knew she would make sure it was the BEST wedding imaginable…and it was! Seriously, I have never seen so much food in my life. It was amazing. I was looking forward to seeing their first dance, because I knew how hard they worked on it. I swear, it was like watching a movie. Very well.

Get Inspired By This Gorgeous Venetian Wedding In Nj!

I just know that they will have many years of happiness together and will look back fondly on all the memories of their wedding day! I’m so proud to have been a part of it and I love you both so much! The Venetian Catering & Special Events in New Jersey is one of the most luxurious wedding venues around. With its impressive architecture, amazing view, and beautiful decoration, this place will make the couple’s special day unforgettable. It certainly did for Mariam and Michael, who tied the knot in a stunning Egyptian wedding ceremony followed by a reception at The Venetian. We had the honor of photographing their Coptic church wedding and their Venetian wedding. Now we are very excited to share some tips that can inspire your wedding day!

“I’m a very organized person – so things need to be clean, organized and simple,” Mariam told us when we first spoke to her about her wedding goals.

He really chose the right place to show his personality! The palatial Venetian ballroom can be adapted to any taste or color scheme and looks great with Mariam’s choice of wedding decorations. As you can see in the picture below, Mariam choose tall white and bright pink flowers from Eltingville Florist to decorate the tables. They looked absolutely stunning against the venue’s 35-ft high ceilings, beautiful lighting, and Italian marble decorations.

Who Owns The Venetian In Garfield Nj

We loved the white wedding cake that Mariam chose, made from an award winning cake

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