Who Was Red John On The Mentalist Tv Show – SPOILER WARNING: This article contains heavy spoilers about Red John, such as his true identity and many other things you may not want to know. Proceed at your own risk.

“Tyger tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Can make your terrible symmetry?”

Who Was Red John On The Mentalist Tv Show

Who Was Red John On The Mentalist Tv Show

Red John (abbreviated as “RJ'”, or “RJK” for “Red John Killer”, in FBI and CBI story files), is the alias of the central antagonist in The Mentalist during its first six seasons, from Pilot to Red. John.

The Mentalist: Red John–the Final Chapter (cbs)

, who murdered 41 people (and many others by proxy). He was also the founder of the Blake Association, a secret criminal organization of law enforcement officials who worked to cover up his crimes.

Red John’s murder of Patrick’s wife Jane and daughter five years before the start of the series made Jane abandon her past life as a delusion and enlist in the CBI to find and avenge her family’s killer; starting the events of the series.

Red John’s role in the series was as the main enemy of the protagonist, Patrick Jane, and the only competitor who could be compared to him in intelligence and skills of elimination (or “psychic powers”, as many people saw it). Finding Red John and avenging him for the murder of his wife and daughter was Jane’s goal in the first 6 seasons of the series, a goal that is always thwarted by Red John’s ability to stay one step ahead of Jane, no matter how difficult Jane is. plans were to stop him.

His role is similar to that of Professor James Moriarty from the stories of Sherlock Holmes, only the problem is the level of intelligence and the ability to eliminate the famous detective, and he is like Red John who lived in the shadows and made a network of followers (although Red John had more presence in the crime, killing the majority of the victims alone, and it was more difficult to win).

Mentalist’: Red John’s Identity, Cbi Shuts Down And Jane’s Next Move

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His importance in the series is shown in his presence in the names of the episodes, with all referring to the color “red” (except “Pilot”). His later episodes, starting with “My Blue Heaven” refer to colors other than red. The finals of the first five seasons and the mid-season finale are also against him.

However, the main source of inspiration for Red John seems to be another fictional serial killer, Jack of All Trades from the 1996 series Profiler. Their similarities include:

Who Was Red John On The Mentalist Tv Show

However, the differences include that Red John was a very persistent enemy, lasting almost two and a half seasons; and the handling of the form is entirely different; Red John is a master criminal with a network of accomplices (similar to Moriarty or Charles Manson), while Jack of All Trades is a solitary and suspicious killer, much like real-life murders.

Mentalist’: Jane In Post Red John World Attempts New Beginning

Additionally, the real-life inspiration for the character may be Keith Hunter Jesperson, a serial killer also known as the “Happy Face Killer”, who regularly sent letters to police and prosecutors signing them with a smiley face.

As for his nickname, it has never been said what it means or how he got that nickname. During the creation of the series, it was revealed that he named himself after himself, as this name was first mentioned and revealed to the public by his partner Orville Tanner during his trial. In real life, some possible motivations that Bruno Heller would have had for his name are:

It’s important that writers and executive producers Ashley Gable and Bruno Heller weren’t the only people involved in writing the Red John-centric episode. Starting from Season 3, the pool of writers offered in the roles of Red John such as Tom Szentgyorgyi (“Blood on His Hands”, “The Red Barn”, “Red Dawn”) and Daniel Cerone (“Red Queen”, “Red”. Sails into the Sunset”).

The actor who played him when his identity was revealed, Xander Berkeley, told TV Guide that he was “surprised and flattered” when he found out he was Red John, and that “getting this little place in pop-culture history was the last thing I ever expected. To be honest, I thought I was a red herring “

Red John Happy Face The Mentalist Tv Show T Shirt

In the early scene where Patrick Jane walks up his stairs and sees a note on his door informing him of the murder of his family, there is a song that Blake Neely uses as a motif throughout the series, entitled “Your Worst Nightmare” and “Bloody Bed”. Whenever Red John murders someone or taunts Jane, the same or similar is played back.

