World Literature Writers And Their Works – Earning a full-time income as a writer is no easy task, even for the most prolific and talented scribblers. Many Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors toiled in miserable day or night jobs for years to make ends meet before the world caught wind of their genius.

Some authors spent their entire lives in unglamorous professions, using their spare hours to toil over literary masterpieces that no one would read until after their death.

World Literature Writers And Their Works

World Literature Writers And Their Works

So aspiring best-selling authors who pump gas and wash dishes have courage. Everyone has to start somewhere, and many famous writers found inspiration for some of their most respected pieces from jobs that seemed like dead ends.

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The weird and wonderful worlds depicted in Kurt Vonnegut’s novels might never have existed if only he had been a better car salesman. Before his writing career took off, Vonnegut opened the first Saab dealership in the United States on Cape Cod in 1957 in an effort to support his family.

Vonnegut admitted later in life that he was a lousy salesman and an even worse mechanic, but said the lack of customers gave him time to write his novel ‘Sirens of Titan’ and also helped shape the character of Dwayne Hoover in his classic novel ‘Breakfast of Titan’. Champions.”

Before Stephen King became one of the most prolific and widely read authors of his time, he made a living as a high school janitor. We imagine King must have cleaned up a lot of gruesome messes that could have led to some pretty good scenes, but we’re sure the first novel he sold, “Carrie,” was inspired by the time he spent cleaning up in the maid locker. room. Is there a scarier place in the world?

Before the famed author of classics like “Call of the Wild” and “White Fang” got his break as a novelist, he made a living as an “oyster pirate” in the San Francisco area — a more poetic term for fish burglar. London plundered the oyster beds of major companies at night and sold its catch in the fish markets during the day. His early career in seafood plunder is referenced several times in his novels.

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Imagine being handed your electricity bill by a Nobel Prize-winning novelist. William Faulkner worked as a postal worker in Mississippi before his novels about the American South were recognized as something special. Faulkner reportedly lost much of the mail he was supposed to deliver, throwing out pieces of correspondence he considered “insignificant.”

His powerful writing voice was even reflected in his resignation letter from his job at the Post Office, in which he said, “I’ll be damned if I propose to be at the beck and call of every itinerant scoundrel who has two cents to put into a stamp to invest.”

Before Harper Lee wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird,” she just wanted to know if you were a “window person” or more of an “aisle type.” The Pulitzer Prize winner worked as an airline reservations agent in New York City in 1949 while seeking a literary agent and writing the book considered by many to be the greatest American novel of the 20th century. Grab a copy the next time you get stuck in the middle seat. It makes the journey almost bearable.

World Literature Writers And Their Works

The crime fiction author who has sold more than 275 million books worldwide has always been willing to delve deep into the dark and seedy underworld of the legal system. However, before he made it big as a novelist, he explored another dark and dirty underworld in one of his first jobs as a plumber’s assistant.

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At one point, while digging pipes under a client’s house, he decided that an office job would be a dream come true. He was about to become a lawyer and the world was about to have some very compelling reading material that, by the way, was probably being read in toilets around the world.

If you’re wondering where Charles Dickens developed his uniquely bleak point of view, it may have something to do with one of his early jobs in a shoe-shine factory. Dickens was sent to the factory at the age of 12 to help earn a living for his family when his father was sent to debtors’ prison.

His own family struggles and the brutal working conditions he and other children faced during Britain’s Industrial Revolution provided the basis for classic works such as “Oliver Twist” and “Hard Times.”

Those who boarded the luxury Swedish-American cruise ship the MS Kungsholm in 1941 were given a special treat along with their all-you-can-eat buffet. Their activities director was a 22 year old JD Salinger. The future best-selling author of the epic teen angst novel “The Catcher in the Rye” worked one of his first jobs entertaining customers on the luxury ship. We wondered if he was calling shuffleboard enthusiasts a bunch of “fakes” to their faces.

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Who says there’s nothing romantic about having your gums scraped? Before bestselling author Nicholas Sparks was discovered for writing the wildly popular novel “The Notebook,” he made his money selling dental products over the phone. A literary agent discovered “The Notebook” in a pile of slush and turned it into a New York Times bestseller, giving Sparks more laughs than any dental floss sale he had ever made.

Have you ever wondered what T.S. Eliot to write a poem as grim as “The Waste Land”? Apparently working as a banker can be quite depressing. Before Eliot became a celebrated poet, he worked in the foreign accounts department of Lloyd’s Bank in London. Even after “The Waste Land” was published, Eliot continued to work in a basement office at Lloyd’s. His business experience may have contributed to his later work as director of Faber & Faber publishing house.

Always give your waitress a good tip. They could become one of the greatest speculative fiction writers of our time. Margaret Atwood, author of popular novels such as “The Handmaid’s Tale,” worked as a cashier and java-slinger at a coffee shop counter before she got her big break as a writer.

World Literature Writers And Their Works

Atwood said the service element of her job wasn’t all that bad, but the cash register she had to manage could only be described as “perverse”: it opened on its own, jammed for no reason and made creepy noises when she worked was work. nowhere near. Fortunately, Atwood’s best-selling novels allowed her to move away from food service for good and instead focus on the perverse nature of modern society.

Important Contemporary Authors

Before John Steinbeck built a writing career highlighting the plight of migrant workers, he made a living as a construction worker in New York City. He did not last long in his profession and soon returned to the West to concentrate on constructing brilliant stories, including the Pulitzer Prize for which he won ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. Steinbeck ended up winning the Nobel Prize, so thank goodness he stopped hammering nails and focused on hammering that typewriter.

The author of the dystopian masterpiece ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ and the fractured fairy tale ‘Animal Farm’ had an inside insight into what it was like to be an agent of social control thanks to his position as an officer in the Indian Imperial Police in Burma . Born in British India, Orwell showed little academic promise at school and was encouraged to join the police by his family because they doubted he could get a scholarship to university.

Fortunately, the writing bug was too contagious for Orwell to shake and he eventually moved back to Europe, where he worked as a journalist for years before becoming an international superstar in 1949 with ‘Nineteen Eight-Four’.

Before stunning audiences with her mystery novels, Agatha Christie worked as a pharmacy technician and distributed other types of medications. Christie got her start in professional practice as a hospital volunteer during World War I, eventually passing the exam to become an official “dispenser.” Christie’s pharmacological experience was essential in shaping her knowledge of the effects of the many poisons referenced in her murder mysteries.

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The Russian novelist entered the Military Engineering-Technical University in St. Petersburg after the death of his mother, when he was only 16 years old. Engineering provided Dostoyevsky with a stable income and job security, but he left the safe path to pursue a literary career against all odds.

It has been argued that the world of military engineering was so rigid and strict that it pushed Dostoyevsky to move to the other end of the career spectrum: that of a creative artist. He found success with his very first novel ‘Poor Folk’, which was published at the age of 25.

Have you ever wondered how Franz Kafka gained his incomparable insight into the world of bureaucracy? It may have something to do with his early career in law. Kafka studied law at university and after graduating was a clerk at the civil and criminal courts for a year.

World Literature Writers And Their Works

He later went on to work for two different insurance companies handling personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. And

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