Interestingly, this composition is one of the few songs on The Mentalist soundtrack with orchestral instruments. It makes popular use of harp, string section, and orchestral percussion. The music also took place during the scene where Bob Kirkland discusses the investigation of Patrick Jane with FBI agent Alexa Schultz.

Red John’s favorite musical piece, as mentioned and heard in “Red John’s Footsteps”, “Red His Right Hand” and “Red Is The New Black”, is Bach’s “Prelude No. 1 in C-Major”.

Who Was Red John On The Mentalist Tv Show

The character of Red John can be described as a classic example of a psychopath: narcissistic, without compassion for others and a habit of manipulating those around him. He created an image similar to God or the Messiah that he cherishes and that he reacts angrily to the contempt of others.

Weekend Tv: ‘the Mentalist’

In the Pilot, Patrick Jane comments that “Red John thinks of himself as a showman, a genius. He has a strong theatrical sense”; which can be seen in his use of Smiley Face and murder scenes. His modus operandi also shows that he takes great interest in the suffering of others (see Modus operandi).

He is very polite, showing his faith in classical music. For example, he likes to listen to his ex-girlfriend Rosalind Harker playing piano from Johann Sebastian Bach, his favorite composer. Rosalind said she admired Bach’s rigor. Red John also admires the work of the English painter and poet William Blake, naming the Blake Association in his honor and using the first two words of his poem The Tyger as the organization’s passport. It is possible that he took his nickname from Blake’s series of paintings “The Great Red Dragon”, which depicts the Red Dragon by the Apocalypse of St. John.

Like Jane, Red John enjoys tea and is seen drinking it in his appearances in “Red John’s Footsteps” and “Red Is The New Black”.

Patrick Jane reveals that he “doesn’t have partners, he has tools”. Each of his companions see Red John as someone who deserves so much admiration that they are willing to do anything he asks of them, even if it means killing themselves or others to hide his identity. But, Red John sees his companions as disposable tools and does not hesitate to kill them if they no longer serve his purposes or self-defense.

Fans Of The Mentalist Have Some Hefty Issues With The Red John Reveal

However, Red John’s identity did not remain a secret. When Father Peter DiBuono visited Visualize at the Elliston farm in 1987, he recalled that “some kid” drew a smiley face on the side of the barn and that there was a “badness about that place”. Red John also risked exposure when he infiltrated the CBI to kill his follower, Rebecca Anderson. Also, Sophie Miller, Jane’s former psychiatrist could recognize Red John and described him as:

“Preliminary diagnostic session with Jay Roth. Mr. Roth came complaining of a recent case with severe acrophobia (fear of heights). He is middle-aged, in good health, with no reported history of mental illness. He has not survived. family, but many friends he trusts with them for company and emotional support (probably for the many he has) He speaks well, has a good posture, is self-controlled. In the waiting room, he sits calmly in one place, not wanting to be disturbed. Even as I see, he whistles. His dedication is pleasant, but there are signs in his disturbed character and sarcasm. He says he deals with conflict and problems easily, however. I’m not sure about that. He’s telling the truth about this. In fact, most of what he said, although he said it convincingly, didn’t match what I can only call my response to being aware of his presence, although I can’t point to any pattern. clinical evidence shows this. I feel something. he is deceptive and dark in his state of mind. However, there are all indications that his phobia stories are true or acrophobia or another issue that remains to be seen. Interesting story. I look forward to meeting him.”

Red John’s narcissism is most evident when he punishes those who disrespect him. Those who publicly tarnished his image suffer quickly: Red John murdered Jane’s wife and daughter after Jane called him a “lonely, sad, very sad soul” on TV; journalist Jacqueline Sandoval (who called him a “monster”) and James Panzer (who said he was “nothing compared to the San Joaquin Killer”) were also killed; and Kristina Frye (who invited him to “come

Who Was Red John On The Mentalist Tv Show


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